LGBT Groups to Protest Obama’s Manhattan Visit, Fundraiser

LGBT activist groups GetEQUAL, Queer Rising, and Join The Impact are planning to protest outside the New York Sheraton tomorrow where Obama is attending an LGBT fundraiser.

Getequal From their joint press release:

Today, GetEQUAL — a national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization — and Queer Rising — a New York based grassroots queer equality organization — and Join the Impact — a national LGBT civil rights organization — announced plans to demonstrate for full LGBT equality, scheduled to take place at 5:30 pm (ET) tomorrow, Thursday, June 23rd, 2011…

“A Demonstration for Full LGBT Equality” will take place just outside of the perimeter of the largest LGBT fundraising event this election season with proceeds going to assist the re-election campaign of the “still-evolving on marriage equality candidate,” President Barack Obama.

The protest is scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm.

Say the groups:

"With the outcome of the New York State Senate vote on the Marriage Equality Act expected any moment, supporters and allies from the LGBT community will gather together in their call for full LGBT equality now. With the majority of Americans now supporting the extension of marriage rights, there is no reason to delay or deny full equality to ALL LGBT Americans any longer. While the fight for full LGBT equality continues, we remind our leaders that without government support and protections the LGBT community is at greater risk for hate crimes, bullying, suicides and homelessness. We expect our elected officials to do the right thing by protecting the civil liberties of their entire constituency. Attendees are encouraged to bring candles for a vigil and to demonstrate their passion and claim to full equality – win, lose or no vote on New York’s Marriage Equality Act."


  1. daftpunkydavid says

    i appreciate their action, but, honestly, why don’t they show up in albany, where actual anti-gay people are making sure we don’t get our rights??

  2. Fahd says

    Obama may be our first African American president, but he is till a politician.

    In politics if you get more votes by ignoring a minority, you do it. At least you do it, if you have totally sold out and have no moral fiber left (see all viable candidates for president). This kind of double-cross happens all the time to the disabled.

    What are we going to do? vote Republican?

  3. Bob Smith says

    Obama deserves everything he gets at this fund raiser i.e. heckled, booed, protests, etc. How can he look us in the eye and ask for money at the same time telling us that we don’t deserve equal rights? That’s takes some balls.

    You’re nuts if you donate money to his campaign. He is going to have to work a lot harder for my vote this time around. He has had four years and has accomplished very little for us.

  4. TT says

    I do not think it is a smart move. Fact is that Obama is the most gay-friendly, and e have done and still do a good job for equality.

    what have the other candidates on their agenda regarding equality?, there are so many canidates who want to take away gay rights. So he should get some more support and credit for his work towards gay rights in many different arenas. Instead of criticism for not doing well enough or fast enough.Politics is a strategically complex game for all parties involved. that is hust the way it is.So timing is important, When he does what, is itachievable at this time etc.

  5. Clif3012 says

    Bob- I agree in some respects he’s been a disappointment. But you can’t honestly say he has done ‘very little’. He’s done more than any national level politician in American history. Admittedly, its a low threshold, but to refuse to defend DOMA and to repeal DADT is no small fry.

    Be tough on him and other Democrats by all means, but he still deserves some credit for what he has accomplished so far.

    And either way, he’s rapidly running out of time to make a stand one way or another on gay marriage. I understand the politics of waiting until after the 2012 election, but I’m not sure he’s going to have the luxury of sitting this out much longer.

  6. Bill Perdue says

    @ Fahd – on Tuesday, November the 6th vote against Democrats and /Republicans because they’re bigots like Obama or in a party run by bigots. Vote left or socialist or just sit it out.

    Electoral politics are at best an educational and organizing tool. Elections and court decisions may validate change but they don’t create change. Reforms and more fundamental, revolutionary changes are created by mass action. That’s the clear lesson of every great advance towards democracy in American history, but we aren’t even close to being a democratic society.

    We won’t be until workers parties and a workers government enshrine economic democracy in the Constitution along with constitutional guarantees to good income, socialized medicine, good housing, social ownership of the commanding heights of industry, agriculture and finances, an end to wars, draconian punishments for bigotry, racism and etc.

