1. neverstops says

    i watch this morning & was happy that she called him out

    she’s had a few crappy moments lgbt issues in the past, but she did good with this

  2. Daniel says

    Real reporting on CNN . . . real follow-up questions . . . she’s going to be fired, soon.

    In the mean time, bravo!

  3. Sam says

    It’s hard to watch…mostly because you’re asking pointed question that require logical thinking to someone who by all indications has the IQ of a turnip.

    Props to her for not just yelling, GOD YOU’RE STUPID.

  4. matt says

    Again, the only arguement against same sex marriage is solelyh based in religious beliefs and has no merit scientifically nor statistically. And again, no one is redefining marriage. It’s an expansion of the definition. Redefining would mean that we want only gays to get married and heteros can’t. Marriage should be defined as between two consenting adults.

  5. Mark says

    Although he is getting what he deserves, David Tyree should get some of our compassion – after all NOM threw him to the wolves on CNN without even giving him any talking points or scientific data to fight back with. Even though we all know there is no data to support his stance.

  6. jamal49 says

    Kyra Phillips: you are my new hero. Forever! At first I was ready to cut this guy some slack, then she started honing in on this guy like a red-hot laser and she nailed him! She quietly and effectively took apart his “arguments” one by one by one. A masterful job!

  7. alguien says

    i watched that a little earlier today and was highly impressed at phillips’ totally uncharacteristically non-tv journalistic behavior. she actually challenged the guy with FACTS, didn’t give him a free ride and, ultimately, left him looking totally foolish.

    that’s what journalists are supposed to do and we see so little of it anymore.

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The moment girls get their first period and boys are able to ejaculate, then that is when they should get married and get busy procreating. Making them wait goes against nature.

  9. SteveC says

    He is such a moron.
    As are all these anti-equality bigots.
    I would love if she had asked him whether he thought Canada or Spain or Argentine or the Netherlands or Belgium were anarchic societies because of their marriage equality.

  10. Red says

    I just hope Kyra/CNN goes in just as hard on Maggie Gallagher or Tony Perkins when they invite them on to debate issues concerning the LGBT community.

  11. Andrew says

    @Sam Yeah….she really wanted to yell my god how stupid can one person be?!?!?! I really know she was biting her tongue to tell him you’re just a bigot no better then the rest of the homophobes, as well.

  12. Matt26 says

    Excellent interview and questions! KP knew from the beginning she’ll nail it. More airtime to her.
    @Red, I agree and hope so, too.

  13. says

    David Tyree is an obviously sick individual. Is it anarchy that black people are allowed to walk free, anarchy for a black person to marry a white person? Do you see the sickness of this man?

    He should not be allowed to play in professional sports, period.

  14. says

    The irony that his comments come so close to the anniversary of interracial marriages being legalized is no doubt utterly lost on him….

  15. Chuck Mielke says

    So, NOM paid a sports celebrity to mouth their tired old lies. He’s not a minister or scientist or politician, he’s a football player with nothing beyond “it’s unnatural” and can’t even clearly state what that might mean. Well, unhappily, the NOM supporters can’t even ask that kind of question; they just wanna get in the stands and cheer.

  16. justme says

    Dear imaginary Lord, that man is an idiot. He really seems to be of severely limited mental abilities. I bet he really had no idea what he was getting into, because he’s just not capable of that kind of reasoning

    Good for her for doing her job, but this interview was like shooting fish in a barrel.

  17. Tim NC says

    Boy, he got all screwed up when she tossed in the infertile couples and he just couldn’t see his own hypocrisy when he claimed that the infertile couples were still coming together to raise a family and she countered with gays and lesbians coming together to raise families just like infertile couples.

    And, I want him to PROVIDE one of those reputable studies he “thinks” exists that shows children of straight couples do better than children of same-sex couples.

  18. BenB says

    Reasoning clearly isn’t his forte. Should’ve stuck with throwing spheres of air around. He’s entitled to his (bigoted) views, I just don’t understand why people like him think they’re entitled to force others to conform with them, especially when scientific studies prove their reasoning is flawed.

  19. says

    “Marriage changes everything, you know how we educate our children…..”
    What ?
    This dummy has no idea of the complexities of what he is talking about .

    And what does “adamancy” mean Tyree ? Where exactly did you go to school ?

  20. Randy says

    I do wish that she had made some more counters to his statements. He mentioned polygamy, she should have pointed out that polygamy is prevalent in the bible. He mentioned over and over again that marriage was before our country, and she should have pointed out that before our country two people of different races were expressly forbidden to marry.

