1. matt says

    I agree with Jason… Robyn is likely too quirky to ever be truly mainstream. I’m glad that she’s been able to build a bigger US fan base over the past year but I hope success doesn’t change her. I love her just the way she is.

  2. Sean Mac says

    I wish sampling meant as much success for the original artist. If that were the case, Imogen Heap would be a much larger presence after “Hide and Seek” was used as the basis for Jason Derulo’s breakout (and biggest) radio hit “Whatcha Say”.

    I’m discounting the european dance tracks that have been appearing under American rap songs because (a) they’re largely built on samples themselves and (b) they’re instrumentals in their original form. “I Know You Want Me” being based on “77, Brazil Street”, which was inspired by “The Bomb”, which samples “Street Player”, etc.

  3. riffsf says

    ugh…what is a bright talent like robyn doing with another cookie cutter run of the mill ghetto rap princess? i hope robyn doesn’t continue to sell herself short in this type of ‘collaboration’ to gain traction in the usa

  4. Trey says

    Saw Robyn last night in Columbia, MD. And she brought Rye-Rye out on the stage to sing this. Amazing performance and you can definitely see the respect between the two artists. Robyn definitely rocked the house. Oh, and Katy Perry was there as well and she did okay.

  5. says

    I have respect for both of these artists, but I’m not feeling the collab at all. I prefer my Rye Rye with some attitude (ie: Bang, Shake It To The Ground)… Though whoever said Robyn is too quirky to have mainstream success must have forgotten that she was *huge* in 1997 when she debuted her mega-mainstream single “Show Me Love.”

  6. MrRoboto says

    Oh, Rye Rye isn’t anything close to “cookie cutter.” Glad that Paul name-checked her track Bang as a much better example of who she is as an artist.

    Though this collaboration with Robyn is pretty low-key, I still quite like it.

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