1. Miche Rutledge says

    I think the author of the play conflates WBC’s location with approval for WBC within Topeka. That is not the case. Topeka would like to be rid of WBC as much as everyone else. WBC pickets all around Topeka, too.

    Kansas may not be completely gay friendly, politically, but it isn’t rural Alabama, either. They tend toward fairness, even if the conservatives or the WBC give the state a bad name.

    Witness Lisa Lampanelli’s recent success in Topeka.

  2. Ruddigore says

    Why do you use the British spelling of “theatre” instead of the American “theater” in the headline? Is there something British about the play that I am missing?

  3. dctopman says

    Theater is often spelled Theatre when referring to things like “community theatre” or “The Shakespeare Theatre Company”. Theater is more often used to to describe the building that a theatre company uses to perform in. But not always, there are many exceptions such as AMC Theatres; Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC; The Eugene O’Neill Theatre in NYC where “The Book of Mormon” is playing…last night’s winner of Best Musical at the 65th Annual Tony Awards…put on by The American Theatre Wing!

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