  21. Codswallop says

    Damn! What I want to know is why hasn’t Kyra Phillips interviewed Maggie Gallagher or the other NOM heads?! She’s armed with facts and loaded for bear. This guy is a typical NOM supporter but he’s low-hanging fruit, too easy to pick off. I want to see Maggie Gallagher answer these questions, not this schmuck.

    Of course she and the other NOM faces studiously avoid interviews where they are actually called upon to defend their position so I don’t think that will happen, even though it really should. If they really believe in their position they should be able to defend it and, as this interview proves, “I don’t like the idea of it” is NOT a defense.

  22. Rowan says

    Hmm, although I agree, this is like bullying someone who is slow.

    Why don’t they EVER do this with the Perkins of the world?

  23. Brian says

    From his Wikipedia Page:
    “Tyree battled with crack and alcohol addiction from an early age, and in 2004 was arrested for drug possession. Tyree reports that he has been sober after then-girlfriend Leilah became pregnant with their second child”
    So he had at least two children out of wed-lock (they have four total) Has an arrest record, and was a drug addict. Yeah, throw some stones there you ignorant has-been.

  24. says

    Gosh! This is long over due. Great job Kyra! You punned that dude, why should he impose his beliefs to the rest of his state? OMG! I think that’s more anarachy. If he believes that the U.S. would sink after same sex marriage will pass, then he needs to go to Iran so people here could be more happy with them lives, and I would love to see my country less bigoted! This is enough!

  25. says

    He’s self-fish!!! Why should he impose his values and beliefs to others??? Thats my big questin and really irks me. The intolerance, and arrogance of these people like him these days. He’s black, but it seems he forgot all the rights his ancestry were fighting for decades ago. He looks foolish and dull when Ms. Kyra scolded him with facts versus his own personal bigot beliefs!

  26. John says

    So if being gay is normal shall we open up the floodgates? Can I have multiple wives? Is anything wrong with that since I don’t hurt anyone? Can I marry my brother or sister? Can I marry my dog? Where does it end?

  27. Putt says

    It’s a pity Kyra is not versed on the Bible to point out to the BIGOT that Polygamy was the original marriage structure that came out of Adam and Eve. Kyra should have asked David, how many wives does he plan on having and when will he include some concubines to the list? Since David is insisting that Marriage has always been between a man and a woman, Kyra should’ve asked him if he was aware that King David and Johnathan were married?

    That would choke him up badly, because these church-goers who only know how to follow what the Church tells them, DO NOT know what the Bible really teaches. They are going by DELIBERATE twisting of scriptures, done to suit an EVIL agenda by man; it’s ironic how these homophobes always talking about the “gay agenda” when they were the ones who started an AGENDA to persecute gays. Does David know how far gays would’ve got today if the EVIL CATHOLIC CHURCH hadn’t turned the world against gays?

    David will learn his error one day to come, I pray that it will be in his lifetime.

  28. B.D.Kuchera says

    Good for him for being anti-gay! There’s no condemnation for that! Looks like a bunch of people are anti-straight.

  29. Kyle says

    Much props to CNN’s Kyra Phillips for being the calm voice of reason. I will start watching her work more on CNN.

    However, we are continuously over-estimating the intelligence of the main stream public though. Is there even a way to solve that intellect problem?

  30. james Brown says

    I’m sorry but it makes me sick seeing an African American male saying these discriminatory, homophobic remarks. His argument was made by white people agains blacks in regards to ending slavery, voting, marrying white people, being in the military, and on and on. It is DISGUSTING to see someone of an oppressed people oppress other people themselves. This man clearly does not know his history and should keep his mouth shut. He doesn’t even know what ‘anarchy’ means!

  31. Dastius Krazitauc says

    John, you and all of your ilk who want to marry your brothers and your dogs, start organizing and make your case. Gays have been struggling for their rights for over forty years now. We’ve taken to the streets by the millions. We’re represented in government, in most families, in fact, we’re represented pretty much everywhere you look. Where are your fellow brother-marriers and dog-marriers? Stand up and be counted John, and then say in forty years or so, get back to us and let us know how your movement goes.

  32. Oliver says

    If we look at history, it’s “unnatural” for a black man to be POTUS. I wonder what Davey thinks about that?

