1. Joseph L. says

    Jeez Toronto, here in LA we have Richard Simmons teaching silly classes like this three days a week. Get a sense of humor!

    And sorry, but the nellies and sissy boys are part of our community too. Someone needs to buy a better vibrator up there in Canada.

  2. Matt26 says

    Well I liked it and I think it was funny.
    The is a serious side of being gay, we all know that, but we also need to laugh at ourselves, on the light side, which this was.

  3. Nathan says

    There is a poll on the toronto pride website, asking if this video was offensive and the overwhelming majority think it is just fine. I mean, seriously, the entire pride weekend is about drag queens, bear floats, dykes on bikes, rainbow flags and scantily clad men everywhere. The entire thing is camp as hell. If you don’t like this video, don’t go to pride.

  4. Paul says

    It’s not that it’s camp, it’s just so bloody shallow.

    The gay “scene” that dominates this event is anything but open-minded.

    The engine that drives Pride is really just about abs, drugs, and banging the fresh meat that arrives from out of town.

  5. Alex says

    I don’t think that their problem is with the representation of various gay identities — certainly, I think they’re actually “for” queering Pride, if anything — but, rather, the notion that only certain types of “bodies” are acceptable…which is really unfortunate.

  6. Bill says

    Pride was tacky and tasteless way before this came along. It’s not the ad that sets us back. I’m all for letting glittery drag queens and methed out twinks fly their freak flag high, but I don’t think the typical gay pride celebration is going to advance our rights any faster than an overpriced HRC dinner. It’s really not a big deal. On one side we have the over-the-top, gym-rat dancing queens, and on the other we have the assimilated, self-hating, suburbanite closet cases. Somewhere in the middle, you can find the majority. Not all that different from our hetero counterparts.

  7. DC says

    Pride used to be about showing the world that we existed, that we mattered, and that we demanded a seat at the table. By the early 90s, “pride” started circling the sewer with glittered, drugged out nellies and sex-a-thons that spread HIV (and assorted STDs). So scurry about, flaming queens. Enjoy your parties, glam videos, and flu-like symptoms 10 to 14 days later. The rest of us will shake our heads and hope people don’t watch. We’ll figure out how to make sure we get marriage equality and ENDA *despite* you and your kind.

  8. Disgusted Gay American says

    Well THEY can do whatever they want…after All – THEY HAVE EQUALITY already….they aren';t trying to FIT IN to get Rights, unlike this hateful,bigoted country…is it stereotypical,kinda..but THEY have NOTHING TO LOSE.

  9. graphicjack says

    I agree that it’s unfortunate that it encourages vanity and essentially says “you must work out and have a flawless body” to fit in to our club… and note they are all in their 20s. I guess if you are over 30, you might as well not bother showing up.

    Also, the comment “I don’t understand lesbians” encourages division within the community… not impressed. I can laugh at myself and our community, but this just wasn’t that funny.

  10. David B. 2 says

    Pride in LA has always been an occasion to buy cheap plastic rainbow jewelry, get drunk and high in the hot sun and have sex in a porta-potty.

    That said it is the one time every year that a very diverse community comes together in one place and celebrate our uniqueness

    The high and low for the year!

  11. says

    I think might (heavy emphasis on that word) have been funny if I knew that it would only be watched exclusively by the gay community. In that context, the worst case scenario is that people laugh politely and move on. However, nothing exists in a vacuum anymore, and I think this was largely embarrassing, especially considering it will be viewed by those outside of the community, those who already harbor negativity and ill-will toward us.

  12. bicurious says

    It seems to me like an accurate send up of what gay pride events have become. In that respect I think it is pretty effective satire and while it isn’t laugh out loud funny it is kind of funny.

  13. Wayne says

    This is what Pride has always stood for, and it’s why I don’t attend and pray that no one I know sees it on the news. I get the same feeling watching this that I get when I visit… Like I need a shower to remove the grime.

  14. Hue-Man says

    This Canuck’s read on this is over-the-top satire that will run on OutTV. It’s too long for a paid commercial – who can afford 3 minutes of TV ads in Toronto – and not addressed to gay-supportive audiences.

  15. Leroy Laflamme says

    Oh fer goodness’ sake! I was watching this while eating my lunch & now I’ve gone & thrown up all over my monitor. I really should have known better. This amateurish piece of pablum sets the movement back a hundred years. Say wait a minute, are you sure this isn’t one of those Onion parodies? No, even they wouldn’t have produced such a cringeworthy mess.

