1. Paul R says

    This seems to be a tacit acknowledgment that Lautner is gay (“He’ll appreciate it more”_, which seems obvious from every interview I’ve seen with him. No way he’ll come out any time soon, though.

  2. Randy says

    Three kisses (cheek, forehead, hand).
    Very sweet, even in jest.

    As for the trailer, I just love that a dose of reality, however absurd, is finally coming to this series. Your “virgins” are making babies.

  3. ericca says

    Well to be very honest, Taylor Lautner is not gay. Itz just publicity makin things up to get wat they want. Itz ovious tht all this is not true. Taylor Lautner is 2 hot to do sumthn like tht. an 2 all yhew ppl out there who thnk tht this is real well get yhewr head out of the gutter it aint true so move on with life. thank yhew

  4. says

    @Erica Nah that looked pretty serious to me, taylor is shy to take of his shirt for everyone. But he would plan to get kiss in front of friends and family and the whole world. I just dont believe it.and btw hot boys are mostly gay so… yea…

  5. Charles Chisom says

    Oh PUH-LEEZ. “Too hot” “too cute” “too smart” to be gay…

    shut up with that garbage. Not only does that show prejudice, but it’s ignorant. Clearly, GAY doesn’t discriminate by attractiveness. I knew Ricky Martin was gay since his first single, and every woman on the face of the earth, with the exception of maybe like 3 people, thought he was the best thing since Fabio.

    ACTUALLY, most girls find many of Hollywood’s most attractive men to be gay. If somebody is “too hot/cute” to be gay, then how come women get so disappointed when the most Adonis-like men turn out to be gay? It’s because they’re pissed that they might not get a chance to be Mrs. [insert celeb. last name here].

    Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, Adam Lambert, the list goes on…

    Women need to get comfortable with the fact that some men that they find attractive can and will turn out to be gay. Get over it.

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