Pastor Calls Harlem Gay Pride ‘an Abomination’, Tells Parishioners to Stay Inside That Day

The New York Daily News reports that several Harlem pastors are having a conniption over a planned Gay Pride picnic in the Marcus Garvey Park later this month:

Harlempride "If children start to believe it is okay to be gay, they will think it's okay to be a pedophile or have sex with animals," said Dr. Ronald Ferguson, the senior pastor at Antioch Church of God on W. 124th St. "It's a slippery slope."

Ferguson, who has three adult children and four grandkids, said he expects parishioners to follow his lead and stay indoors when the second annual Harlem Pride event arrives June 24.

"This gay pride nonsense is an abomination," Ferguson told the Daily News. "God does not want to see homosexuals in our parks."

Harlem Pride President Carmen Neely isn't budging: "I want the gay and lesbian people of uptown to have a celebration of our own. This will be different than the events in the West Village because it will be filled with people of color….I realize the church plays a big role in the black community, but we're people, too, and deserve our day in the sun."


  1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    If children believe it is okay to follow a man claiming to speak for God, they will think it is okay to drink poisoned Kool-Aid and lie down in a jungle to die. Why, its a slippery slope, I tell ya.

  2. Blairtim69 says

    Of course they should stay inside.

    We all know the humidity will be rising, and just about half past ten It’s gonna start raining… Men

  3. bryan says

    I’m confused about the fact she says I want this to be different from the west village pride. I want this to be filled with people of color.
    I live here in the village and if you attend the parade you will see the majority of the people are of color. And over half the people in the parade are of color.

    I’m so sick of dumb as people in the gay community discriminating against each other.

    Wrong choice of words

  4. qjersey says

    FYI, the downtown parade IS filled with people of color, they just aren’t in the majority. There is no need to racially politicize an event meant to serve LGBT folks in one area of the city. The Queens Pride organizers haven’t said anything like this. “Well we have our pride because the downtown parade isn’t filled with Latinos.” Make we wonder if LGBT people who aren’t of color who live in Harlem will be welcome at the event.

  5. John Patrick says

    I’m sure the people at the pride event will not miss having self appointed doctor pastors and bible thumpers bothering them at the event.

  6. AJ says

    Is it just me or are these misguided bigots starting to sound more and more shrill and desperate? I have been feeling for the last year or so that they are rapidly approaching their expiration date with their ludicrous arguments: “Look Mommy! It says I can love another boy! Hooray! Come here Fluffy!” Really?

  7. Chris says

    What worries me most about this rant is the comparison of same sex relations with sex with children or animals. People making that comparison clearly have no concept of what informed consent means and that makes me worry about there own sexual practises.

  8. Thomasina says

    I have been looking at that logo for a little while but haven’t figured out yet what it is supposed to be. It kind of reminds me of the electric bug-zapping lantern we had in our backyard when I was a kid (only rainbowified), but somehow I doubt that’s what they were going for. Any help?

    Oh, and just to stay on topic: that idiot bigot is an idiot.

  9. Pointed says

    The gay-hating bigots are in “say anything mode” because no valid arguement can be made to discriminate against anyone. What a pitiful soul he is. Everyone who believes (not me) should pray that God will deliver him from hate and bigotry. He sounds like a very sad and miserable individual.

  10. says


    In response to the Daily News article published on Thursday, June 2nd 2011, we would like to express our gratitude for the outpouring of support we received.

    We feel honored as we pursue our mission to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and same gender loving pride in Harlem and to provide opportunities for networking and communication among its LGBT & SGL organizations and community members.

    We hope you, your friends and family will join us on Saturday, June 25, 2011 in Marcus Garvey Park from 12pm to 6pm as we celebrate Harlem Pride 2011.


    The Harlem Pride, Inc. Board of Directors

  11. Codswallop says

    I am so sick of these bitches. What they’re really reacting to is the mention of Civil Rights when it’s not about THEM, as if it’s trademark infringement on their role as World’s Greatest Sufferers. Apparently it’s a contest.