  33. says

    I too really wish she’d pressed him on interracial marriage. Regardless of the fact that I believe Loving v Virginia was a high-point in the history of civil rights in America, it certainly altered the way that we defined marriage in this country. He seems completely unaware that his arguments against SSM dovetail perfectly with the bigoted arguments used against interracial marriage in the years leading up to the Loving case.

    Also, as someone who was in a polyamorous triad for eight years (and we had a religious marriage ceremony) and knows lots of happy healthy poly folk and in some cases, their children, I really wish people on both sides of the SSM issue would leave us out of it.

  34. TimInHouston says

    @Sam: “The IQ of a turnip.” Bwah! I intend to steal that phrase and work it into as many conversations as possible over the weekend.

    Oh, and brava, Ms. Phillips!

  35. FrankJ says

    Whatever Mr. Tyree majored in at Syracuse
    University but for sure we know it wasn’t logic.

  36. NE Rich says

    Oh NO, Maggie G didn’t give him the FAQ sheet, left his ass hanging in the wind. Some NOM underling is going to be fired. The CNN lady didn’t even get to touch on former miscegenation laws and go that route, would have been a slam dunk. Again America looks towards professional athletes to answer vexing social issues, which makes a lot of sense right. I mean who are more insightful than jocks. What an illuminating debate.

  37. FrankJ says

    Sadly the whole basis of this nonsense
    is “I am better than you!” How is it
    possible for a heterosexual couple to
    fly to Las Vegas, get drunk, go to
    a sleazy “marriage chapel” and get married
    by an Elvis impersonator, then have that
    marriage recognized in all 50 states while
    two gay men together for 20 years are denied
    a marriage license? This is absurd.

  38. MiddleoftheRoader says

    She let him off too easily. Like a fool, he talked about marriage as it existed at the founding of the US. She should have asked him: “How do you feel about the fact that in the 1960’s the US Supreme Court re-defined marriage by ruling that states must let blacks and whites marry? Didn’t that re-define marriage in those states?” The more people like this guy who speak without anything except their religious beliefs as the foundation of their opinions, the clearer it will be to reasonable Americans that their position is without evidence or fairness.

  39. Francis says

    Gotta give props to Kyra for handling this situation very well and challenging this fool on his stupidity. As for Tyree, I appreciate the fact he was allowed to publicly broadcast just how ignorant he truly is. People like him help our cause and our advancement. Because no-one educated or sane wants themselves to look like or associate with someone like that, for obvious reasons.

  40. chris says

    write to CNN write to Kyra Phillps thanking her for the integrity she brought to the interview…she could have easily let him off the hook and spew his hate…she was amazing. Please write to her.

  41. says

    How did she nail him? Can two men or two women procreate with one another? If same sex marriage was “right” none of you mockers and scorners would even have been born. Smh. God ordained marriage between A MAN and A WOMAN. Shes states facts. Tyree states the TRUTH. The end is truly near.

  42. Francis says

    Kyra could have done more, but the general point was made, that Tyree is ignorant and made out (and by extension, the group and mentality he’s advocating) as a fool on national TV.

    BTW, John, where does it end? Common sense has already answered that question for millions. Too bad you seem to lack that.

    The feeling of threat, the insecurity and baseless fear towards LGBT citizens by people like John and Tyree is more and more untenable a position to hold in modern society. Progress is a slow process but progress is coming.

  43. julie says

    my god….hmmm gee David, what if we went back and “didn’t” “redefine” a black man as a HUMAN BEING! how would you feel about that? would that disrupt the moral code of this country? urgggg!!!!!!!

  44. pete says

    “Unnatural?” That always irks me. My sexuality is not contrary to nature. It is MY nature. It is as part of my nature as my lefthandedness. Abnormal? Sure, I’ll own that. As in “contrary to the norm” like my prematurely gray hair is contary to the norm. But natural, I assure you.

    My sexuality is not “unnatural.”

  45. ppoor says

    Tyree is right on the money!! Homosexuality is synonymous with anarchy. Both refuse to recognize boundaries, limits, rules, and laws, which places the survival of any culture in serious jeopardy.

  46. Ealan74 says

    It’s almost too good- watching this simp fumble and stumble and fall all over the BS he was just spouting a few days ago. You almost have to chuckle…idiot.

    Thanks Kyra!

