1. nightfallcub says

    you know, it’s real tempting to say “Cuomo in 2016!!” but that would mean Sandra Lee would be First Lady, and I’m not sure any of us are ready for that.

    of course, she looks super cute in the above pic. “HEY GURRRRRLLLL”

  2. ichabod says

    The crowd went apesh*t when Cuomo passed by (with good reason!) Oh, and the signs said “Thank you, Governor” on one side and “Promise kept” on the other.

    Happy Pride everyone!

  3. MrJ says

    I would love having Miss Sandra Lee as our first lady…though she’s got some ‘splainin’ to do about her Kwanzaa cake

  4. Mark says

    If only you understood how pathetic we are. We cheer because we put one state in the gay marriage column, after a few years of hard work. Conservatives put ELEVEN states in their column in one night: the election night of November 2004, when 11 states passed constitutional bans on gay marriage. Our accomplishments are nothing compared to theirs. We have to work so hard for years, and for what? Just for the state of New York. I’d hate to imagine what it would take to legalize gay marriage in Oklahoma.

    Someone tell me how do you reverse a state constitutional ban on gay marriage? There is no way in my lifetime, short of a Supreme Court decision (and good luck with that). Yea yea yea, right now it’s time to cheer and get drunk and yea yea yea today we might not have what it takes to make it happen in Oklahoma but we will in a few years, blah blah blah. Whatever! My rights are being denied TODAY. I don’t need gay marriage rights after I’m dead.

  5. adam says

    Have you noticed how the mainstream newspapers in New York (New York Post, New York Daily News) avoid showing two men kissing in their coverage? If it’s two women they’ll publish the photo but if it’s two men they won’t.

    Just goes to show how homophobic these newspapers really are. If you don’t believe me, just check their coverage. New York papers are homophobic.

  6. Jerry says

    Dont be such a big ole drama queen, honey! Relax and appreciate whats happened and be happy for whats accomplished and quit hanging around 2004 like its the mens room at a Virgin Megastore. Lots of work to be done and we wont do any of it by whining and reminiscing.

  7. liam says

    I was on Christopher st as Cuomo and his crowd turned the corner. The music cut out for a bit, and we were all confused for a half second, then the wedding march came on and the crowd went wild.

    The whole thing was very celebratory (of course), but even more so.

  8. ratbastard says

    A very good thing, especially since, for once, it involved the state assembly, not court decrees like Canada, Massachusetts, etc.,

    That said, NY state is still going down the crapper. One of the most corrupt and poorly managed, grossly over taxed states and cities in the country. It makes Taxachusetts look good. And Cumo is the wrong guy for the job to fix NY states VERY serious problems.

  9. J.P. says

    @ratbastard… Legislatures have passed gay marriage in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont without court action. California also passed it, but it got vetoed by the governor. In Maryland, the Senate passed it and the Governor supports it (just waiting on the assembly).

  10. walter says

    the nydn had a poll trying to show that people are opposed to marriage equality. the news and the post should go the way of all yellow journals, out of business.

  11. ratbastard says


    I know, but they [as you said] were vetoed and what not. NY State made history.

  12. Joey P says

    I am such a proud New Yorker and i can honestly say that I have started crying at every article and video clip that I have seen since Friday night. I was on 5th Avenue at the start of the parade and i will remember it for as long as I love. No picture has done it justice.. 10 black SUVs, guards EVERYWHERE, Cuomo with Quinn and Bloomberg and directly behind them, a sea of people – shoulder to shoulder, the ENTIRE width of 5th Avenue from barricade to barricade and several blocks long.. just one moving mass of sheer bliss. The screaming, the crying – myself included – just incredible. I wasn’t on Christopher Street in time to see Cuomo and company make that trek and I can only imagine (please, someone locate film and video of it!), but I was able to finish out the parade at the foot of Stonewall, crying, laughing, cheering and celebrating. NYC Pride 2011 was an event of a lifetime.

  13. J.P. says

    @ratbastard… What New York did was very significant, but they were not first. New Hampshire and Vermont did the exact same thing. Vermont passed it ny such a large margin that they didn’t need the Governor’s signature. New Hampshire passed it with the Governors signature just like New York.

  14. nefter says

    Happy Pride everyone. I don’t normally post on blogs but cannot believe with all that is going on people here busting Sandra lees chops..Are you aware of all she does for charity? The type of person she really is? Grow up and be nice and get past the stoopid cake already. Its a cooking show!!not nightline. And your snarky comments are not even remotely funny. She marched FOR YOU!!! she is a powerful straight ally and deserves our respect.

  15. Paul says

    The Cuomos have good genes, him and his son are both gorgeous. Thank you to him and god speed!

  16. jeremy says


    Just to clarify, though it was court decisions in 2003 and 2004 that determined it was against the Canadian constitution to deny people the right to marry and began to grant marriage licenses (and in our 3 most heavily populated provinces first – it would be as if New York, California and Texas allowed gay marriages within 9 months of each other) it was actually the Civil Marriage act, passed by the House of Commons and our Senate, that made gay marriage legal across Canada in 2005.

    Plus, in 2006, the Conservative party launched a motion to re-examine the act and it lost in the House of Commons by 175-126.

    Basically, in Canada, we’ve fought this fight and won it, in our political houses, more than once.