Mark Ballas Would Be ‘Down’ With Partnering with Ricky Martin for ‘Dancing with the Stars’

In a new interview with Popeater, Dancing with the Stars' Mark Ballas is asked if he'd be up for partnering with Ricky Martin as a same-sex pair in the competition.

Ballas Says Ballas: "I'd be down!"

This, of course, is a purely hypothetical partnership, as there are no reports Martin has been asked to join the show.

Ballas says he'd be fine with being the first guy, in any case:

"I would be totally cool with it. There are other competitions where they have same sex couples. I'd support it. There is a slight inherent disadvantage. Two girls and two men just can't move like a man and a woman. But you can try."

Ballas also reveals that there is only one gay dancer on the show.