  47. Sonneillon says

    Just chiming in with Winter here: Poly marriage and poly families CAN be religiously abused, but when they’re free of that kind of influence they can be just as healthy and actually grant children more advantages (in terms of income level, parental involvement, and parental attention). When the ‘slippery slope’ list comes up, I keep seeing the same things listed – polyamory (often slotted as ‘polygamy’ because it doesn’t occur to these people that a woman might want multiple husbands), paedophilia, and beastiality. One of these things is not like the others: Polyamory is a consensual relationship between adults. Paedophilia and beastiality involve sex with unconsenting parties (or parties incapable of giving quality consent), plus a power imbalance that irrevocably harms the quality of any ‘consent’ that might theoretically be given.

    So yeah, leave us out of it, thanks.

  48. Ealan74 says

    Ugh, I had to post again, this guy is really an idiot. He keeps trying to trot out those same old scare tactics that never work, but the last one- polygamy- really got me. David Tyree, do you realize that polygamists have been around (even in the US) for centuries, long before any thought was ever given to gay marriage. And despite that fact, your precious moral fabric has stayed intact (whatever that means).

    PS: Also, learn the definitions of “anarchy” and “infertile”. It’ll help you sound informed, even if you are full of…crap.

  49. Evan Scheinfeld says

    Those of you who think that Kyra Phillips is such a hero and David Tyree such a moron should consider this: The concept of two consenting adults would clearly include a father and an adult daughter who love each other and enjoy having sex with each other, who want to spend their life together, and understand that it is biologically dangerous to have children and therefore do not, but instead adopt children. So should the New York legislature be viciously criticized if they do not pass a law allowing incestuous marriages to be legal? Even if UCLA conducts 100 studies proving that children of such marriages are healthy? Is anything “natural” just because two consenting adults desire it? Why must decent, honorable people like David Tyree be vilified and called stupid because they believe in scriptures that have meaning to them, and don’t believe that “research” and “science” are holy and untouchable sources of truth? Putting a male sexual organ inside another male’s anus strikes some people as unnatural as a father putting his sexual organ inside of his daughter. Yet society has suddenly decided that the former is noble and that latter is reprehensible. The fact that some of us see both as reprehensible does not make us stupid. Perhaps seeing either as “natural” is stupid.

  50. SGJR1960 says

    Evan: Let me spell this out for ya, Sparky, because you’re just not “getting it.” If you are going to base this SOLELY on the concept of what you consider to be “NATURAL” vs. what isn’t, what’s stopping me or any man from coming over to your place, putting their penis in your wife’s vagina and making a baby, whether either one of you consent to it or not? After all, it’s “NATURAL”, right? That certain BOOK does say to “go forth, be fruitful and multiply,” without specifying who should do it with whom…Be very careful what you fundaMENTAList thinkers wish for…or you will surely get it…

  51. Jonathan says


  52. Pastor Robb CAGER, III says

    This is really sad.I guess everyone has always been wrong about marriage being the sacred union of love between one man, and one woman. It seems that when anyone defines marriage as being between a man and woman, they’re attacked. I’ve read comments, attacking TYREE and calling him essentially stupid for taking his stance. I don’t think he was at all wrong for what he said. I, Pastor Robb J.K. CAGER, III, think marriage is the sacred union of love, between one man and one woman!

  53. redball says

    Dear Pastor Cager, I see you are black man as am I. We did not ask to be black. And I did not ask to be gay. We were all made this way, whether gay, black, female, trans. Please look into your heart and ask yourself if it is right to deny equality to another human being based on whom that person loves.

    Please reconsider your position. As a man of God, you wield a great deal of influence over people who listen to you and look up to. Please use your privilege wisely to create a more just world. We need you.

  54. Mike says

    men and women will always be able to get married. gay marriage is the issue here. gay people. love how they don’t feel that gay people are really worth mentioning.

  55. Mike says

    well i’m glad his peace is in God’ sovereignty(thank you spell check) because he lives in a society where he was able to make millions!(exclamation because millions is a big word!) of dollars playing football… this gay man has many talents, and not one of them provided even a middle class income yet… so things are going pretty well for this guy, but this is my life and my future he’s talking about. he’s married already.

  56. Evan Scheinfeld says

    SGJR1960–you are a piece of work calling me “Sparky”. Just how would you be fruitful and multiply with a penis up an anus? Somehow, I don’t think that would be too fruitful–at least in one sense of the word. And who says that I am a fundamentalist? Isn’t it possible that I am Jewish, which I am, and just do not buy into our society’s sudden deification of all things gay? Are people permitted, in your world view to simply FEEL in a place deep within themselves that something is wrong, even if i I don’t have a scientific study to prove it? David Tyree is not stupid–he is courageous for standing up against you raging LGBT bullies who now have turned your confusion into a “race” that should be protected. BLACK is a race sparky. Muslim is a religion SPARKY. Homosexuality is a behavior. There’s a difference Einstein. Not that I think you will be able to comprehend this, because frankly, you are just too stupid.

