1. Francis says

    More of this should be expected. This is the time, more than ever, that we have to be vigilant and LGBT people and supporters stand strong and fight back against the backlash that is going to occur against us. We’ve already seen with this incident and the tire slashing incident yesterday how threatened people can be of us. Things like this only help in the long run. It makes us more aware of the hate and how irrational it is, and it shows straight people the realities of anti-gay hatred.

  2. chris says

    ……and yet the moralists, evangelicals, catholics and conservative extremists would have you believe we are looking for special rights….they fuel the hate exhibited in the LA grafitti

  3. MacroT says

    The only good thing I can say is that they used gays instead of fags. Seriously, though, this is a typical republican tactic. They like to use their people “in the field” to stir up trouble and try to intimidate. We can expect to see more of this backlash and dirty tricks as their campaign intensifies.

  4. uffda says

    Can you imagine all the grafitti and petty crime committed against black people in the South after the passage of civil rights legislation in the South in the 60’s? The virilence of the loser is legendary, and they will always abe with us.

  5. Mike says

    That guy must have a screen name at I’ve been reading some of their comments on gay issues… I love TMZ but I won’t comment with those people anymore because it gets me too riled up. So I don’t have a name there anymore I just read the riduclousness. But for sure the Kill All The Gays guy is there. And many others.

  6. Robert says

    If Michele Bachmann said that, I doubt if there would be much of an outpouring of condemnation from the GOP and its Tea Party/Civil Libertarian scum. John Boehner would remain silent, freedom of speech issue.

  7. Robert says

    Speaking of John Boehner, has anyone wondered why his alledged sexual trysts with two female lobbyists haven’t gained any steam? Nobody is going near it, I wonder why? Maybe Andrew Breitbart and GOProud are doing their best to cover it up.

  8. Francis says

    True, Mike. The ultra conservatives love to spam TMZ comments section. I guess it’s because they don’t have jobs or a social life, and of course the ignorance and out right stupidity shines through. Tons of homophobia, racism, it’s disgusting.

  9. Chris says

    I can’t help to think that the religious ilk are bringing this up at an increasing frequency to their congregations. It is very very easy to program people at that level. Any time the church is hard on funds they ask the congregation to ‘pray for more money’. This plants the seed for them to give more money out of guilt or what some call their ‘duty’.

    This same technique can be used to launch indirect attacks. Ambiguously say to a large group that ‘these people would have been put to death back in God’s time’ or words similarly used — oh yeah Leviticus. Beat that drum a few times a sermon a few times a week and it’s only a matter of time before that seed grows in someone slightly unstable.

    Preacher’s just preaching the word right? It’s not hate against gays at all..

  10. ratbastard says

    I very much hope they catch whoever did this. Will they? Probably not, because it’s something [minus security video images, etc.] almost impossible to solve.

    The language is curious imo. Most truly anti-gay, homophobic a**holes [especialy the type that would engage in vandalism] don’t use the word ‘gay’ to describe homosexuals, and use MUCH harsher language and imagery.

    I’m cynical. I’ve been around. All ‘activists’ no matter what their ideology or who they work for, engage in tactics like this, in disinformation, and of course in tactics designed to make their opponents look bad and garner sympathy for themselves and their cause. I sincerely hope these incidents don’t fall into this category, because the backlash against gays would be fierce if it came out fake ‘hate’ crimes were being committed by gays and gay advocates.

  11. ray ray says

    I cant believe that graffiti of any kind is newsworthy. who gives a damn what it said. we got black on black genocide goin on every damn night in the city and you all worried bout some 10 year old kid spraypainting a joke about gays? theres a word you all need to look up. priority. dummass

  12. ray ray says

    How the hell is some graffiti news worthy? who gives a damn what its says. we got black on black genocide goin on in the city every night! every damn night! and u ppl care bout some ten year old spray painting a wall? you hope they catch him? like he a criminal? man u gays got ur priorities all messed up. and u wonder why people say all u do is whine like a bunch of bitches. if ur biggest problem iz some kids spraying gay jokes on a wall then u aint got no real problems. little bitches.

  13. says

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