1. deen says

    Just reading the few lines above-
    This guy cannot really believe that we would buy it

    All calculated
    & above all thinking he would ONLY get 20 hits?


    In this day & age?

    Please Mary

  2. Henry Holland says

    So there it is, he just wanted people to kiss his ass for his writing style, consequences of his hoax be damned. A punch in the throat is the least he deserves.

  3. Leroy Laflamme says

    I may be wrong, but I seem to remember reading that a member of ‘her’ family (father, brother, not sure) was interviewed & said that the family was confident she would be released because other members had experienced similar harrassment & even detention in the past. How far was MacMaster prepared to go? Anonymity on the internet allows one to broadcast anything without accpeting any personal responsibility. Does this guy have a job? Because boy, is this sorry saga proof positive that the devil makes work for idle hands.

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