    As for your moronic analogy of a man sticking his penis into my wife’ vagina, I’m not sure what point you are making here. Because i think that marriage between is man and a woman is the only appropriate marriage for human beings, does that mean that I feel that all acts of heterosexuality are appropriate? Of course I don’t. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a married woman to cheat on her husband. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a mother and son to have sex. I don’t think it’s appropriate for people to have sex before marriage. But you idiots will now say that I am what–“incestophobic”?

    Are you incestophobic, sparky? Don’t you support the rights of a daughter and father to get married and raise a family? If you don’t, you must be ignorant. Right? Phobia means FEAR, you moron. I am not afraid of homosexuality. I think it’s wrong. There’s a difference, sparky.

  57. redball says

    [Reposting a typo-free version]

    Dear Pastor Cager, I see you are a black man, as am I. We did not ask to be black. And I did not ask to be gay. We were all made this way, whether gay, black, female, trans. Please look into your heart and ask yourself if it is right to deny equality to another human being based on whom that person loves.

    Please reconsider your position. As a man of God, you wield a great deal of influence over people who listen to you and look up to you. Please use your privilege wisely to create a more just world. We need you.

  58. Bear says

    Why is anyone listening to a football player with a police record? I’m not, I couldn’t get through his sad, illogical ramblings. Likewise the turbid logic of Sparky (Mr. Scheinfeld) who’s point ultimately rests on what he FEELS. I FEEL differently. Checkmate.

    There’s a whole lot of powerful discussion in these many comments, the only ones that are patently without inherent merit are those based on what some think is God’s opinion. Facts indeed are what are needed here and, oddly, The Omniscient One, never seems to have any, let alone his prejudiced minions here below.

  59. Evan Scheinfeld says


    I have no trouble understanding what David Tyree was saying. I thought it was completely logical. Even his use of the word anarchy which he is being ridiculed for. Don’t you people have the intellectual capacity to see that he was not talking about your narrow definition of governmental anarchy. He was talking about moral anarchy. That it’s okay to stick your penis in anything that you want to as long as you desire to do so. That promiscuity is fine as long as you desire it. Why not orgies in the street? As long as it is among consenting adults? Throw in some children to watch the orgies too–so that they can become educated and open-minded. So that they do not become the “orgiphobic” when they are older. Train them young to accept any act that anyone feels like doing as acceptable behavior of a human being. Suppose I decide I want to have a maggot sandwich? And suppose you are repulsed by that. Are you “maggotophobic”? Can you even process the logic of my points here, or are you so wrapped up in your “cause” that you can not even hear what I am saying?

  60. Abel says

    Tyree is somewhat dim. He obviously doesn’t have a grasp of the facts, just a whole heap of prejudice. This sort of exercise is pointless except (and this IS the point) it shows just how STUPID bigotry is. Most of these religious bigots have never thought through the issue coherently.

  61. Evan Scheinfeld says


    I am offended that you would call me prejudice. I am not a prejudiced person at all. How dare you declare my personal disapproval of a behavior as “prejudice”. I am a Jewish man, married to a Christian woman and we both converted to Islam. My daughter has black boyfriend, and I am white. I am very supportive of her relationship with him. You call me prejudiced because I am opposed to a behavior? Am I also prejudiced against theft? Am I prejudiced against bestiality? Am I prejudiced against incest? How about embezzlement? Shame on you to refer to people who differ with your views on homosexuality as “dim” and “prejudiced”. So quick, you LGBT bullies, to call “stupid” anyone who does not agree with you. YOU are the ignorant ones for trying to suppress honest discourse that is not based on science. Have you ever considered that David Tyree’s apparent confusion over Kyra Phillips snide vicious attack on him (which by the way is shoddy irresponsible “journalism”–the reporter is to be objective–anyone knows that) was based on the fact that what she was saying was so evasive, so irrelevant to the point that he was making that he could not grasp what her points were doing in the middle of his honest, simple position?

  62. Jack says

    I believe that Mr. Tyree is absolutely right about gay marriage being unnatural and if allowed, it will plunge our society into total anarchy.
    I also predicted back in the day, that the same anarchy would happen if blacks were allowed to vote.
    Our country was not founded to allow such immoral things.

