1. neverstops says

    they drove that show off a cliff last season – started out great then dissolved into a mess

    i’ll still be watching it though, i’m addicted for better or worse

  2. AJ says

    No. It’s not Buffy 2.0. This looks AMAZING! I have read all the books and I don’t wet my pants and cry like others do when they stray from the source material. Frankly, the books left a lot to be desired in some areas. June 26th CANNOT come soon enough!

  3. infinite290 says

    There’s a lot of Buffy in Sookie. Both are wonderfully resilient, both have ironically silly names that hide a kick-ass ‘tude and both like to help people. A lot.

  4. Ben says

    I didn’t think they’d “go there” with the fairie stuff…but they are. I like that True Blood is so over the top and completely beyond reality that if you can just accept that it’s fantastical to the hilt, you can enjoy it very much for what it is: sex, violence, drugs and “rock n roll,” so to speak.

  5. adam says

    It’s well and good to mention that Born This Way has been banned in Lebanon but how about the banning of the word “gay” from Born This Way in Lady Gaga’s Good Morning America performance last week? Did towleroad forget to mention this?

    Lady Gaga allegedly agreed to remove the word “gay” from this performance but I’ve seen not an ounce of outrage from Andy of towleroad. Maybe I missed it or perhaps Andy’s been missing in action.

  6. RONTEX says

    @ Ryan, thx, my Buffy comment wasn’t mean spirited but a compliment… Buffy kicked some serious butt and I think this series is heading that direction too, sheesh.

  7. Urmensch says

    I love that it goes into the dark side of the fairy myth and not the new-agey kind. Reminds me of the stories about the fairies growing up in Ireland. They could be vicious little bastards.

  8. Peter says

    In response to: “They could be vicious little bastards.”

    Posted by: Urmensch-I was like the other posters: What.The.Hell?! But I think I might like the way they go, even if like some of the people who have read all the books, I’ll wet my pants along the way. Team Eric! And yes, I just said Team Eric online so now I guess it’s official-I’m a “fangbanger.”

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