LIST: Possible GOP Swing Votes on NY Marriage Equality

Last night, Lawrence O'Donnell reported on the shift in votes for NY marriage equality.

The NY GOP is planning to conference the marriage equality bill from 10-12 am today. The following list contains the potential Republican swing votes on this measure. Let's keep the momentum going.

New Yorkers, calls these lawmakers, particularly if you are one of their constituents, and urge them to support passage of the bill.

Ny Senator Gregory R. Ball of Putnam County (845) 279-3773

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. of Suffolk County (516) 882-0630

Senator J. Kemp Hannon of Nassau County (516) 739-1700

Senator Andrew J. Lanza of Staten Island (718) 984-4073

Senator Betty Little of Glens Falls (518) 743-0968

Senator Mark Grisanti of Erie County (518) 455-3240

Senator Stephen M. Saland of Poughkeepsie (845) 463-0840

Senator John Flanagan of Long Island (518) 455-2071


  1. Jollysocks says

    NEW YORKERS — please call these people!

    I wonder what there really is to “conference” about at this point — hoping that’s not code for Skelos scaring the hell out of the yes voters. Perhaps I’m being paranoid cause if Alesi and McDonald were to back out at this point, I think they know they would be creating bigger and badder enemies than the NY Conservative Party could muster.

    My ideal — getting two more votes by tomorrow (1 for passage, 1 for safety) That way we go into the actual vote knowing this is going to pass.

  2. says

    I just got off the phone with my (gay) uncle who lives outside of Poughkeepsie. Sen. Saland has told him that he won’t vote yes unless it is a sure thing. Call him and tell him that if he is the 32nd vote, then it will be a sure thing!

  3. Bruno says

    @Alan E: That could be the issue…the remaining GOP potential voters are all so afraid of being #32 and there being no #33, that no one will be #32. LOL. Hopefully they’ll all come to their senses soon.

  4. daftpunkydavid says

    andy… please add senator john flanagan of long island: 631-361-2154 (district) and 518-455-2071 (albany)

  5. b says


    There is too much at stake and there is no time to waste!

    This is a defining moment in history.

    Tonight is not the night for sitting back and watching TV or doing whatever you do on a Tuesday night.

    Please- Take a stand, make the little teeny weeny effort to call up your Senator and tell them how you feel.

    You WANT to be a part of this moment.

    Marriage equality could become law TOMORROW. So do it TONIGHT.

  6. A says

    Isn’t it the case that if they have 31 that the lieutenant Governor (D) decides the tie?

  7. Dan says

    Yes! Add Senator Flanagan. He is definitely undecided on this issue. Calls to him are important. 631-361-2154 (district) and 518-455-2071 (albany). I think he is one of those that will only vote yes if it definitely will pass. He needs to hear from people, especially constituents. Be friendly. Be positive. Tell a personal story. That is what we have on our opposition. We are directly influenced by this. They are not.

  8. Eugene says

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Lanza has no voice-mail, Ball’s voice-mail is full, Little’s voice-mail is full, Grisanti has no voice-mail, and Fuschillo is disconnected.

  9. Bruno says

    OK so can we get Flanagan and Saland to talk to each other and agree to come out as a “bloc” in favor? Geez, I hope they’re thinking of these things.

  10. Brad says

    OK, one of my state senators is on that undecided list.

    What’s everyone’s opinion? Calling vs. emailing? I’d generally say the former, but I’ve heard they are getting thousands of calls (i.e., easy to ignore). I was thinking email b/c I sharp worded email might catch the eye of a staffer more than an easy-to-ignore call.

    Any thoughts?

  11. Brad says

    Well, I guess that answers that. My senator’s phone line is not going to voice mail (and no one is picking up). Hopefully someone will see my email (I live not far from him) and bring it to his attention.

    *fingers crossed!

  12. K says

    Both, Brad. Do both. Send an email tonight. Call first thing tomorrow morning. Who’s your senator?

  13. Mark says

    I called all of them, but a few of the senators voicemail boxes were full. Any other numbers we can call? I’m assuming they all have email addresses, about to look those up.

    PLEASE everyone continue calling tomorrow morning! This could be a huge victory for us, not only politically, but symbolically as well. It is INSANE that this bill has not already passed in New York.

  14. chris says

    what we should all do is write and thank State Senator Alesi the first Republican to break ranks and support gay marriage.

  15. G says

    It really works and takes very little effort. I just emailed my Aunt who lives in Nassau county and told her what was at stake. She promptly called and emailed her state senator and then emailed all her friends to do the same – and posted it on her facebook wall for her friends to do so. It just shows how any of you (one person) can take one small action that can snowball and potentially influence dozens+ to do the same! Let’s make this happen

  16. Coll says

    Tried all the numbers above and like others said, some voicemail boxes were full, some just kept ringing. Here are other numbers we can call, all belonging to the Senators listed above. I haven’t personally called them yet so I can’t say for sure that you will be able to get through but let’s all call first thing tomorrow morning!

    Sen Ball : 518-455-3111

    Sen Fuschillo: 518-455-3341

    Sen Hannon: 518-455-2200

    Sen Lanza: 518-455-3215

    Sen Little: 518-455-2811 AND 518-561-2430

    Sen Grisanti: 716-854-8705 AND 716-773-9600 ext 654

    Sen Saland: 518-455-2411 AND 518-828-1529

    Big day tomorrow….

  17. daftpunkydavid says

    if the mailboxes (district and albany) are full please email them… it’s not that hard and it’s super important. your and my rights are at stake. please take the time to contact the undecided senators.

