1. jim morrissey says

    Who doesn’t know what a pizza is. The DL was too busy staring at that hottie’s crotch and salivating over the thought of becoming one with him!!!

  2. benjamin says

    He still received a laugh from His Holiness. The Dalai Lama’s laugh is one of the most beautiful things on the face of the planet…even if he doesn’t eat pizza.

  3. Scot says

    If you get a chance, you should watch as many youtube clips from this show as you can. I’ve seen many of them and they never fail to crack me up. The hotie anchorman, Karl and his co-hosts are way funnier than any morning show we have here in the US. Their Mylee Cyrus impersinations are priceless. If I ever get to Australia, this is one of the sights I want to see.

  4. Me says

    I don’t get this joke either. Since when a Buddhist’s aim is to become one with everything? I know for sure they don’t want to become one with adulterers, murderers, substance abusers, etc… No wonder he didn’t get that joke. Now. I’ve read an extended version of this joke when the Dalai Lama was asking for change back and the vendor told him that “change came from within.” Now that is more relevant as Buddhist is well known for that zen stuff where you purify your inner self to promote change

  5. yuc57 says

    the proper joke is Did you hear about the buddhist who walked into a pizza shop and asked for a pizza with everything on it.

    This is because for a Buddhist to reach a true state of Nirvana they have to be free from greed, want or craving etc.

    The reporter didn’t understand the joke to begin with. Idiots all of you!

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