U.S. Army Launches DADT Website

The United States Army has launched a brand new website devoted entirely to the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." A military press release describes what resources and information are available on the site:

"Available resources include presentation slides with narration, scripts, frequently asked questions, vignettes, DoD policy guidance, implementation plans and service-specific material. To improve the depth and breadth of feedback, the Army's DADT site contains a comment section where visitors can provide feedback or ask questions about the policy."

The site, which also includes videos, is live. Visit it here.


  1. dizzy spins says

    Why is the Army wasting time and money on this?? I barely understand why they need to implement training on the repeal of DADT, let alone an entire website! Suddenly the big macho army is getting all human-relationsy with a website offering answers to “frequently asked questions”? What the frak??

  2. Chris says

    It would have saved the military so much time, money, and headaches to do just ONE thing. Say ONE phrase and it will be the end of it.
    Don’t hate the homos.
    That’s it. Include sexual orientation in the equal protection clauses and any issues arising from it will be forwarded up the chain. Bam done. End of issue.

    So they have to go about it the political back door way (that’s not gay now is it?) and implement quasi DADT.

    Bunch of idiots up in the pentagon man.

  3. raymond noland says

    Glad to see where the Milatary has finally done the right thing. It was very difficult for myself an others whom I knew to play “Straight” while serving our Country admirabaly.