  16. jaragon says

    Who is that video aimed at? Muscles queens who believe pride events are just an excuse to take off their shirts? If it’s suppose to be a spoof of shallow gay men it’s not very funny.

  17. JR. says

    Kyle Roerick @kvroe wrote a similar unoriginal piece for The Gaily.

    Isn’t it great when someone spews crap all over the web and doesn’t understand how to laugh at themselves?

  18. Beef and Fur says

    Im surprised there were no angel wings and twinks with lolipops . Vapid, cliche, ageist, racist, sizeist and just not funny. Third grader bait. Then we wonder why the other side views us with disdain.

    There’s nothing wrong with being young, toned, snarky and camp just don’t use it to brand an entire group of diverse people and then exclude all but the pretty ones in crowd.

  19. says

    For a couple of years, I’ve tried to get them to produce serious content for Pride. The idea is to carry banners outlining our great people and accomplishments. I think it would be great PR for us. So, I offer the following content to anyone who wants to produce it for the Pride march.

    Pride Of Achievement
    Modest Gifts From
    The LGBT Community

    (in olde English script)
    The American Continental Army
    Trained By
    Friedrich Wilhelm Baron von Steuben

    (in olde English script)
    The Victory at Yorktown
    Using The Bayonette Tactic Of
    Friedrich Wilhelm Baron von Steuben

    (in Civil War script)
    The Gettysbug Address
    Written By
    President Abraham Lincoln

    (largest banner, in digital script, with 0s and 1s)
    The Computer
    Invented By
    Alan Turing

    (in Times New Roman, with code fragments)
    Nazi Communication Codes
    Broken By
    Alan Turing
    Saving Thousands Of Lives In WWII

    (in Times New Roman with Greek characters)
    Logic And Reason
    Created By
    Zeno and Socrates

    (in Times New Roman with Greek characters)
    Invented By

    (in olde English script)
    The King James Bible
    Created by
    King James I

    (in Times New Roman with Roman characters)
    The Pieta
    Carved By
    Michelangelo Buonarroti

    (in Times New Roman)
    Waffles and Carmelized Pears,
    No More Quiche, Please

    (in Times New Roman with a spotlight and beam)
    Credit Where Credit Is Due

  20. Mintylaramie says

    Not terribly original but not offensive or hateful in any way.
    “Setting back the movement?” What backed-up “movement” are you talking about? If you interpret everything that’s pro-fitness as anti-fat people, I can see how you would see this harmless advert as a hate crime.

  21. Alex says

    What the hell? It’s not a matter of interpreting everything that is “pro-fitness” as “anti-fat people” — this a matter of being explicitly told in the clip that you need a particular body in order to be ready for Pride.

  22. says

    Offensive? Hardly. Unfunny? Absolutely. Honestly, our “representation” on Bravo’s (scripted) reality programming is much more insidious and offensive. Thanks for nothing, Andy Cohen!

  23. Ash says

    I have to say, I just found it funny – need to laugh at ourselves as it can’t all be activism. And this is still a big element of the community.

  24. says

    Torontonians are frustrated with this because the reality is that this has NOTHING to do with Pride Toronto.
    This may resemble what “Pride” is about/has become/represents to some of you, but as someone who was born and raised in Toronto and has actively been a part of Pride for more than a decade, this is just ridiculous.

    first: it’s neither witty, nor clever nor “new” – these are jokes that would have been tired in 1995.

    Second: to those who know the lead dunce in this video, we know the intentions: it’s not about irony, or tongue-in-cheek jabs at stereotypes – those are the excuses given to get away with what this guy does all the time: strip and get oiled up. It’s not ironic, it’s not self-aware: it’s posing as both (and badly) in order promote the very thing it claims to be ironic about.
    yay, aryan body-fascism!

    Pride Toronto is famous for its diversity. We have an incredibly diverse LGBT community representing and celebrating different cultural backgrounds, walks of life, and ‘types’.

    Toronto Pride has always been about Inclusivity: it’s a fun celebration, don’t get me wrong, but it’s always been firmly rooted in the celebration of diversity. I would know, I’ve been an active member of Toronto Pride for over 10 years.

    This “campaign” was designed with one purpose, and I guess it might only be clear to those of us from the city, who know the ‘participants’ in this video: self promotion to get laid and have peopel think you’re hot, while pretending you’re making an ironic statement.

    To those out there, come to Toronto for Pride this year. See what we truly have to offer in terms of a joyful, raucous, celebration of diversity. It’s not about white boys with abs. Trust me.

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