1. TampaZeke says

    Gaga must either be unaware that the Panda is a national symbol of CHINA or unaware of the horrendous history, and continuing deep animosity between, Japan and China.

    I’m a big Gaga fan but this was actually pretty insensitive.

  2. redball says

    WOW! I’d seen this Hair performance before but not the little convo beforehand w/ the show’s host where he asks her to speak some French.

    So it seems her French translation of Hair was done extemporaneously. A MA ZING.

  3. Jesus says

    Jeez, if she’s gonna appropriate relentlessly from a culture, you’d think she would do her homework first about what is actually representative of said culture… But I guess none of that is really important to the cultural imperialist, so long as it’s accentuating her wardrobe. People will surely leave their Chris Crocker style whines about how she should be immune from criticism, but she shouldn’t be, and she is not. The insincerity is mindboggling

  4. RBearSAT says

    She’s a freak that just wants some publicity. She can’t even get that right. I’m surprised people consider her an icon when we have a lot of others that actually do some good for our community. Gaga just wants to sell music and will suck you dry by patronizing you.

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