1. O HERRO says

    The more people like this former crack head say that children yearn for a mother and father rather than parentage and love they insult single mothers and fathers, and it’s a damn shame.

  2. RON DENVER says

    How come all the guys standing behind her look like they just smelled a fart?

  3. says

    Her name is Maggie Gallagher-Srivastav can we PLEASE start referign to her as such. Its funny that an anti-feminist traditional marriage advocate will not use her married name. And she doesn;lt because she doesn;t want her bigoted followers to know that shes married to a Buddhist from India. TOWELROAD AND EVERYONE PLEASE USE MAGGIES MARRIED LAST NAME

  4. HadenoughBS says

    What a smug-looking group of thugicrats trying to impose their religious doctrine on others with the most ridiculous of scare tactics. Surely the sane residents of New York state won’t fall for their hate-filled bigoted crap. The tide in favor of SSM is coming in and will soon wash these weird skitter creatures out to sea.

  5. says

    @Uffda, while I have a tendancy to agree with you, I have to say that Jesus would not treat gays like this, and neither would God. What has happened is organized religion has turned the Bible into a weapon, and their followers into soldiers of hate.

    I am not extremely religious, but when I grew up our church/congregation had a great minister who talked of love and caring; that we were all Gods children and that Jesus was a follower of those beliefs. No hate, no politics.

    Today, we have those who have been misguided. When their time comes, they will have to answer for all the hate they have embellished on Gods children, in his name.

  6. says

    @ hadenoughbs : You steal the words out of my mouth, sir !

    Of one thing I’m certain; if there is an afterlife this crowd of f***s and I are not going to the same place.
    And the smart money is on me……..I put it there myself.

  7. says

    @ CB : Yes, the so called Christians use the bible as a weapon and the Israelis use it as title deeds !
    As Rufus sings: “Oh what a world we live in.”

  8. Brian says

    Wait….Maggie’s not wearing her pink hoodie that she wears EVERYTIME she on the f**in’ news. She spouts the same crap and wears the same crap (Ann Taylor Loft outlet cast-offs.) Now it’s more of a burnt Siena. Still wearing the same black ‘slimming [FAIL]’ shirt though.

  9. Morning Tundra says

    Silly point, Will. Women who believe in their own equality take their husbands’ names. Few if any contemporary women even call themselves “feminists.” And married women who are conservative but professional retain married names. Should Barack Obama be called Barry because that’s what he calld himself in college? Should we call you Billy? What evidence is there that Maggie’s followers care one iota that her husband is of Indian descent? Two of the most conservative politicians in the GOP constellation are the governors of Louisiana and South Carolina, both Indian-Americans.

  10. Javier says

    Instead of matching their mean rhetoric with jsut as-mean attacks against them on the internet, perhaps the progay side should do a better job of galvanizing and organizing? How many NY and NJ gay and bisexual people are in Albany engaging the legislators? How many are actually lobbying right now?

  11. Morning Tundra says

    Meant to say: “women who are conservative but professional retain maiden names.”

  12. says

    Women, who are ‘conservative’ should adhere to the book they use for hate…

    1 Timothy 2:11-15
    Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing.

    And, as for gays vs. heterosexuals…

    Galatians 3:28
    There is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

  13. Rich F. says

    WHAT?! Lying liars are lying again? Consider me shocked.

    Whenever these bastards get up in front of a crowd, everyone needs to start shouting “PROVE IT!!” and hold up signs saying [citation needed].

  14. Really? says

    One glance at this photo is all you need to know about why the young are overwhelmingly in favor of marriage equality. A more sanctimonious group of old bigots (literally looking down their noses at the rest of us) you will not find.

  15. lambillio says

    who is paying this man to do this?? we all know sports figures are money hungry anyway. i love that this is the best “celebrity” nom could dredge up. obviously no real ones would ever join these insane evil haters.

  16. Frank says

    So, I’ll quote Wikipedia again with the assumption that this is accurate, but it says that Ms. Gallagher has a child that was born out of wedlock from a relationship that preceeded her marriage. I personally couldn’t care less whether she was married to the father of the child, but isn’t it a bit much that this woman has set herself up as the moral arbiter on marrgiage when this is in her background? Has she never been called out on this?

  17. Ken says

    Maggie is in serious need of a glitter bombing. That really fine stuff that never comes off.

  18. says

    It’s not the fault of LGBT Couples that want to marry that his father bailed on his family….

    i love that the “quality of life for all Americans” means “except for the millions of LGBT Americans and their families”

  19. says

    Wow- This woman (and her org.) is very misguided. Its hard to believe someone like this still exists in 2011. Hopefully (for her sake), we don’t put fat people’s rights/equality up for a general vote.

    Ironically, the acronym for her organization is NOM — which is something she obviously does alot of (NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!– haha).


    EQUALITY FOR ALL (not just for fat pig bitches!)


  20. Leroy Laflamme says

    Well, well, well! I see she took my advice & ditched the horizontal stripes. Who knew she follows Towelroad?

  21. Rex says

    Have you ever seen a bigger group of smug yet constipated mofos? All of them have the same bottom lip.

  22. says

    There are a lot of men that look constipated standing in on that press release. They’re either not getting enough fiber or sex, if not both. And yes, the people that need to decide something like this is someone who is going to look at this from both sides, not just through bigoted eyes.

  23. Mark says

    I just want to point out that there are only two kinds of men behind Mistress Maggie: those who have had bjs from men and those who haven’t but want them. You can tell by the look on each face which category he falls into–try it!!