Towleroad at Netroots Nation 2011: ‘LGBT Netroots Connect’ Brings Together Bloggers, Activists, and Organizations

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Building and sustaining coalitions — coalitions that embrace and utilize the complete diversity of LGBT community — was a common theme or takeaway from this Netroots Connect. I felt a sense of camaraderie and urgency as we engaged each other in discussion when not broadcasting the day's goings-on through our blogs and Twitter feeds. I was impressed by the quantity and quality of diversity in the room—LGBT and straight people with different beliefs, incomes, abilities, complexions, and nationalities—working together towards freedom and equality, and it was a privilege to be among them.

A big THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone who shared in making LGBT Netroots Connect a success it is!

What a great way to kick-off Netroots Nation!