    There is a mindset which seems to believe the Civil Rights Movement ONLY applies to black people. Nobody knows the trouble they’ve seen and they’re not about to let you forget it. There’s only enough room for one “victim” in this world and it ain’t you.

    Which isn’t to minimize the real and documented suffering black people have undergone. And they are right that being gay and being black aren’t the same thing. Being gay is probably most analogous with being left-handed, not of a different race.

    But I’ve got news for them. Black people have cities, states, and even a continent where they comprise a majority and in those places they face no, or greatly reduced, prejudice. Gays face it EVERYWHERE, in every culture. And I’ve never heard of someone being kicked out of their house when their parents discovered they were black. Those are huge differences and, sorry, race has the advantage over sexuality there, the advantage of family and community. So STFU for once. It’s not all about YOU.

    Gay people have suffered throughout time, documented nastiness both large and small, but that’s not why we deserve rights. Suffering isn’t a contest where only those who claim a Capital-Letter event like Slavery or The Holocaust gain respect or “deserve” rights. Gay people deserve rights because we were born with them and, as per our Constitution, they aren’t anyone else’s to bestow or take away. And there’s not a damn thing any minister can do about that.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “And I’ve never heard of someone being kicked out of their house when their parents discovered they were black”

    No, but I’ve heard of the whole damn family being kicked out because they were Black. Google “race riots” in American history–especially the Oklahoma City riots.

    (Same ol’ jive, same ol’ sh.t on Towleroad.)

    Look, to answer some earlier comments: these “Black Gay Pride” events became so because 30 years ago Black Gay Activists felt that they were left out of the planning and presenting of the “general” Gay Pride festivities all over this country. Most Black Gays in various cities don’t use the word “Black” in their Gay Pride week/day events–but here in Philadelphia we actually do (it happens in April).

    Will the racial separation continue among American Gays?–I dunno, and I don’t give a I’m sick of every damn body: Gay, Straight, Icelanders…whatever…

  13. jamal49 says

    @JOHN: He knows that because it’s in the Bible. Check it out:

    2nd Leviticus 6:9: “And neither shall sodomites be permitted to celebrate themselves in public parks…”

  14. mad says

    “Make we wonder if LGBT people who aren’t of color who live in Harlem will be welcome at the event.”

    For what it’s worth, I live in Harlem and I’m a white LGBT ally but I plan to try to make it to Harlem Pride!

  15. akiyah carrey says

    as a straight woman raising two son’s in harlem i was pissed off reading that article in the daily news.the comments were outrageous. therefore my family and i WILL be attending the picnic.the time has come for these pastors to stop showing ignorance and hatred.the statement that really got my attention was the children and animals comment.if my boys grow up and start looking to animals and children for relations,i’d be upset,if they look to members of the same sex i’d just be a mother in law. see ya there :)

  16. billy wingarden says

    straight out of Mass Resistance – a hate group.

    BTW, Diaz supports marriage with his divorce.

    his gay daughter bitched him out at his rally

  17. billy wingarden says

    I might add that we are in a battle of the bulge.

    the creeps know that almost all of the westernized world supports gay marraige or civil unions. Only places that dont- ex soviet union / red china, and of course our friends in the islamic world who seem to have solved the problem of living for a 1000 years.

    Once the USA goes, the bonus will be the end of right wing religion in the free world.

    and we truely will be free of the real abomination.

  18. pk says

    This is exactly why the united states is in judgment. The sin is out of control… the u.s. has gotten away from god….. this is sodum and gomrrah destined for destruction. hell is a real place. i dont even want to see anyone go there. unfortununtly alot of people are on that road. all i do is pray and hope they come to christ so that when they die, they are in heaven. the body dies but the soul lives on forever in one of two places….. and i am so tired of men and women turning out gay. i am a girl and see more gay men then anything….. every 2 out 3 men is gay…..this is really bad. god made adam and eve. not adam and steve….. two men and two women together is not natural and goes against nature. this common sense… a key cannot go into a key because that is unnatural. a key goes into a lock because that is natural. if people saw a dog with a cat they would find that disturbing and wierd…. same thing….. all have fallen short of god’s glory. christ is the only way into heaven

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