1. K in VA says

    Civil unions “subordinate” to marriage, is what he said. Second class is good enough for us, is what he said.

    So would somebody please tell me why Log Cabin et al. will support him? Are they content with second class status?

  2. RB says

    At K IN VA , for the same reason that you or any other LGBT person would support Obama. Barack Obama has said that he supports civil unions, he is against gay marriage. I fail to see the difference.

  3. Robert says

    Civil unions at the federal level = legal segregation. End of. If Huntsman and others of his ilk including Obama support segregation under a different name, then why civil unions? How about asking straights if they’d be comfortable and happy having their marriages downgraded to civil unions instead? Nobody asks them that question and nobody has put that question to Obama. I only hope one of his daughters turns out to be gay so he can get a better understanding of what segregation and discrimination are about. Obviously, he’s learned nothing from the civil rights movement.

  4. princely54 says

    I honestly didn’t watch the vid – Hannity’s rodent voice this early in the day is too much for me to abide – but I hope Huntsman says ‘well is it not conservative enough for Dick Cheney, and a number of other out of office Republicans I could name?’

    Hannity and his ilk are cavemen even for their party.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    It confounds Hannity that a Republican would be deliberative and not adhere to the full slate of prescribed “Conservative” positions.

  6. Jack says

    @K IN VA & AJ:

    His position is no different from Obama’s. I care about my taxes also, and failed economic and foreign policy.

    Since their marriage stances are exactly the same, why the hell SHOULDN’T I consider supporting him?

    My guess is because of the words “conservative” and “republican.” You don’t are about what a candidates positions are, you focus so much on hating specific words that reality doesn’t matter any more.

  7. dk says

    Huntsman will never get the nomination, but if he did, he could have a very good chance at beating Obama imo unless the economy soared between now and next November. The tea party has moved the GOP so far to the right that I think some radical person is all but assured to get the nomination. That being said, I think this whole discussion is moot because the Supreme Court is going to decide the marriage issue once and for all.

  8. says

    Jack and RB are right: There is no reason why a gay Republican would not consider Huntsman. On gay issues, he’s the only Republican candidate whose views are close to Obama’s. He’s the only respectable choice for socially liberal conservatives.

    As a pro-choice Democrat, I’d never vote for an anti-choice, fiscally Republican candidate for President, particularly since his Supreme Court choices would likely be very conservative since he’s a pro-lifer, but for the Log Cabin boys and girls, this guy’s top of the pack by a mile. (Much to Hannity’s Neanderthal chagrin.)

  9. Jack says


    It goes a step farther than that. It’s not that Huntsman’s views on marriage are “closest” to Obama’s. It’s that they are EXACTLY the same.

    I’m not completely pro-choice or completely pro-life. But I also am not convinced that his appointments to SCOTUS would be staunch pro-lifer’s with an eye to overturning Roe. I think, overwhelmingly, the country has gotten used to the fact that Roe and its progeny are the law of the land. I think in the end, the justices would probably resist overturning it.

  10. says

    I agree, Jack. On marriage, I don’t see a current difference between Obama and Huntsman. Huntman’s views on other gay issues may be exactly the same as Obama’s, but I would need to hear them (in Republican debates, for instance) before making that call.

    Like I said, I wouldn’t vote for Huntsman because of his other Republican views. But I think gay Democrats need to acknowledge that he is a real alternative to Obama (unless Obama truly “evolves”) for gay conservatives and, if he gets any traction in the Republican primaries (a big if), Obama’s team won’t be able to take the gay vote for granted, which he can if it’s Obama vs. Anti-gay Republican.

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