1. Max says

    Andy, do you get paid to pimp this pap, or do you just like our comments? There’s not much difference between Katy Perry and a swamp fungus. That was horrible.

  2. mike27 says

    I was wondering the same thing about saxophones in pop music. First Clarence Clemons with Lady Gaga and now Lenny Pickett with Katy Perry. There was another one on the radio recently too… I am all for pop music embracing more traditional instruments. Fingers crossed for the sitar to make an entrance!

  3. Max says

    “what happened to the video?”

    The CDC shut it down.

    Seriously, how anyone could “like” something so vindictively derivative and mundane is just baffling.

  4. breckroy says

    I just really love Katy Perry. I could make arguments to justify it, but I not going to. I like her stuff, it’s fun, summer stuff and I like seeing it here on Towleroad with the occasional Britney, Gaga, etc. Frankly, my life (in “real” life) is too real, too life and death, and pop helps me escape that for a while. For that, I will always be grateful.

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