Tracy Morgan Apologizes Again, Will Meet with LGBT Youth, Appear in PSA, Go Back to Tennessee to Make Amends

Tracy Morgan has apologized to GLAAD, again:

Tracy_morgan “I know how bad bullying can hurt.  I was bullied when I was a kid.   I’m sorry for what I said.  I didn’t mean it.  I never want to use my comedy to hurt anyone.  My family knew what it was like to feel different.  My brother was disabled and I lost my father to AIDS in 1987.  My dad wasn’t gay but I also learned about homophobia then because of how people treated people who were sick with that.  Parents should support and love their kids no matter what.   Gay people deserve the same right to be happy in this country as everyone else.   Our laws should support that.”

GLAAD also reports that Morgan will meet with LGBT youth who have been hurt or left homeless by their families as well as Elke Kennedy, the founder of Sean's Last Wish in memory of Sean Kennedy, who was killed in a hate crime in South Carolina in 2007

Morgan has also appeared in GLAAD's upcoming PSA campaign “Amplify Your Voice" and is going back to Tennessee to apologize in person to audience members offended by remarks he made at his show.

Carl Siciliano, founder and exeutive Director of the Ali Forney Center, NYC's largest LGBT youth services and homeless shelter, talks about the Morgan controversy in the Huffington Post:

I have heard too many LGBT youths tell horrifying stories of violent abuse and rejection from their parents. The teenage boy from upstate New York, who, when his father learned he was gay, he beat him to a pulp, then threw him out of the house and told him that if he tried to come back, he would kill his son and bury him in the backyard. Or the boy from Florida whose father put a gun to his head and said "You are no longer my son. Leave the house now." The 17-year-old transgender child whose mother attacked him when she learned of his male identity, ripping out a piece of his scalp, and screaming homophobic abuse as her child fled. Or the 15-year-old boy who came out to his family at a picnic in rural Delaware. His father, a Christian minister, jumped on him and tried to strangle him. That evening he gathered his belongings into a few garbage bags and banished his son from his home. Or the family that drove their daughter out into the backwoods of New Jersey and tossed her from the car for being a lesbian. This is clearly not something to joke about.

On another note, a male caller to Michelangelo Signorile's radio show claimed that Morgan once made sexual advances toward him in a NYC restaurant.

Tracy Morgan Speaks: 'I Would Love [a Gay Son] Just as Much as if He Was Straight' [tr]


  1. says

    I think it’s great that he’s apologizing and saying all the right things in light of what happened, just like all the others who apologize for hateful speech in the past, but never (?) does anyone explain just why they said the things they said. If they would explain themselves and own up to what I believe is the fact that they harbor some hate or disgust toward whatever group they’ve offended, I may be more apt to accept this apology sincerely. As it stands, it just sounds like one of those, “Well, I got caught, so I better make good” apologies that ultimately mean very little.

  2. Rin says

    Word on the street is that he has a serious drinking problem. I’ve said “I love you” to people I hate while drunk before so maybe bad drunks do the opposite?

    I don’t know.

    I honestly do not see how hard it is to just be nice to everyone. I don’t get it. Why does the whole country have to polarize, hate, selectively hate, act like jerks, etc…

    It takes a lot of energy to be angry and mean. Why? Why why why do it?

  3. Steve says

    I’m glad he’s atoning for his sins. Our culture should make it so painful to apologize for hate speech that public figures will think twice before ranting against GLBT people.

  4. justme says

    He’s doing just about everything anybody could do to make up for this, but, yes, why do it in the first place? How was this funny? Why was it in his act?

    Good for him for going the distance to rehabilitate himself and make amends but how about not being evil at all?

  5. says

    It’s amazing how his feelings can instantly turn on a dime isn’t it?

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m glad he’s apologized twice and we all say and do dumb, hurtful and assinine things so I don’t think he should be crucified. that being said however… me, the sincerity of his apology will be proven by his future actions.

  6. ant says

    Agreed Geoff, I’m willing for now to watch what he does instead of hating on him for what he said. Actions speak louder than words, and if he’s being false we’ll know soon enough.

