1. ohplease says

    And this is an excellent example of why I will NEVER EVER AGAIN vote for Barack Obama.

  2. Keppler says

    “…he believes you should continue to push him on it.”

    Because the alternative is to give up on his sorry ass and sit out 2012, a prospect that’s looking more and more appealing.

  3. Tim NC says

    so, she was either unwilling or unable to get to actually answer the question. Is he claiming this is a “fake” document and Obama didn’t fill it out or sign it? Or, is he claiming that a staff member of Obama’s filled out the document and Obama just “signed” it without reading it to see if he agreed with the content.

  4. MDK says

    Folks, please understand that Obama is brilliant at “playing the game.” HE IS ON OUR SIDE and has done more for us than any president ever has and probably will continue to do so. He supports same-sex marriage, he just knows that it is not yet politically safe to fully back it as president. He can’t do anything to help LGBT rights if he gets voted out of office for being too liberal! Do you people understand that??? It’s not rocket science.

    Some of you are terrible, terrible strategists.

  5. Tyler says

    Good point Keppler, sitting at home sure did a lot of good in 2010. We sure showed those Democrats. Now, because liberals sat at home and didn’t vote in 2010, all the disappointments in the Democratic party will have their marriages on the ballot in Minnesota and Indiana, and bills legalizing their marriages didn’t pass in Maryland. Oh wait, no, it’s our marriages that will be up because idiots stayed home and Democrats lost seats in legislative chambers.

    Well at least we sure showed Barack Obama for not being liberal enough by staying home and allowing Democrats to lose the House of Representatives. I’d sure rather the House keep trying to reinstate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and defend DOMA rather than let that evil President think he can get away with only supporting civil unions.

  6. ant says

    Yes, for sure sitting out the next election will be really, really helpful to our agenda … and will show that Barack Obama a thing or two [cross arms, stamp feet]

  7. searunner says

    I will say, I don’t care who filled it out, but Mr. President your signature is at the bottom.

    Anyways, keep pushing him. He’ll, is it devolve or re-evolve, be back in the marriage equality camp sometime in his 2nd term.

  8. Matthew says

    I will vote for Obama and pray that his true colors show in his second term. I mean I really don’t want a Republican to win; the best alternatives to Obama would be Ron Paul (against all marriage), Chris Chrstie (not a candidate), or Fred Karger (barely recognized as a candidate). I don’t even want to know what someone like Michelle Bachman or Rick Santorum would do if they were elected, but have a pretty good guess it would be worse than Obama.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    Yes, OHPLEASE is a prime example of the absolutist short sighted gays who think that sitting out of the election or voting for some fringe candidate will be the answer.

    Stop letting the good be the enemy of the perfect.

  10. Tyler says

    I’d second Matthew except to say there is no chance in hell any Republican would be anything but awful. Every one of them would go back to defending DOMA; every one of them would veto an ENDA, were it ever to come out of Congress; every one would appoint judges and justices who would be dismissive of gay rights instead of supportive.

    I never understood the vitriol he suffers for this position. It’s clearly political, not personal. I don’t know why people are taking it personally. Listen, I hate the second-class status issue as much as anyone else, but that shouldn’t blind anyone to the realities of the alternatives. By all means, don’t be his friend but it’s just cutting off your nose to spite your face to oppose someone who’s 90% on your side when the alternative is someone who’s 100% on your enemies’ side.

  11. FernLaPlante says

    Oh, please OHPLEASE stop kidding yourself like you are actually going to vote Republican in 2012

  12. SteveC says

    I will vote for Obama again, but won’t donate a nickel in time or money to his re-election campaign.
    That is the most reasonable response I think.

  13. gaylib says

    Andy, are you really going to let trolls like MDK, Kepler and Tyler overrun this blog?(Brian in Texas seems to have been appointed to this blog full time) You do know its only going to get worse as 2012 approaches, don’t you? At some point your regular readers are just going to abandon the site altogether. If you can’t see the rote commentary that is obvious from some OFA script talking points, you need to pay closer attention.