  7. Bill Perdue says

    @ TT – You’re full of it.

    The list of things Obama and the Democrats have ‘done for us’ is piddling, secondary and transient. Except the Easter eggs – those were a real treat.

    The hate crimes law is misdirected. If it enacted harsh penalties including jail time and confiscatory financial penalties for cult and political leaders who denigrate us, describe us as sinners who need punishing and otherwise promote violence it’d have some substance. But it doesn’t – it’s predicated on the idea that tidy record keeping and jailing a few thugs will settle things instead of being aimed squarely at the bigots who validate, direct and galvanize the thugs.

    Repealing Democrat Bill Clintons DADT won’t end military violence, discrimination and violence. It just won’t be legal and sanctioned. It won’t go away any more than the epidemic of rape and violence against women will go away and they’ve been working on that for decades.

    Here’s a link to a list of what GLBT groups wanted Obama to do in 2008 –

    Read it and weep. And weep for that fact the Democrats and Republicans have ignored ENDA for well over a decade that they show no intention of repealing Democrat Bill Clintons DOMA.

    Add to that Obama’s deliberate maintenance of high levels of unemployment and low wages, his union busting, the fact that his administration offers the banksters bailouts instead of bail, his refusal to help the states to avoid draconian cuts in social services for our communities (and everyone) and you have a President with the worst economic record since Hoover and the worst war record since Nixon, and you want us to vote for him because he gives us Easter eggs… ?

    It’s gonna be a bumpy ride until Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 and when that day arrives we should vote for socialist or left candidates, against Democrat and Republican candidates or just join the 1/3 to 1/2 of the electorate who just sit out.

  8. says

    Has Obama done everything we want? No (nor can he, since congress must go along).

    Has Obama done a whole lot that’s good? YES

    Should we protest for full equality? YES—in fact, he’s practically asked us to with his “keep pushing me” line. By protesting and taking other actions we give him political cover to do the right thing. I say again: look up Realpolitik (esp. you Bill Perdue).

  9. Eugene says

    Thank you, Andy, for replying to daftpunkydavid’s comment. Almost the entire Queer Rising contingent have been in Albany since Monday morning, on the front-lines (rather, creating the front-line!) of this Marriage Equality battle in the NY Senate. Follow their constant-updates on their Twitter.

    I am also a Queer Rising member but had to stay in NYC this week because of work. Myself, and my fellow QR member Christin (who is also a GetEQUAL NYC rep) are putting this demo together tomorrow for the very reasons listed by the comment above by Bob Smith.

    It’s pitiful for him to come to NYC asking for the “pink-dollar” when he hasn’t said a word about our NY Senate fight for equality.

  10. says

    Why should he say anything? And if he is such a disappointment. The answer is simple. DON’T VOTE FOR HIM.

    Trust if he loses HE STILL WINS. Some you queens just don’t get it. It’s those WHITE BIGOTS in Albany that is holdng us back from Marriage Equality NOT OBAMA screaming at him won’t do nothing!

  11. NY2.0 says

    I could care less what any whiner in the LGBT community or GOProud/Logcabin troll has to say about Obama. He is our best defense against the right-wing teabaggers taking control of everything. No other president has his accomplishments on gay rights. He’s got my vote.

  12. Paul R says

    Again: It always amazes and saddens me to see that the majority of comments on Obama by the presumably gay men visiting this site are so negative and childish. It’s like you’ve never taken a basic civics or government or history class and have absolutely zero understanding of how politics works.

    Stamping your feet and voting against your interests or throwing away your vote on a third party? Great idea. It’s like you don’t want the rights you claim to be so incensed about.

  13. Gayinmilitary says

    By slow-walking DADT repeal over the longest possible course of time, the President sends a strong message to me that I’m just not all that important and that he doesn’t perceive the closet to be all that bad of a place to be. Should that be the position of a “fierce advocate?” A little sense of urgency and empathy please. I’ve seen neither from him since he started campaigning for President 4 years ago.

  14. Clif3012 says

    “when that day arrives we should vote for socialist or left candidates, against Democrat and Republican candidates or just join the 1/3 to 1/2 of the electorate who just sit out.”