  18. K says

    It’s great how active all of you are! One thing to mention to anyone you reach out to who says “Why should it matter they aren’t going to read it anyway?” Not true! All of these senators have unpaid interns, and you can bet your ass one of them is going to be EXTREMELY busy tomorrow morning looking through all the emails sent tonight to tally the numbers for each side. OUR NUMBER HAS TO BE HIGHER!

  19. David says

    This probably won’t happen, but I sure do wish we could get all 7 on that list. That would put the final vote at 38-24, a perfect reversal of the disgraceful vote in 2009.

  20. Clark says

    I would like to call my state senator. But, my legislator is St. Sen. Marty Golden, who is rabidly anti-gay. Just look at previous posts on Towleroad about his bill to de-legitimize all same-sex marriages in NYS.

  21. E says

    I’m not a resident of New York, nor do I live in a state that looks kindly upon homosexuality, but as a young gay citizen, the prospect of seeing national marriage equality in the near future gives me enormous hope, not only for our community, but also for America. The enthusiasm that manifests itself among the commenters here betrays the willpower and determination that thrusts us forward in the fight for equality and characterizes the beauty of America’s people, a beauty that sometimes only seems to live in the anthems we sing on patriotic days, a beauty that is often stained by negligent outbursts and stubborn beliefs; but a beauty that ultimately lies unscathed beneath the surface, waiting to shine.

    No matter the outcome of this battle and the many battles to come, we should take note of the binding power of our will, our love, our convictions of what’s right and what’s wrong. These are the things that make us great, that make us who we are. These are the things that will carry us to freedom and ultimately see us through the storm.

  22. Greg Hacke says

    I don’t live in NY but here is what I’ve sent to seven Republicans on the list. I also sent thank you’s to Alesi and Macdonald.

    Dear Senator Saland,

    I hope you will look into your heart and decide to follow the example of your fellow Republicans Senators Alesi and McDonald. Think about why you went into politics; I’m sure it was out of a desire to help people. There are thousands of good, kind gay people in your district who need your help to be able to marry the one they love and enjoy what everyone else wants in life. It’s the right thing to do and you will look back on this moment in years to come and feel good about what you did to help them.

    Thank you,

    Greg Hacke

  23. Ty says

    Please everyone, take a few minutes to call or e-mail. Every voice can make a difference. Personally, I think that one good personal story can be more powerful than the words of 1000 negative homophobes. Let’s make an attempt here, please!

  24. Figliulo says

    I sent an email to all potential swing Republicans reminding them that to vote *for* Gay Marriage is actually the Republican thing to do. As Republicans we claim we want less governement meddling with our property, and marriage, among other things, is a contract that deals with the handling of our property… I asked each of them to look back at what it truly means to be Republican, and asked them to vote that way and not as a conservative who has motives outside their politcal party.

    Let’s bring back the Rockefeller Republican!

  25. Taylor says

    Does anyone know if the vote ends at 31-31 if the Lieutenant Gov. would cast the deciding vote?

  26. Dan says

    @ Taylor – No. In NY, a majority is needed to pass any legislation. The Lt. Gov. would only cast the deciding vote on procedural matters.

  27. Rich says

    I know the Republicans are worried about losing their majority if the Conservative Party removes them from their line – hopefully when they go into conference they will realize that the votes are there and will all vote in favor as a bloc – this way the Conservative Party would be screwed – either replace all of them or lose every other item on their agenda and give the dems control next year. I would love to see a 61-1 vote to put Diaz in his place.

  28. ichabod says

    Tried calling all the Senators last night and this morning and all of their mailboxes are full (if the phone would pick up at all). I was able to get through to Hannon’s office last night and the assistant who answered cheerfully said he would pass on my message to the Senator. I E-mailed them all this morning (including Flanagan).

    I also wrote thank you letters and sent thank you e-mails to Alesi, McDonald, Addabbo, Huntley and Kruger for their flip to “yes”.

    Might all seem like a drop in the bucket, but all it takes is that single drop to be the tipping point that makes a difference. So pick up the phone and call and get to the keyboard and type!

    It only takes a moment and will make a LIFETIME of difference!

  29. LincolnLounger says

    This is a perfect example of why the gay community needs to have active, working relationships with both parties. We demonize ALL Republicans and then cannot understand why they are not on our side at critical junctures.

    So short-sighted.

  30. michael says

    I want to mention that a friend works for one of the senators who changed their vote and he said that it was directly because of constituent “votes” by email and telephone. So it really does matter, at least to some of them.

  31. Tim says

    Had several family members call Fuschillo on Long Island. His staff will not say how he plans to vote, but that he voted against the measure last time. Looks like a no – go.

  32. Soo says

    I contacted the senators on the list. Left messages with two, forced to e-mail three as I was unable to leave a message, and spoke to a representative at the remaining offices. Those I spoke to were very polite. Let’s hope this works.

  33. Babs says

    Call Senator Skelos at 518-455-3171 and ask him why his members are so concerned about protection for religious individuals and institutions and not about the the protection for their hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian constituents throughout New York State.
    What happened to the separation of church and state? Why does archbishop Dolan have so much power and sway ove the republican state senators?

  34. jamal49 says

    This is very inspiring. Although none of the Senators represent my district, I am still calling and emailing because we have to keep the pressure on them. Marriage equality affects all New Yorkers and those Senators need to know this.

    What is amazing is that all the Senators who are on the above contact lists are Republicans. I have contacted my district’s State Senator and have asked him to reach out to these recalcitrant Republicans and get them to see the light.