  14. Francis says

    Just more of the same run around. At least Obama and his team have stopped lying and saying he opposes marriage equality. It’s all political and everyone should realize that, in America in 2011, it’s not a very tenable position to openly support and promote marriage equality and be president of the United States. This country simply isn’t progressive enough and there are too many social conservatives on both sides of the aisle that have made their homophobic POV’s clear and the obvious fact they will attack our community and our supporters at all costs.

    Obama is straddling the fence. It doesn’t please me, but we saw what happened when we failed to get out to vote last time when we needed to do so. We need to realize who our enemies are, and act accordingly.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “Andy, are you really going to let trolls like MDK, Kepler and Tyler overrun this blog?(Brian in Texas seems to have been appointed to this blog full time)”

    What’s the alternative? You? That’s like having to choose between Franklin D Roosevelt or Huey P Long. The former has a great mind and vision, the latter is a nut.

  16. eric says

    Those of you who support Obama, who is clearly against us, are exactly the reason we don’t deserve equality.

    Have some dignity and stand up for yourselves and your community.

  17. Ben says

    Liberals didn’t sit at home in 2010. The data show that independents were convinced by smear ads to switch to the Republicans. You all need to realize that the Citizens United decision has forever changed politics.

  18. Tim NC says

    for all those claiming that liberals “sitting out” the 2010 election cost the dems the elections. It may or may not be true.

    But, you are claiming that it is the voters who need to learn a lesson from the 2010 defeat.

    There is also the possibility that the democratic politicians should learn the lesson instead and STOP PISSING OFF LIBERALS. The dems don’t need to actually win every fight for the liberal position. But, they need to at least make the fight for liberal positions instead of constantly caving in to republicans before the conversations even begin.

    Dems have a habit of having a starting position that is centrist up against the far-right position. Then when the compromise comes (and with dems it comes almost immediately) we keep getting center-right policy and no dem even fights for liberal policy. If the dems would start with a liberal policy, then when they compromise, we could end up with centrist policies instead of center-right policy. But, if they are unwilling to even propose liberal positions to start a debate, why would they expect to ever excite the liberals to come out to the polls when the results are always center-right policies?

  19. Bob says

    I’m sorry. It’s a letter, he signed it, you can’t wiggle out of it. If something goes out under my signature, the buck stops with me and I’m held to what it says. I don’t care who authored the letter, he signed it. He’s stuck with it.

  20. mike/ says

    it wasn’t a letter it was a candidate’s questionnaire that is a run of the mill type thing used with candidates for office all the time;

    and I can verify that I heard him talk about the topic at a meeting when he was running for state office in Illinois; this is just one of the reasons i couldn’t vote for him as preznit! he’s lied about a number of things, as many people are finding out. yeah, i know – it’s called ‘political expediency';

    no matter what it’s called, i call it lying!!!

  21. Phil says

    [In this scene, Michelle Bachmann is disciplining a “lousy queer” and reminding him that he doesn’t have the moral right to cast a vote for one of the candidates from the two major political parties.]

    Michelle: You do nothing to prevent our official traditional-values leader, Mitt Romney, from taking the White House. Is that clear, you pathetic pervert?

    Lousy Queer: Yes, Miss Michelle, whatever you say! Us lousy queers don’t have the right to vote. I don’t know anything about how to vote, I swear!

  22. BrooklynRider says

    Wow. These comments are overrun with Obamatron campaign workers getting their $5 per post to counter the negative comments coming from the LGBT community.

    Obama’s campaign strategy with the LGBT community is “You think I’m bad? Look at the alternative.”

    The reality is that there is NO DIFFERENCE between Obama and Bush. Obama votes with Republicans regularly and surrenders in any potential fight.

    As a gay man, he has not advocated for or enacted any policy that has changed my status as a gay man. He thinks that uttering “Gay” or “Lesbian” in a speech is some sort of magic command that summons the LGBT genies to grant him any wish.

    DADT has NOT been implemented and is still in effect. His offering “Medicaid” or “Medicare” rules changes means nothing, when he footnotes the statement with “states can choose to opt out of this”.