    It may make you feel better for a little while to throw a vote away in petulance over Obama, but it won’t feel so great under four years of President Romney. The 2012 election is going to be tough- Obama is going to have to make history to win it if unemployment doesn’t improve- so foot stamping and packing up your toys and going home, whilst perhaps an emotionally satisfying statement, is going to lead right into the GOP’s hands. You think the GOP don’t know that Obama’s biggest weakness in 2012 is his disappointed base?

  15. says

    @Bill Purdue – I couldn’t agree with you more. Obama has no shame. Apparently neither do the gay fat cats who drinking the DemKoolAid prepared to give him money and their votes. Count me out.

  16. says

    I’ll have no problem voting for and donating to President Obama.

    I like him with some reservations, but it’s almost as if the guy who gets things done is the one whose feet are held closest to the fire for not doing enough. If I truly believed that those who are most passionately antagonistic toward him from the left would be happy with any gay accomplishments he has and will achieve, I could take it more seriously. But I don’t believe that. He does not get credit for the good he’s done, even on non-gay issues.

    For example, “it’s all just talk!” is a common refrain. Well, words matter, and if they didn’t, why would be so upset when Tracy Morgan or Donald Trump says something offensive? This president has created a very positive atmosphere for LGBT people. He could not be described as a “fierce” advocate, but he is an advocate, and there has never been anyone in the White House who’s been remotely as supportive.

    Politics is picking the better of two choices. Sometimes the better is fantastic and exactly what you want, sometimes it’s just better than the alternative. Either way, this guy is not a bigot and is not anti-gay and is not harming our cause. What he is doing is being a politician, which is what he is and which is what every president has been and always will be.

    If you want to be idealistic and reject him for not being loudly or even quietly pro-marriage equality, that’s your principled choice and I respect it. My principled choice is I want someone in the White House who is sane, leans left (he’s actually a moderate despite the GOProud and Tea Party ravings) and will not actively pursue anti-gay measures.

    I wish those LGBT people who have made up their minds against President Obama would not view him and his supporters with such seething contempt, but if Neil Patrick Harris and the cast of THE NORMAL HEART and the other 500 or 600 people attending today’s fundraiser are kapos and sell-outs and Kool-Aid-drinking fools, then I’m sure they can live with those names considering how ridiculously unfair they are.

  17. kodiak says

    I’m all for the protest outside the Sheraton, and all for the the fundraiser inside. Pressure from all sides. Sure he’s made some
    inroads regarding gay rights, but we’re not there yet. Tons of gay people showing support and tons of gay people showing discontent
    is a powerful mix, I think. I’m going up to the Sheraton after work.
    See you there.

  18. Codswallop says

    I’m another who thinks that, while Obama hasn’t been the “fierce advocate” we’d like, it’s short-sighted and irresponsible to not hope and work for his reelection. (I wouldn’t be surprised to find that some of the most strident complaints come from GOP shills paid to sow discontent.) Who would you prefer, Michelle Bachmann? Go read Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece on her than get back to me. Given her druthers, Bachmann would have gays in prison or worse. The other GOP candidates are only marginally better.

    There are elements in the gay community who are in danger of becoming Veruca Salts, screaming “I Want It Now!” until we end up with nothing. Whoever the GOP candidate is, they will gain that nomination at least in part by promising to roll back any advances the gay community has made under Obama. Look at the mid-term elections- the Repubs may have talked about jobs and the economy on the campaign trail but the moment their asses hit those elected seats they reverted to type and went after gays. If you get your wish that Obama not be reelected, you may wake up post hissy-fit to discover you made a terrible mistake.

  19. says

    @Matthew Rettenmund: The cast of the Normal Heart??? Well, here is what the author says about Obama right here on T: “Mr. Do-Nothing Obama will say today ‘Lets think of all the poor dead people’- or ‘let’s honor all the dead’ instead of fighting for the living. He has been really useless in terms of both HIV and gay issues. An exceedingly large disappointment to me, how useless he has been. He is simply not a leader. He may be president, but he is not a leader.”