  7. Bear says

    Siciliano’s specific stories are what everyone needs to hear. Rejection is a sanitising word for the kinds of inner family and community violence he recounts in the Huffington story. If it was only a mistake the huge one that Tracy has made at least has his name on it. Every parent, minister, social leader and school kid who bullies or harms another for their sexual orientation should be named, like Tracy, in the press, hounded, humiliated and ostracised (all historically well-known tactics applied to gay people) until intolerance is branded into the social fabric. Then it has a chance to be stopped.

  8. The Truth says

    I truly believe he originally spoke *his* truth!

    He’s saying all of these things now just to save his career.

    Many homophobes are now beginning to realize that kind of honest anti-gay rhetoric isn’t going to fly anymore with mainstream society!

  9. noteasilyoffended says

    Enough already. He was wrong. He recognized that. He apologized. He’s making amends. End of story. Personally, I know that I have misspoken in life before and in doing so made a complete ass of myself. Folks were good enough to forgive me and I do the same for Mr. Morgan.

  10. jamal49 says

    Besides the guy who “tweeted” all this Morgan Mess, is there anybody else who was there to corroborate what happened? I’ve only seen the one guy who said he was there.

  11. Marc says


    What the hell are you talking about. This is not a case where someone “misspoke”. Morgan went on a hate-filled, pro-violence, anti-gay rant. Stop defending this POS.

  12. Mel Smith says

    We have to sometimes learn how to accept apologies. Regardless if it is Kramer or Morgan, human beings have to learn how to accept apologies.

    Marc, I do understand where you are coming from. But people do make mistakes, and he has apologized numerous times.

    Our enemies are those who say terrible things and refuse to apologize and correct their behavior.

  13. says

    Jack – did you expect anything less? He directed his own career straight down the gutter with his hate mongering and not only will he miss the attention his celebrity has given him but the money too. If he’s a drunk then he’d better step forward now and admit he was inebriated and out of control – will seek assistance – and work in the future to re-build a sober career. For now, his career is over.

    I’m disappointed in those gay people who say that his public atonement is sufficient for them to welcome him back in their lives. As long as we accept such false apologies we are going to be used and made fools of. Tracy Morgan’s career supports a lot of people – from publicists to agents to sitcom actors and NBC itself – and you can bet those are the people who are standing behind him now writing out these “I am so sorry” statements fearful over the damage the man has done to their own livelihoods – and not so much for what he has done to the little 14-year old bullied gay kid who now has another reason to shut the door on his own life because Morgan’s rant only confirms that his life as a gay person is hated and will never be equal to his non-gay friends.

    Gay people have got to stop giving in and stand up for their own lives and their lack of rights. We will never be equal as long as we allow those who hate us to destroy our lives.

  14. Mel Smith says

    Well, as a BLACK and GAY PERSON, I don’t have a problem with accepting apologies from people who say racist, homophobic, sexist, or other disrespectful words.

    Our enemies are those individuals who refuse to correct their inappropriate actions or behavior.

  15. ohplease says

    “Personally, I know that I have misspoken in life before…”

    Yes, I know I hate it when I talk about stabbing gay kids to death and everybody gets all upset about it. Why is everyone so easily offended?

    Every time someone posts on the Internet that nobody should get upset at the latest celebrity outrage because the posters themselves or everyone they know have also said similar horrible things, I am profoundly grateful that I don’t know anyone like that at all.

  16. Fenrox says

    Yeah, this is the internet age, “Pics, or it didn’t happen” is a rule of necessity. So in this story we have 1-3 accounts of a horrible and offensive show. We have corroboration from Tracy himself in the form of an apology.

    This is all way too much. It’s too easy for gay groups to call out any negativity as “YOU MURDERER, KIDS ARE DYING” etc.

    That is not a group of people that I want to associate with. A group that uses dead children as a weapon is a bad group.

    He apologized, if anyone thinks he personally is bigoted and hates gay people: No one needs to care about that person’s opinion, they are obviously stupid, racist or some third thing. Seriously, over react much?

  17. Steverino says

    Fenrox, go read the accounts of what he said. Beyond horrible. Viscerally hateful. He’s saying good things now, and he should keep saying them.