    His executive order for Federal LGBT workers policies didn’t change anything for those workers and also excluded the LGBT citizen serving in the armed services.

    His administration has written some of the most scathing and offensive defenses of DOMA.

    If you are LGBT and supporting this guy in 2012, you are part of the problem facing our community – NOT part of the solution.

    We cannot mimic the behavior of southern blacks during the 40’s and 50’s by supporting a party that repeatedly tells us everything they will do for us – and then renege on those promises once in office.

    Malcolm X offers a very clear argument for stopping this type of behavior in his speech “The Bullet of the Ballot”.

    Don’t be duped by the Obamatrons on this comment page, paid commenters by Obama and the DNC, as part of their “rapid response team”. Their job is “damage control” and, if they are here, you can bet that a truth about Obama’s complete disdain for the LGBT community has been revealed.

  23. Tim W says

    Get your facts straight. In Maryland Democrats actually gained seats adding to an already big majority. What killed it in MD is African-American legislatures caved to religious pressure. If the president had supported marriage equality it would have been easier for them to vote for it.

  24. says

    Obamatrons and paid commenters–spare me. These silly accusations only come from people who appear on TR to make ludicrous pronouncements about how Obama is no different than the Republicans, blah blah blah. Who’s the real troll? Given what the Republicans have been up to since the 2010 election, in NY, and among their current Presidential candidate field, any gay person will be insane to vote for anyone but Obama in 2012. And, trust me, I’m not getting paid to say that, though If anyone wants to donate big $, my bank account is open.

    In this case the Communications Director is spouting BS–and it’s kind of irrelevant because the President’s current and murky evolving position on marriage is well known, and wrong. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is the most pro-gay President in history and will be though 2016, unless we’re foolish enough to elect a Republican who’ll aim to set back all gay rights progress, along with appointing anti-gay SC judges who’ll be around for decades to come. Real smart, GOProud boys.

  25. Patric says

    Tyler, Derrick, Ernie, MDK, Brian, well said.

    Ben, the evidence on who turned out in 2010 is not as clear as you suggest. There is significant evidence that turnout among progressives – and especially certain groups of progressives such as young progressives – was down. Certainly, it was suppressed enough to make the difference in at least a couple of exceedingly close New York senate races lost by marriage equality supporters.

    It’s because of people like Gaylib, the real troll here, that we lost those senate races in New York and that we find ourselves, instead of celebrating a huge victory in New York this evening, having to possibly negotiate away protections under the New York Human Rights Act even to get a vote on a marriage equality bill. Well played, GayLib & Co! If we all listen to you, perhaps Romney, who repeated his support for the FMA on Monday evening, can appoint a few Scalia/Thomas/Alito clones to the Supreme Court. I see how your strategy works there.

    For the commenter who suggested that there is NO DIFFERENCE between Shrub, who supported the FMA and appointed Alito to the Supreme Court and Ashcroft and Gonzales as AGs, and the President, where can I find what you are smoking? Seriously. I’d like some this evening if I could get a number from you.

  26. Mark says

    I guess we’re supposed to translate an “evolving” opinion as a kind of closet support.

    Feels like the kind of vague communication you’d expect to get from a dysfunctional boss or family member.

    Someone should tell the President that speaking in code doesn’t work on communities where people struggle for years to get honest with themselves and tell their truth at the cost of losing friends, family, jobs, careers, etc.

    Once you get into that kind of clarity in communication and create a happy life where honest talk is part of your reality it’s difficult if not impossible to go back to double and triplespeak.

    Personally one of the things I really enjoyed about Obama the candidate was his leveling on the issues. It felt so healthy yet was painfully absent once he got in office.

    After four years I am ready for a really big laugh if he goes back to leveling in the upcoming campaign.