  63. rocko says

    So marriage is the glue that held our country together..that helped start a base for our country…How about slavery?
    That was a practice that helped start our country also…How quickly people forget once they have equality.

  64. TJ says

    Evan – we will have to agree to disagree on so many levels. Your logic says that your personal ick factor gets to be the legitimate basis for deciding what is right, moral, and natural. So, you feel justified in lumping an orientation and behaviors you don’t like with a host of other behaviors as if they are all equal. But they are not. But you won’t ever see that, because you want to continue letting your own personal ick factor call not only your shots, but the shots of others as well.

    What if my personal ick factor wants to legislate that Islam should be illegal? What if my personal ick factor says that Jews must not marry Christians? Or that converting from the “right” religion should be punishable by death? Should my belief system, and my ignorance, be the law of the land, because it feels right to me?

  65. Ealan74 says

    @Evan Scheinfeld

    “Are people permitted, in your world view to simply FEEL in a place deep within themselves that something is wrong, even if i I don’t have a scientific study to prove it?”

    Evan, you are absolutely free to feel anyway that you want to feel. Freedom of expression is supposedly on of the perks to living in this country, right? But don’t be confused and don’t think that we’re confused- feelings don’t equal facts, and the FACT is that you’re not just expressing your feelings, and neither was Mr. Tyree; you’re using your feelings as a platform to deny an entire group of people their civil rights. If you’re looking for facts, and scientific studies, well just open your eyes! You “think homosexuality is wrong”- yeah, I get it, and I’m not looking to change your mind either. But I am a law abiding, tax paying contributing citizen of the United States of America and nobody- not you, or David Tyree, or NOM “thinking it’s wrong” – has the right to deny my equal rights under the law.

  66. GRivera says

    Any person of color who is questioning “diversity” for gay and lesbians needs to be taken back to the 50s when they were treated unfair and see how they like it!

  67. nic says

    you stupid jew. you money-grubbing, hook-nosed, bearded monkey. how dare you invade our shores? you were put to death in droves in germany for scientific study. do you not remember the sting and havoc that hate-filled words can cause. you make me ill.

    i cannot stomach blacks or jews who want to deny basic rights to gays. the religious aspect of this discussion are moot. jews were ok with multiple marriages and incest. and, really, recent history contradicts what every black bigot, ignoramus says.

  68. nic says

    my comment will quickly be removed, i’m sure, although it was satyrical. but, my point and question is this: how dumb are people of their own history?

    if people were aware of the history of coupling, co-mingling and marriage, they would know that there is nothing “sacred” about it.

  69. Bear says


    You and your wife both convertd to Islam? I wonder if you could clarify for your readers just what’s the matter with you?

  70. T.Colbert says

    Kyra sounded like a fool, asking what he meant by natural; Can two men have a baby? Can two women have a baby? It is unnatural. If being homosexual so right, why do you all have to be so defensive about it, if its natural, why all the rights, why do gay people have to adopt a child, from an male/female reproduction process, why can’t they have their own children; Because it is unnatural. Foolish!!!People. Kyra are you Gay?

  71. T.Colbert says

    Leviticus 20:13 “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (AIDS,HIV,STD;s is the death) Now if you all dispute what GOD says, then you write your own destiny. Dispute The Most High’s word. If you have a problem with this scripture, you have a problem with GOD.
    Now report that! Reprove that! Argue against GOD….

  72. T.Colbert says

    And you may want to read Romans 1:26-32; for more clarification on what GOD feels about homosexuality; yet you all might not care anyway, you live on how you feel life should be, not how GOD commands; yet you all use GOD name in vain; “I love GOD, He has made me successful.” Be quiet, He doesn’t recognize unrighteousness. Ms. Phillips didn’t hammer anyone, media needs to stop with the crazy titles; just foolishness.

  73. T.Colbert says

    I would love to see a true study done. Let’s take a group of homosexual men and place them on an island, then let’s see the community grow. Vice versa homosexual women on their on island, let’s see the community grow. Will there be children brought forth to carry on the life-line? Will they evolve to start reproducing, men having babies; women providing the seed to have a baby? Let’s see that study in affect, say a 20yr study, isolated on an island, let’s see the results.

  74. TJ says

    T Colbert – you are an idiot. An illogical, ignorant idiot. You mean, if being gay is natural, there would be no need to defend against attacks? Because all attacks are justified, and never done without merit? Go get a life, and a brain.

