1. Gregor says

    I’ve never been much of a fan of “horse movies,” but this looks good. I would love to see the play — the “puppetry” (that word seems almost juvenile and insulting) I saw on the Tonys was amazing.

  2. Ronny says

    I don’t think the film has anything to do with the play, other than the same novel as source. Given the raft of Tonys the show won, I can’t imagine the producers would want a film undercutting their box office.

  3. Patrick says

    @Ronny. Having seen the play, from the visuals presented in the trailer, it seems to be a pretty accurate representation of what I saw on stage. I welled up watching this, remembering the magic that I experienced in the theatre, and I only hope the film does this beautiful, tragic story justice. It looks stunning, minus the genius and imaginative “puppets” used in the play. If Speilberg can capture the magic and spirit, then he’s got a sure-fire winner on his hands.

  4. nodnarb says

    “Here comes a new Oscar category: Best horse in a leading role.”

    He better hope Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t in anything this year.

    I’m not familiar with this play, but I can already tell that horse is going to die at the end and I’ll be sitting through the end credits like a blubbering fool.

  5. JP says

    As good as the movie looks, nothing will compare to the production at Lincoln Center. Hands down the most AMAZING theatrical experience of my life. The only way to tell this story is on the stage…intimate, exhilerating and so full of passion for life. To sit in the audience and see grown men with tear stained faces…not of sadness but just overcome with emotion of watching the boy reunite with his horse….I still choke up. GO SEE IT!

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