NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Makes Trip to Albany for Marriage Equality Push

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who gave an impassioned speech earlier this month about the need for marriage equality, got on a plane this morning to Albany to meet with Senate Republicans in the second day of conference=ing over the amrriage equality bill, the NYT City Room reports:

Bloomberg His trip comes at a sensitive time for the Republican senators, who are embroiled in a fierce internal debate about how to proceed on gay marriage: most of them are opposed to the measure, but a handful are prepared to vote for it, if Senator Dean G. Skelos, the majority leader, allows the issue to reach the Senate floor…

…It was Mr. Bloomberg who requested the 10:30 am meeting Thursday, the person briefed on the matter said, to make his case for why New York should become the sixth and largest state in the country to allow gay couples to wed. He is expected to argue that it is consistent with Republican principles of limited government, personal liberty and strong families.

According to activity on Twitter, GOP Senators have begun arriving at the conference, a velvet rope has been set up to hold back media outside the state house office, and Skelos is welcoming the Bloomberg visit but won't comment on if it will change minds or if the measure will come to the floor.

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  1. Rowan says

    Mayor Bloomberg-

    Hey, it was my millions and dirty tricks that got you into office to give the GOP a majority and not those stinky left wingers with their social causes.


    Yeah. So we vote against gay marriage. Like you did. All the time. Like you stopped Gov Peterson, right?


    Er no. Actually, one of you has to vote for gay marriage because this will lead to becoming a celeb with the cultural left, I will get more status-you know how left are like with giving cultural awards!




    Pretty please? Just for my career whilst I retire and in won’t effect me at all? Well, okay, look like I am doing something. Singers son is a fag. And he also happens to be worth nearly a billion and has the biggest hedge fund in the US via dirty help from Dubya, so you see?



    Politics eh?

  2. Bryan C. says

    QUESTION: Who will make the final decision on whether or not the bill will be brought to the floor for a vote? Is that solely up to Majority Leader Dean Skelos, or will there be a vote within the Republican conference to determine that?

  3. gaylib says

    California, Maine, Maryland…. How many times are politicians, media, and bloggers going to tell us this is a sure thing only to have the republicans pull out the rug? If they screw this one up, there will be hell to pay. Not just for the politicos, but for the gay orgs, media and blogs that continually raise the hopes of the community only to be 100% clueless about what was going on. I hope for their sake this isn’t the case. Because if not, their (and your) credibility is shot.

  4. bill johnson says

    Go get em Bloomberg. We’re almost there, and I’m not going to be able to concentrate on much else for the next 48 hours. So stressful.
    Keep calling, keep emailing, and keep praying.

    Bryan, is my understanding that it’s up to the majority leader to make the final call so a vote within the republican conference is not required.

  5. Bruno says

    A vote within the conference isn’t required, but Skelos has intimated that there will be a “straw poll.” This, of course, would spell doom if it were just a straight majority poll, but perhaps there’s more to it. In any case, whatever decision is made, Skelos is putting the burden on the whole conference, not just himself, but I think he should be held accountable ultimately.

    I predict the bill stalls within the conference. Republicans are Republicans, ultimately.


    Bloomberg is a lying opportunist. This is all for show. Marriage equality will not happen in New York and we have Bloomberg (the LARGEST single individual donor to the Republic party NATIONWIDE) to directly blame for it.

  7. seabadger says


    I get the impression is the “straw poll” will be to see if the bill can pass with a votes to spare. On a straight vote, there is no way the GOP conference sends the bill to the floor.

    As for stalling, there are just as many political downsides for Senate Republicans in stalling as there are if they were to allow the bill to the floor and helped to pass it.

  8. walter says

    people should try to contact former senator joe bruno who has under gone a major change. maybe he could help pressure some of his former friends

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