  75. nic says

    you are committing the logical fallacy of “begging the question”. in an argument, both parties must agree on factual evidence for support of a given subject. your argument is based entirely on myth. while in your delusional mind the bible is the “truth,” it is not anywhere close to intellectual probity.

  76. just_a_guy says

    Wow, alright then. The haters are out in masse today, haha.

    Well, look folks, welcome…and STICK AROUND…u might learn a thing or two.

    Y’all are PRIVILEGED. U can get married to someone you love. You have the opportunity to adopt and raise children. You can hold hands in public without having hateful glances or comments thrown at you.

    Doesn’t that feel good?! Don’t you LIKE being equal, treated as human beings?

    WHat makes you SO driven to keep those same rights from others? Maybe it’s your ego…that’s the ONLY way I can explain it. It sure isn’t God. posted above…and it’s kinda funny. Cuz he has a rap about ignoring all the haters. And about showing Christianity by actions.

    Y’know, live it, peeps. Live it already, ok. I’m a fan of ignoring all ya haters. And I sure as all get-up know ya ain’t Christian. Look at how yall r actin. That ain’t Christian. Don’t freaking lie to me. No Jesus did that stuff. Please.

    All I got for now…but I am for real: All y’all haters should stick around. Don’t just stop by to troll today. Stop by EVERY DAY and ENGAGE.

    But don’t do it if you have no intent to listen. That would be MERE trolling.

    Pray fo u.

  77. Jim says

    Seriously to all those who are too stupid to realize the best case scenario is a man and woman so quit pretending its not. David Tyree impressed me greatly with his explanation which is true. People need to get over the fact that most would not want gays to be married even though they wouldn’t admit it. Ill say it openly and think that being gay is just plain gross and disgusting anyways. Get help! Like addiction excuses/ignorance can consume a logical mind and thought process.

  78. evan Scheinfeld says


    You do indeed show your true colors with your comments. You call me prejudiced while turning around one day later and condemning all Muslims? Do you know ANYTHING about Islam or what motivated my wife and I to convert? I would love to compare your knowledge of Islam with my knowledge of the elaborate justifications within the LGBT community for homosexuality? I could make a passionate and convincing argument in FAVOR of gay rights (which I would not believe, but have the intellectual ability to piece together). But could you make a passionate and convincing argument for why someone would convert to Islam? I kinda doubt it, although I’d love to see you try. The point is that the word “prejudice” which you love to throw around is FAR more applicable to your blanket condemnation of Muslims, which I would guess is based on NO knowledge other than what you are spoon fed by the media, than my personal disapproval of the behavior known as homosexuality. Who is the bigot here? You, or me?

  79. evan Scheinfeld says

    @Bear–and one more thing. Should your impression of Islam be largely informed by the despicable holocaust perpetrated on 9/11, by evil monsters who have stolen the name Islam from the truth of the beauty of what real Islam is, then I can fully understand your prejudice. But it IS prejudice, let there be no doubt about that. Arabs, are a minority of Muslims. Did you know that? Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Did you know that? Most Muslims condemn 9/11 and abhor the Al Qaeda and terrorist groups. Most muslims are decent, law abiding, gentle people. Did you realize that? I knew the second that 9/11 happened that Muslims would be painted with that brush worldwide. It’s sad. Try a little education before you shoot your mouth off, my friend. I am an AMERICAN. I am a MUSLIM. I was as depressed as anyone for weeks after 9/11. As an American. I believe in freedom and everything sacred to our forefathers. It’s interesting how quickly you defaulted to prejudice, after calling people who are not in favor of homosexuality prejudice.

  80. evan Scheinfeld says

    @Just a guy–are YOU listening? Ask yourself that question truly. Does listening only mean agreeing with you? Can you listen and then disagree? Honestly ask yourself those questions, please.

    Also, Justaguy,could you kindly quote from T Colbert those lines that you thought were hateful? You say Jesus would never say those things. What things? What hate? Interesting that his simply stating his beliefs is called hate by you.

  81. evan Scheinfeld says

    @ Jim–I agree with you. And honestly, and I admit I may be wrong about this, I felt a subtle undertone in Kyra’s argument of David Tyree of “you dumb black athlete–wtf do you know about anything?…I am a snide intellectual CNN “journalist”–I wave around studies from UCLA that “prove” that children of same sex marriage are so wonderful…shut up you narrow minded religious idiot. What do you know? Go back to catching footballs with your helmet and leave intellectual proof that any form of debauchery is perfectly wonderful to us intellectuals.” She had a whole boatload of hate on her face when she was “interviewing” David Tyree. Watch the “interview” to see what I mean. Conmpare David Tyree’s gentile sincerity to her hateful condescension. So David Tyree is not a master debater. Does that make his points less true? I despise intellectual snobs….I guess I have to get over that.