    Read more:

  20. daniwitz13 says

    Let me cut to the chase here. Pres. Obama had to show proof that he really was a US citizen with an authentic birth certificate. How do they prove that a person IS Gay? Is there a test to prove it? A blood test? A MRI brain scan? An X-RAY photo? A DNA test? A medical exam? A finger print? A genital exam? A birth certificate? Surly there MUST be a way besides just taking their word for it? Do they look different? Supposedly Gay people do get Married and have Children. There are many Ex Gay people. Can any Gay person Certify with Proof that they are Gay? Can a Judge ask a Lawyer that represents a Gay couple, for proof that the couple is Gay? Does he have any documents to prove it? In other words, do they have ‘standing’ in Court? I think the answer to all of this is NO.

  21. Paul R says

    I’m tired of the endless whining from the so-called community of LGBT people expecting progress overnight. And if I’m tired of it, imagine how a lot of potential straight allies–and politicians–feel. We represent at most 5 percent of the US population, only half of us are even registered to vote, and a third of those vote Republican. And a huge chunk of us are closeted, so if we’re invisible to our family, friends, and neighbors, why should they care about our rights?

    I’m sorry to conclude that when it comes to politics, most gays are idiots. I used to take issue with some of ActUP’s antics, but at least they had courage and achieved change. Most people posting on this site do nothing but complain, with no understanding of politics, legislation, or seemingly much else. Instead they fester in their frustration and moral incompetence.

    Yes, that’s what I meant. If you don’t vote for Obama’s reelection, don’t vote at all, vote for a third party (a wasted vote no matter how ideologically pure it makes you feel), or vote Republican (and on that: find a good shrink), then you are a moral abomination. You’re announcing to yourself that you like second class status, hope the status quo maintains in myriad areas, and are an insolent child.

    I am more than all for holding Obama’s feet to the fire. But we are hardly the only concern on his political calculus. Do you not understand that about half the voters in this country are Republican? That, again, gays often vote for Republicans? That some progress is better than none, much less steps backward?

    No politician will ever be your wet dream. You will never be satisfied, nor should you be. But withholding a vote for Obama is, quite simply, supporting your enemies. And they hate your guts, and many would like you silent or dead. So go consider that while throwing your pity parties that politics is a nasty career, with nasty outcomes and delays mixed with the strides forward. Visit America’s “heartland” and maybe you’ll understand. There, people freely espouse hate and claim it’s from the Bible. Politicians have to pander to that. Good luck finding enough people with brains who can see through that, because there aren’t even enough on this site.

    It’s not drinking Kool Aid to support the lesser of several evils. Are your memories so weak that you don’t recall our president from 2001 to 2009? I’m embarrassed by the petty, childish claims that pass for political discourse in many of these comments.

    @DaniWitz13: Either you’re 13 or simply a dimwit. Is there a test to prove that someone is straight? And what if there were? I have plenty of straight friends who support equal rights for all people. Are you actually trying to claim that people claim to be gay to get benefits of some type? Could you name some?

  22. says

    The prediction was anarchy…so said former NY Giants Superbowl star David Tyree. He was talking about the results of the hotly contested gay marriage bill which just passed in New York, granting the right to gays the nation over to…God forbid…tie the knot. Just what could he mean by anarchy? Could he mean the national rush of drag queens to Kleinfeld Bridal—of television reality fame—to ‘say yes to the dress’? Did he mean that traditional brides would have to plan that much further in advance as all the good ballrooms of Manhattan will be scooped by the double income no kids, DINKs, flush with cash and desire to outdo the last do? Or is it something simpler, like public displays of affection springing up everywhere—handholding, kisses goodbye? I dare ask, has Tyree ever walked through Chelsea? If it means anarchy…bring it on. The last time I understood true anarchy was during the LA Riots where people of Tyree’s own ethnicity took to the streets to burn what they could to…I guess…make a point and scare a nation. Fears not Tyree, gays are scared of fire—too much product in our hair makes us more combustible than the average straight guy. There will be no burnings in the streets.

  23. rick says

    Please removed the BT from LGBT. It’s so hypocritical how bisexuality especially is marginalized from this community. For example, the recent John Travolta controversy…perhaps he’s bi, but people want to label him “gay”. It’s all about being “gay”.

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