  27. Phil says

    @ Brooklynrider,

    You’re correct to say that Obama hasn’t certified DADT repeal yet, but there’s been a moratorium on discharges since October: 1 discharge in 8 months, and that discharge in April was one that the service member reqeusted. That is very different from hundreds of discharges every year before that. Also, when Obama states that he believes DOMA is unconstitutional and won’t defend DOMA in court, this gives every judge in the country a very powerful precedent to use when trying cases concerning LGBT equality.

    But you don’t want to be bothered with all that tedious, practical stuff. I know what you like. You likey humor, yes? How can we start kicking gay guys out of the military by the hundreds again and get the White House to defend DOMA? Look! Up in the sky! Mitt Romney’s secret weapon: Michelle “The Enforcer” Bachmann and her sidekick, “Lousy Queer”. Never fear, Brooklynrider, they’ll return to the cartoon pages soon enough.

  28. bob says

    He signed at the bottom. Historically, unions used signed statements from politicians to ensure they didn’t “reconsider their position”. Now we’re supposed to believe he lied then, but not now. Or maybe his signature was forged. Or…maybe we need to acknowledge that he’s a lying liar who lied to us. About many, many things.

  29. Bill Perdue says

    Is this true? Probably not.

    This is the Obama White House we’re talking about and they’re two faced on every question but getting Chicago to host the Olympics.

    Ending wars – Obama says he’s for peace but somehow the number of countries attacked by the US is growing by leaps and bounds. It now includes Libya and Palestine by proxy, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan. With Iraq and Sudan on the near horizon.

    Ending tax cuts for the obscene rich – Obama says he’s against them but he pushed for them last year.

    Preserving Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security – The WH says they want to preserve them but now they’re all ‘on the table’. Obama is overseeing the most drastic cuts in social programs since Clinton killed welfare and used the saving to hire 200,000 new cops.

    Unions – Obama say he’s for them but Obama forced the UAW to accept draconian cuts in wages and benefits, change work rules to allow speedup, ‘outsourcing’ to non union scab outfits, automation a long no strike pledge, which leaves them at the mercy of the bosses. Democrat governors like Cuomo and Brown and Republicans like Walker and Scott took that as a green light to go after unions everywhere.

    Now about Obama’s claim that he’s always been a bigot. He was running for the state senate and his campaign likely didn’t have a vast, bureaucratic staff. Like his two-faced hustlers position on other everything else, his position on same sex marriage has been all over the place.

    1996: “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” By 1998 he was “Undecided.” By 2004 he was for second lass civil unions “Strategically, I think we can get civil unions passed.” By 2006, his decision to pander to christian bigots was firming up and he said “I believe that American society can choose to carve out a special place for the union of a man and a woman as the unit of child rearing most common to every culture.” And by 2008 he was actively sabotaging same sex marriage in by going before millions of TV Viewers to say that he opposed same sex marriage because ‘gawd’s in the mix”. “”I have stated my opposition to [Prop 8]. I think it is unnecessary. I believe that marriage is between a man and woman and I am not in favor of gay marriage…” He thought Prop 8 was unnecessary because DOMA was in place. (Much of this summary was from the New Republics “What Does Obama Really Think About Gay Marriage? A Telling Timeline:.

    As always, he’s a two faced liar hustling for votes on both sides of every question. At least his Republican cousins are more honest – they openly hate LGBT folks. Obama waits until he’s behind closed doors.

  30. says

    “At least his Republican cousins are more honest – they openly hate LGBT folks. Obama waits until he’s behind closed doors.”

    So, Bill, Republicans get bonus points for open hatred? Maybe we should elect Nazis, as long as they’re honest Nazis. You do realize how ridiculous this sounds?

    There is no equivalency between Obama’s positions and actions on gay rights thus far and what any of the viable Republican candidates would do against gay rights were they to take over the White House–to pretend there is an equivalency is typical disingenuous dream world anti-Obama hyperbole. As if gay progressives aren’t well aware of his flaws.

    If there were a more pro-gay Presidential candidate than Obama–who had a chance in Hell of reaching the White House–gay people would be all ears. Otherwise, the objective in 2012 has little to do with Obama and everything to do with getting those “honestly” anti-gay Republicans at the state and national level out of office.