  82. Bear says


    You’ve said enough now for us all to know what’s the matter with you. You’re a religious hysteric, one who actually thinks that some desert diety has spoken for all time, covering all subjects to or through various mystics to inform us, on pain of ridiculous notions of damnation, just how to conduct our lives. You’re indescribably confused, lost in a welter of nonsensical dictims, “laws” and myths that are largely unverifiable and unsound. You’re in love with delusions that are contrary to logic, reason and a level sense of every day reality. You need to start over. Best wishes.

  83. nic says

    @evan scheindfeld,
    you have OCD. SEEK HELP!

    (“gentile” serenity? ahahaha!) the reason that you hate intellectual snobs is that you are not welcome in our club. there is no getting over that. we believe that facts (not tears) should color our decisions.

  84. Jordan M. says

    “the purpose of marriage is to procreate”
    what?! I thought the purpose was to be together death till you part. I must’ve got it wrong.

  85. TJ says

    Evan – funny how you seemingly try to argue – with talking points and everything! – the validity of your point of view. Then, you show your true colors by agreeing with Jim. Gay = icky. Learning, knowledge, insight – these are words that hold no meaning for you. Belief is your god.

    So, given your inability to learn, why are you even here? Like Nic infers, your hate of reason makes discourse pointless.

  86. says

    You have Kobe Bryant shouting out the word Faggot…then again with the jets guy and David Tyree speaking out against Gay Marriage…and of course you have Tracey Morgan being downright hateful against gays and there are no ramifications. Even the sight of Weiner’s Weiner has brought down a Congressman. Are people that afraid of Gays in this day and age? Well Marc Freden, too, has been given pause with the issue.

    As a gay man, even he feels the need to apologize for the blatant use of the word “Faggot” in his new book “REALLY!?!” Now Freden using the “F” word should get a tacit pass…much like black people using the “N” word to describe themselves. His harmless use of the word…(And you must read the book to understand) has lead him to a video mea culpa on YouTube “Marc Freden Must Apologize to the Gay Community”.

    Furthermore, Freden has pledged that if Kobe Bryant can be fined $50,000 then he too should pay a price. A percentage of every book sold as a result of his apology will go to the Trevor Project – a gay hot line for distressed teens looking for a voice of calm and understanding. It is the least he can do. Who will join Freden in this cause?

  87. SteveDenver says

    Kyra Phillips lets David Tyree express what a backward un-thinker he is. Every line out of his mouth is parroted and he can’t explain a thing.

    He mentions the “nuclear family” and the Bible’s intent. Stupid.

  88. Bitter says

    Unfortunatly people doesnt understand that not leting gay people get marry is not allowing some humans have the same right as others, example: if someone says black people shouldn’t be allow to get marry how would he feel?

  89. Jim says

    Biter, you are a moron saying as an example one particular race can’t get married, that is completely different than saying gross behaving adults of the same sex can’t get married. I am amazed how many defending inferior thinkers there are out there. It just is not as simple as saying equal rights,it will slowly introduce people marrying several people or their pets at some point. Don’t laugh thats what will eventually be considered okay if you ruin what marriage means.

  90. TJ says

    Jim, above, displays the sort of logic that will doom his sort. With his “inferior thinkers” comment, he validates the saying, “When you point a finger, there are 3 pointing back at you.”

  91. says

    This is a guy who was drafted by NOM for his football fame, period, and they are using him as a blocker on their line. The “traditional” positions are no less bankrupt when they are spouted by a football star than they are when the odious Hasselbeck goes into her act.

  92. ThankGoodnessEveryoneAintHetero says

    I actually loved the interview because of something he said that was truly telling. His comments about “everyone being gay” revealed the psychology of every anti-gay person you’d ever meet. Regardless of how convoluted and verbose they are in expressing “why” they feel gay unions are wrong, that reductionist premise will overwhelming be the central theme of their so-called moral opposition. What if everyone was gay? I don’t know, and neither do you. But guess what mothafucka? Everyone is NOT gay!

    How stupid one would look to attempt to deduce the moral nature of being a doctor, for example, by speculating what would happen if everyone was a doctor. There would be no lawyers, no policemen, no firefighters, no teachers, etc…Damn, I guess being a doctor is wrong! :roll eyes: