Toronto Mayor Under Fire for Skipping Pride Parade for Weekend at His Cottage

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has come under fire for being the first mayor to snub the Gay Pride parade there, the Toronto Sun reports:

Ford Ford told reporters Wednesday he won’t march in this year’s parade, attended by an estimated million people, despite the fact every mayor of the mega-city has taken part in the annual event.

“I’m going up north,” Ford said. “I’ll be up at the cottage.”

Asked if he is expecting any backlash for missing the parade, Ford said he’s just upholding a family tradition.

“We’ve been in Huntsville for the past 30 (years), as long as I can remember, since I’ve been a little boy,” he said. “I’m carrying on a tradition my father had, last year I was there during the campaign, we’re there every year.”

Condemnation on Twitter and in other major papers may be having an effect, the HuffPost Canada reports:

The Toronto Star reports that Ford’s brother and chief advisor, Doug Ford, suggested the two could make the Pride parade after all.

"We have 20-odd people going up to our cottage for Canada Day, but if I can make it back I will, and we'll see if I can bring Rob," he said late Wednesday.