1. Brokebackvol says

    Are you making a crack because he (like many of us) is not hot enough to be an underwear model?? Not all of us queers are gymbots so the headline is insulting if that is what you infer.

  2. gayalltheway says

    Well he needs to to find a way to spend all those money he made by scamming people with his $5000 Newt Gingrich-approved certificates/awards!

  3. Oliver says

    i love the TMZ typo:
    “TMZ has obtained a photo of a glistening Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich laying topless on a beach in Greece … days before his campaign staff quit over the timing of his two-week vacation.”

    He’s NOT “laying” topless…or at least it doesn’t appear that he is. LOL I think they mean to say lying topless.
    Then again perhaps he’s having sex with an invisible person?

  4. Rowan says

    @ JIM

    Please do you even KNOW Conservatives? They are ALWAYS going away on holidays, eating out, using helicopters rides all on tax payers money!

    These guys LOVE the good life!!

  5. Beef and Fur says

    It’s Newt….hate him for that. Once again the vapid among us show the ageist, sizeist undercurrent in LGBT land. At least he isn’t hairy. We would have had to listen to all the crap from the disgusted masses who didn’t get the memo at the last White Party that, yes, humans are supposed to be hairy.

  6. jamal49 says

    @BROKEBACKVOL Get a grip! I saw the headline and thought “yeah, ol’ Newt’s letting his campaign staff do the dirty work while he and the Mrs. frolic in the Greek isles”.

    Never thought for one second that Andy was trying to comment on Mr. Gingrich’s physical appearance.

  7. Dan E says

    Yes, I’m ageist. I couldn’t possibly be objecting to seeing a politician who I find objectionable beyond all imagination in a swimsuit. Rather, I must be making shallow judgments based on his age.

    Sweet Jesus, the assumptions people make.

  8. Beef and Fur says


    So what right do you have to make comments about people in swimsuits? It’s not your business what they look like in a swimsuit. The fact you find him objectional and the fact he is in a swimsuit have no bearing on each other.

    Hate him for the vile politician he is but for Christ sakes grow up about him being partially unclothed and displaying a body that is less than your vaunted standards, which is quite obvious that is what you are implying.

    Vapid is as vapid does.

  9. Dan E says

    @Beef and Fur: It’s really simply. I think he’s human filth, and I don’t want to see him naked (or nearly naked). How appealing I find people is directly impacted by my feelings for them. If he was a politician I liked, I might even find those pictures hot.

    But hey, keep on making assumptions about what I do or don’t like. I’m certain you’re greatly enjoying the warmth that your sanctimony produces.

    p.s. I don’t think vapid means what you think it means; judging someone based on appearance is shallow, but not vapid. Paris Hilton is vapid, but not because she’s shallow. Your commentary is vapid because you have a chip on your shoulder about perceived looksism that makes you unable to interpret what you see outside of a narrow, dull worldview.

  10. Beef and Fur says


    You mean my use of vapid in the “eye rolling not that type of tired comment again” wasn’t correct? So you’re saying that you aren’t vapid but prefer the term shallow?

    Thanks for clearing that up! Sorry for calling you vapid when I should have said shallow instead. Quite possibly narcissistic and just a bit paranoid too, but other than that you seem like a swell guy.

    Oh, and bringing Paris Hilton into this? Well, that’s just wrong (and vapid). What on Earth did she ever do to you?

  11. Paul R says

    I despise this man, gratefully think that he has no hopes of continuing his hateful campaign, and was gleeful when most of his staff quit.

    That said, it is 17 (SEVENTEEN) months until the election. I think anyone who knows they’ll be doing endless campaigning, fundraising, and other tiresome dreck (and, possibly, then spending years in the most stressful job imaginable) has the right to take a vacation before that pursuit. Sure, maybe it would have been prudent to take a briefer trip to a U.S. destination.

    But as much as I detest him, let him have a summer vacation. I couldn’t care less. Were his staff more competent, they could have convinced him to make it a one-week trip (not two) and kept it under wraps or even staged photo ops (if he were in the U.S.). For all his supposed technological acumen, he clearly doesn’t understand that cameras are everywhere.

  12. Scott says

    My question is: Who among Republican political operatives was stupid enough to believe Newt Gingrich was ever serious about running for president? It’s completely obvious that he only uses his half-ass presidential runs to give a veneer of credibility to his life of scamming money from idiots. I just can’t believe anyone was surprised enough to quit.

  13. Alfredthegreat says

    If memory serves, Mykonos is by far the gayest island in the entire Mediterranean! I wonder if he was facing the nudist beach while perched on his rock?

  14. Yanz says

    It’s a sign that he’s given up. No sane candidate that wants to be taken seriously would up and go vacation at Greece. But then again, with this GOP pool being so shallow, I might be wrong.

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