1. Rowan says

    The new coming out. Start off as a straight ally-before or after your career is over. Then come out after lots of work has been done to advance gay rights so that your transition is smooth and hurt free.

    In other news, I really can’t stand Cynthia Nixon and her smile.

  2. breckroy says

    Rowan, who are you knocking and what is the relevance at all to this story. As far as we know, Sean Avery is a genuine straight ally, I’ve not heard anyone suggest that he’s gay. Cynthia Nixon lived a straight life and discovered love with a woman later in life and pretty much came out in relative short order…she was hardly a closeted celeb in the way we are used to and hate so much. And I wouldn’t say either was anywhere near the end of their careers. While she’s not actively on a weekly hit show (which most actors aren’t), she works steadily in high profile projects (HBO’s TOO BIG TO FAIL being the latest) and Avery continues to play and plan his transition to fashion once he does retire from the sport. Maybe I’m misreading the intent of your comment, but it has a tinge of bitterness that appears to target two people (one bisexual, one straight) who are doing more for equality with their fame than we get from other “friendly” celebs. They’re actually lobbying lawmakers in an out of the way location on a too-close-to-call issue dear to our hearts. Where’s the call for bitterness?

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