1. Mark says

    He’s not running for president, he’s auditioning for a vice-president slot.
    “Choose me! Choose me!”

    Pres. nominee: “Your home state despises you and you got a great Google legacy. Why sure. You’re in!”
    Yeah right.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The main thing I learned from that was that Santorum still sees “gay” not as an identity, but as “the choice of an activity which should remain private”. An interviewer needs to ask him about that.

    Did John King follow up, or just let that answer from Santorum stand?

  3. says

    …and what are the consequences exactly? How will allowing gays and lesbians the same rights given to everyone else affect society?

    It is so infuriating to hear people like him spout off against marriage equality, a woman’s right to choose, etc. out of one side of their mouth and then say that they are against “big government” out the other.

  4. Disgusted Gay American says

    wow, just wow…..does he actually think – the gov’t would try to pass FMA..? …and does he think 100’s of 1000’d of LGBT Tax Paying American citizens would sit by,and allow that to happen…the gov’t trying to ANNULL..10’s of 1000’s of marriages..? You wanna see RIOTS…..OH you’d have them, and Id fight to the dam death IF this country EVER tried to pull that BS off.

  5. Bryan says

    No one is ever asked to define this “profound effect” marriage equality will allegedly have or provide any evidence to support the claim that it will “fundamentally change how society functions.” It’s as though the US exists in a vacuum in outer space and there are no other countries providing examples to be examined.

    In general, now that journalism is nothing more than a passive quest for ratings and advertising dollars, anyone in front of a camera can make absolutely any claim he or she likes, with virtually no chance of being asked to support a conclusion through a reasoned argument based on verifiable facts.

    Oh, sorry… I keep forgetting that “everyone is entitled to their opinion.” Of course everyone is entitled to an anus as well, but does mean we should greet those who exhibit one that hasn’t been washed in years with anything other than disgust?

  6. Gianpiero says

    In 2011, this in itself demonstrates (as if we needed any more proof) that he is not fit to be president.

    Whenever Santorum or anyone else starts in about a federal anti-marriage amendment, journalists need to follow up with the question: “There are currently tens of thousands of legally married same-sex couples in the United States (and by the time any amendment could be ratified, there would be tens of thousands more). How would you see such an amendment affecting them?” But no one ever asks that follow-up. Santorum and others continue to speak as if same-gender marriage isn’t already here, and interviewers continue to let them get away with it.

  7. dizzy spins says

    Setting aside how wrong he is, is THIS the issue he’s campaigning on? We’ve got financial environmental and foreign-policy crisis in our midst and all he says over and over is no gay marriage. He truly is a frothy mix!

  8. JereNYC says

    This is just a harder version of the tale that Mitt Romney has been spinning. “Oh, we don’t hate anybody, we just want to restrict the rights of a certain minority group.” It sounds to me like this is the current path for GOPers who want to try to sound moderate without pissing off the wacko religious wing of the party. It allows them to have their cake and eat it too, but only works as long as journalists and citizens don’t question them persistantly on this topic.

  9. Tikihead says

    Virtually all people who support the amendment also want to see sodomy laws reinstated. So it’s a lie for Frothy Mix to say he’s OK with everyone living as they choose.

  10. says

    Is anyone else tired of hearing the hate, lies, and unsubstantiated claims these republican bigots make about us? This idiot claims “I’m not against anyone” which is a lie, and says if laws are changed society, faith and education will be affected? Society will be better for it, so I’ll give him that. What has changed in Massachusetts? Iowa? Vermont? They never cite valid examples of anyone being hurt.

    I’m also tired of gay leaders being so ineffective. They are awfully quiet most of the time, though they’ve been busy endorsing the President, and supporting AT&T’s merger. Responsible news organizations should not be putting the Rick Santorum’s of the world on TV. He is a fringe candidate who promotes hate. The American people are so accustomed to seeing promoters of hate on TV, they buy it as news. The news outlets legitimize these hate messages by giving them time. We must do something about it.

  11. says

    “People can live the life they want to live,” unless of course they’re gay and want to be married, in which case they have to live the life _I_ want them to live.

  12. Victor says

    It really pisses me off that these a-holes always jump to the “sex” thing. Listen MORON I don’t want to marry my F*** BUDDY! I want to marry the man I love. I cannot wait for the gay scandal this idiot will be embroiled in soon. They are just so obsessed with what we do in our bedroom, so much so that they immediately go to bestiality. WTF?! Listen “Frothy Mix” stop fantasizing about making your own frothy mix and leave the rest of us out of it. As much as I want to think of myself as some sex machine, I still want to marry my partner because I love and I’m committed to him so run along now. Your ideas are soon becoming passe and outdated.

  13. princely54 says

    HE’S the one talking about changing the laws of the country! The 14th Amendment already states you can’t have one law for ‘us’ and another for ‘them’.

    And with the Prop 8 battle in CA, you can see how their proof of a ‘profound effect’ falls into belief/religion/hysteria and not into FACT. They don’t have FACTS on their side!

  14. anon says

    Republicans are trapped in the culture wars they the 2010 election kindly pointed out were on indefinite hiatus to deal with economic issues. Obama is still expected to win re-election easily.

  15. dms says

    This guys IS a frothy mix of anal discharge.

    Luckily, he seems like a freak. This next election is all about who wins the middle and I think right wing nuts like him push the middle to the left. So while it’s horrible to listen to and makes my blood boil, hopefully his extremism will ultimately help us.

  16. BobN says


    I can’t watch this crap anymore.

  17. Mark says

    I am personally hoping Santorum wins the republican party’s nomination to run for president. This way Obama will need to do almost no campaigning and still win by a landslide.

    Can you imagine Santorum and Obama on the first televised presidential debate? The moderator will ask Santorum “What’s your plan to create jobs and reduce the deficit?” and Santorum will answer “Uhm yea, the first thing we need to do to take this country back is to pass a federal amendment to ban gay marriage.” Then he will be asked “But what is your plan to strengthen the economy?” Answer: “We need to criminalize acts of sodomy to get America back on track.” This man will do Obama’s campaigning for him. LOL