1. Mike says

    Values? Profound impact? 2nd grade trans-gender issues? Forced to be taught? Devistating impact… Impact on religious liberties? Trump of rights? Consequences? WTF? He doesn’t give any specifics… basically what it boils down to Rick is you think gay people shouldn’t have equal rights, gay people are “icky”, you don’t want children taught that gay people are normal…you want to perpetuate discrimination. If people don’t agree with YOUR belief system then they are of course inferior and wrong. Geez… why is this so hard to figure out everybody… We need to start calling these people for what they are…hate groups and bigots… pure and simple. Keep on message, keep it simple. Bigots, hate groups…whenever they say anything… bigots, hate groups…. and keep repeating it over and over and over and over…

  2. Bob says

    For those who don’t remember, Santorum also didn’t want children to “have to be taught” about evolution as well. I find it amazing that he doesn’t find controversy with the teaching of a heliocentric solar system as well.

  3. Paul says

    Such hypocracy! With the bizarre tenets of his Mormom religion he really should be careful about stating opinions and expecting to be taken seriously.

  4. says

    Actually, gay couples being able to marry does/will protect children and families, but why stick to common sense and facts (many studies show that gay parents are at least as good as their heterosexual counterparts) when your brain is a frothy mix of ignorance and religious zealotry.

  5. BoxerDad says

    Methinks he doth protest too much. If he’s not a self-hating homosexual, he sure is good at acting like one. It seems to me that someone who is NOT fighting “inner demons” would get off the subject and move on to something of greater interest to the voters – like j-o-b-s and the economy maybe?

  6. Jw says

    You know what hurts children Rick? Making them cuddle with a dead, not fully formed fetus that you and your wife aborted, that hurts children. There’s not enough therapy in the world for that, Rick.

  7. Harrison says

    Sorry for the “living under a rock” question, but I believe it’s fairly common knowledge that the gay marriage issue really fired up the Republican base in 2004 and brought a lot of people out to the polls. Is that still equally the case for 2012? I only ask because part of me wonders why everyone is so focused on this when perhaps their energies should be to devoted to other issues that their bases actually are worried about. (I mean, I know the “Gay bogeyman” will always be an issue, but I’m wondering how much of one it is this time around?)

  8. Timzilla says

    That’s rich coming from a man who until recently sat on the board of Universal Health Services that owns and runs residential treatment facilities where children are sexually abused and infected with herpes.

  9. wyocwboy62 says

    mmmm interesting video. Sorry senator Santorum the consequences are all in your head and not your head between your legs…why can’t our children learn about diversity? I don’t get what’s wrong with that? Closed minded Santorum!

  10. Brian says

    Glad to see he’s still living up to his Google definition. I’m betting he was either molested as a child or is a big ole closet case, himself. Either way, the man needs psychological counseling. Maybe he and the folks at NOM can get a group discount with that Korean doctor….

  11. Rich Murray says

    We must, at every point, counter this rhetoric with facts:

    Every time a legislator espouses this type of hatred it is a direct act of violence against us and our families.

    This kind of rhetoric ACTUALLY causes members of the LGBT community to feel less than equal in America, leading to disenfranchisement, depression, unsafe behavior, substance abuse and ultimately suicide.

    This kind of rhetoric – above and beyond the burden we shoulder alone – also directly leads to discrimination, segregation, violence and death.

    Rick Santorum is not good for kids.

  12. Sean says

    Yes it will impact children, It will cause fewer of them to become hate filled bigots like Mr. Santorum. They will think of gay people without hatred and bigotry and question religious organizations that teach hate. This is not a bad thing.

  13. Danny says

    Oh, yes, Frothy: it’s going to hurt children for them to learn that the world is different from the puerile stupidity that comes out of your ignorant mouth.

  14. Robert says

    Excuse me, Santorum, but if children are harmed by same-sex marriage…what about your married colleagues David Vitter and Newt Gingrich? Vitter committed a crime of moral turpitude with five prostitutes, two of whom he solicited from the floor of the house on his cell phone, gets a slap on the wrist and gets re-elected. Gingrich, a serial adulterer (just like Rudy Giuliani) committed adultery twice and married three times. All pro-family values and sanctity of marriage bigots. Not a word from Santorum’s mouth or from the GOP. Where was NOM in all this, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Romney, Paul, Huntsman?

  15. says

    For anyone over 60 years old, this is the same old same old about all issues of sanctioned bigotry, segregation, inter racial marriage, closed communities (towns didn’t allow undesirables, different than the wasps, to live somewhere), and the like, just the same old story about a different state sanctioned form of discrimination. We need to remind everyone that this is not a new argument, just recycled bigotry.

  16. Jim says

    He’s actually correct about the threat to religious freedom in that, as marriage equality spreads, it will become more difficult for churches to preach that being gay is wrong when the state says it’s OK. This is a good thing and about time, because churches used to be able to preach that slavery was OK, blacks were inferior, torture is good, women must be subservient, etc. Many churches today preach that Muslims are the devil. Just because religious institutions are “free” to preach something doesn’t mean they should. Too bad, Frothy Mix.

  17. Jesie says

    Hey Rick, children aren’t born knowing how to hate, it must be taught. I guess that’s where you come in? After all, someone’s gotta hate those homos right?

  18. Jonn says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I guess what people like Rick Santorum fear is that, by redefining marriage, it opens the door to eventually have advertisements with all sorts of things people may not want their kids to see.

    And also people will eventually want to marry animals.

    I guess people like that see it as the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it.

    And they are right.

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