I worked with Martin Rushent back in the day. Although he’s best known for producing Human League’s DARE it was Pete Shelley’s HOMOSAPIEN that I think Towleroad readers will enjoy the most. Banned by the BBC for “explicit reference to gay sex”


  2. MichaelJ says

    Old timers like me might associate Andrew Gold less with Golden Girls and more with the work he did with Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and others in the 1970s.

  3. says

    “Thank You For Being a Friend” was a huge hit in its day and is a full length great song which was hacked down to serve as theme music for the Golden Girls years later. I actually find it pretty insulting to refer to Andrew Gold as the “Golden Girls Theme Songwriter.”

    So when The Who are ever in the news again you’ll refer to them as the “CSI Theme Songwriters”?

  4. RJ says

    Martin Rushent was a great producer — and his work was particularly varied depending on with whom he worked. Listening to the albums, you’d never expect the same guy produced the Human League’s “Dare” and the Go-Go’s “Talk Show.”

  5. JereNYC says

    Gold was also the son of the legendary singer Marni Nixon, who probably dubbed the singing voices of half the stars in Hollywood back in the day. Nixon is still with us and still singing and appearing in theatre. Her autobio is a great read. Condolences to her and her family at this difficult time.

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