Rapper Lil B Releases ‘I’m Gay’ Cover Art


Rapper Lil B, who made headlines at Coachella when he announced, "I'm going to do the most controversial thing in hip hop…i'm gonna show you that words don't mean s**t. I'm gonna make an album called 'I'm gay,'" has released the cover art for that album.

Complex posted the art, which shows a transition from slavery to freedom: 

The cover pays homage to Marvin Gaye's cover for I Want You, which Camp Lo previously paid homage to on the art for Uptown Saturday Night.

Lil B clarifies the I'm Gay album title with an 'I'm Happy' in parentheses. So what kind of statement is he making here?

GLAAD released a statement to XXL magazine when Lil B announced his album title: "As a lyricist, Lil B knows that words matter. Slurs have the power to fuel intolerance. We hope that Lil B’s album title is not just a gimmick, and is really a sincere attempt to be an ally. He has the platform and the voice. We hope he uses it in a positive way."

Lil B  told MTV News that he was serious:

"I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that's why I'm doing it.I hope GLAAD sees that I'm taking initial steps to break barriers."

He also said that he had been receiving death threats since he made the announcement:

"People been hitting me up like, 'I'm gonna bash your head in,' 'you f—-t,' 'I'm gonna kill you.'…I'm not gonna stop and I'm not scared of anybody on earth. That's why I [titled the album I'm Gay] and nobody gonna stop me."


  1. Ealan74 says

    What kind of statement was he trying to make?

    I believe the statement goes something like “Nobody knows who I am and I need some publicity, so I’m gonna ride the coattails of a hot topic. Please pay attention to me.”

    Yeah, something like that.

  2. redball says

    This is potentially revolutionary and I hope he runs with the enticingly cryptic nature of this album title.

    It could read like what Tampazeke said…or it could read as “I’m gay–and I’m proud (i.e., “happy).” Sort of like “I’m beautiful in my way, cuz God makes no mistakes.” 😉

    This could be cool. I hope it is.

  3. Nick Name says

    I’m siding more with Redball than the rest of you slightly bitter cynics. I’m Gay (I’m Happy) seems to be making a direct reference to the 1970’s Carl Bean disco song “I Was Born This Way”.

    A “homophobic” hip hop artist “seeking publicity” would never make reference to one of the gayest and proudest songs out there!

    “I’m walking through life in nature’s disguise
    You laugh at me and you criticize
    ‘Cause I’m happy, carefree and gay
    Yes, I’m gay
    Ain’t no fault – it’s a fact
    I was born this way – yeah
    Now I won’t judge you – don’t you judge me
    We’re all the way nature meant us to be

    I’m happy, I’m carefree and I’m gay
    I was born this way”

  4. CARIBTONY says

    I see the bitter racist queens are out in full force on Towleroad regarding this posting. I’m sure if he was a white rapper like your precious Eminem you’d be singing his praises instead.

    Lil B is trying to send a message to all that “I’m Gay” can mean happiness when he puts in parentheses the phrase “I’m Happy”. He is taking the side of the GLBT community and has become an ally despite death threats and other verbal buses.

    You know – this is why sometimes I think we deserve some of the vitriol that we receive because we dish it out just as easily as we get it….

  5. MichaelA says

    Bravo not only for his compassion but for actually taking this step to try to break down these bigoted barriers within the hip hop/ rap community.

    Whether people believe it or not this guy is most definitely an ALLY and a friend. Not many rappers would put themselves out there like that like he did doing this. Gay is another word for being happy or jolly also he is correct with what is on the front of the cover. Its also his subtle way of proclaiming that the word GAY is not a bad thing but instead a good thing.

  6. redball says

    Wirrrn, Google is your friend. From MTV News:

    The Berkeley, California, rapper feels that his polarizing album title will help take the sting out of the word “gay” and eventually lead to global acceptance. “People use evil words, money, separation, stuff like that. I just wanted to make this to show words don’t mean anything,” he said.

  7. Xtab says

    I’m an Eminem fan, for what it’s worth. So there.

    Lil B is whack. He’s a terrible rapper. But I’m cool with this. He seems to have his heart in the right place.

  8. Gigi says

    I don’t know his work and I can’t say for certain if he has an ulterior motive but certainly there are easier ways to get publicity than putting yourself out there and receiving death threats in the process. Death threats! What’s that about?

  9. B-rod says

    Forget evangelicals, as a group African-Americans are the most vile gay-haters there are – I’m serious. To threaten to kill someone over an album title? Check. To threaten to kill your kid if he’s gay? Check. The depth of hatred that comes out of the AA community toward gays points to a serious pathological problem – en masse. Until AA’s address their homophobia, don’t expect to see the HIV/AIDS rates in that community to fall anytime soon. And that’s what’s the most tragic. So many AAs who are gay/bisexual are so self-loathing to the point of threatening violence (or actually committing it) against gays – someone get them all into therapy!

  10. jj says

    Lil B has zero influence in the hiphop community. I’m sad to report he sucks (like really, really bad). There’s not many eyeballs on this guy. Basically a PR stunt (and I guess it worked bc he’s getting some press?)

  11. Kim says

    B-ROD really thirty million AA and you paint all us with one brush.Because no white person has ever gay bashed, or threaten to kill a white person, no white person has voted against gay rights, no white family has ever threatened, beaten, disowned their LGBT child.Was it AA people who sent death threats to Ted Haggard. Search the archives and see how many white men have beaten gay people aren’t they vile gay- haters.

  12. Derrick from Philly says


    pay that frantic anti-Black homosexual no mind. There are a lot of them like him on this blog. They talk about how horrible and violently anti-Gay Black people are, yet the 3 most VILE lynch murders of White LGBT people were committed by White men NOT Black. They were Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena and Anthony Milano (Anthony’s murder shocked the whole Philadelphia area it was so brutal).

    Talk about vile.

  13. Vick says

    I agree with the other poster I am convinced the gay white community is one of the most RACIST communities in America! If Lil B was a white guy with blonde hair these racist queens would be celebrating him! When will the white gay community wake up and understand that Lil B IS making a difference. He is promoting discussion about homosexuality in the African American community. I don’t see Lil B doing anything wrong what he is doing is something POSITIVE. But the racists on Towleroad just don’t get it.

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