  18. Rob says

    It is classic of those who are abused to accept apologies (ohe’s so sorry – oh really means it – oh he’s so sincere). It is very easy to talk the talk – I’m waiting until I see some substantive walking of the walk. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. This goes for 30 Rock also – there needs to be some action.

  19. Grant says

    My take is that his motivation for atonement may be dubious, but I give him credit for seeming to do all the right things.

    After all the millions of ways LGBT folk have been shat on, though, my forgiving muscle is feeling a little weak. We’ll see.

  20. Walter Crittington III says

    My only thing is that if you are a true believer in Jesus….then you should know that hatred will not get you to Heaven…….GOD is love…….

  21. Rob says

    Thank you, Walter. However, the last time I checked, this was not a bible study group. I am happy for you, that you are, one assumes, a true believer. But seriously, there are many things that people are true believers in. I personally am a true believer that people need to accept responsibility for their own actions and beliefs. I also believe that invoking Jesus doesn’t trump discussion.

  22. DAVE says

    More positive steps forward for Tracy Morgan. I hope he hears all those LGBT kids’ stories and if he doesn’t leave the room crying for what those kids (and countless others) go through, he hasn’t fully accepted the gravity of his words..

  23. walter says

    his apologies came only after a fire storm that put what little career he has in jeopardy. people must learn hate speech causes reactions and they have to pay for their bigotry. i am not in such a rush to forgive nor forget.

  24. Francis says

    I still don’t forget he not responding for over a day and his publicist saying “there will be no comment” on this issue. Within 4 days it’s gone from him verbally abusing gay people, to being silent, to being a gay rights ally through and through. Whether it’s BS or not is very debatable, BUT the good thing is, whether he’s being fake or not, a message is being sent that, if you do something homophobic, you will pay the price in the eyes of the public. It’s now legitimately becoming unacceptable to be anti-gay, so when looking for a positive in this negative situation, that is what I take out of it.

  25. scar2 says

    I think he was trying to be as outrageous as he can be without thinking & just came off hateful & stupid. He’s no Chris Rock or Wanda Sykes. He made a big mistake. I think his apology is sincere & he’s now rethinking his own beliefs. Times have changed.

  26. FunMe says

    Why do I smell desperation? As in if he doesn’t continue his I’M SORRY TOUR across the nation, he will lose his career.

    Seriously, I can forgive. But my instincts tell me it has more to do with $$$$money$$$ than with wanting to change. He is FORCING himself to change to keep his career.

    For all those who write that he “mispoke” or that “everyone makes a mistake”, how do you explain his homophobic rant in November 2009?

    “Morgan talked trash about homosexuality (saying it’s “a choice,” which drew gasps), “

  27. says

    As I have written in the past, had I called Morgan a ghetto n****r no amount of apologies would ever make it right so in my opinion all his apologizing is useless.

  28. Zinc Alloy says

    Morgan brags about his ‘unfiltered’ comedy act. What does that mean? It means he doesn’t filter his true feelings and beliefs for public consumption in his act. At this point he’s just trying to save his career. I don’t believe a word of his apologies. There is edgy comedy, and there is pure hate speech. His tirade was not comedy.

  29. says

    Well I would like to see one child who has died as of his actions.(Tracy Morgan)

    Then show me some Gay people who have suffered because of the actions of Ken Melhman….In which many of you are now saying we must work with him since he is NOW advocating on behalf of marriage equality!

    He has apologized. And you can’t forgive…But you expect folks to be nice to us?

  30. Paul R says

    I really can’t believe all the posts forgiving him. Did you read what he said? NO ONE says that sort of thing unless they truly HATE gays. (And I hate people who type in caps.)

    He’s not apologizing because he feels remorse. He’s apologizing because he’s gotten calls from a lot of powerful people (say, Tina Fey) telling him to do so. He hates gay people, and that isn’t going to change because he allowed a few apologies he didn’t write to be issued. Some of you are really desperate.

    It simply isn’t possible to go from wanting to kill your gay son one day to saying gays are super the next. Recognize that some people hate gays, will only “learn” their lesson when their career is at risk, and tell them to go to hell. I hated him before he was antigay; I hate him even more now, despite false apologies.

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