Methodist Pastor Found Guilty of Marry Lesbians, Acquitted of Being a ‘Self-Avowed Practicing Homosexual’

A Methodist pastor has been found guilty of marrying a lesbian couple in 2009, the AP reports:

Delong A 13-person jury of clergy peers unanimously convicted The Rev. Amy DeLong of Osceola. The jury found the 44-year-old not guilty of a second charge of being a "self-avowed practicing homosexual." That vote was 12-1.

After the verdicts were announced Wednesday afternoon, church officials began hearing a second round of testimony to help jurors recommend a penalty that could range from suspension to defrocking. At least five DeLong supporters were scheduled to testify.

More about the trial at Love on Trial….


  1. MacroT says

    Once upon a time the Methodists were a peaceful even liberal denomination. Now, like most of the others, it has been overtaken by the haters. Shame on them.

  2. says

    Maybe she’ll go to church-jail, but with church-time-off for church-good-behavior if she doesn’t church-shank anyone. Or get church-parole. Perhaps she’ll do some church-community-service (which I thought was the whole point of churches, but what do I know?).

    Put the prefix “church-” in front of anything and it becomes ridiculous.

  3. Fahd says

    There are counties in South Carolina where these folks are definitely in the process of moving to in the hopes of making their religion the law of the county, if not the land.

    I don’t know if this comment is welcome, but isn’t there a grammatical error in the headline?

  4. kodiak says

    Perhaps they’ll burn her at the stake. And the married couple too.
    Or banish them to Uganda. So tired of churches and their ilk. Sorry God.

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