1. Nat says

    I’d join a ruby team that took people new to the sport, unfortunately it seems like gay rugby teams around the bay area are ultra competitive.

  2. Bear says

    Mixed feelings: just what we need, another plug for the notion that gay men are fundamentally different from straight ones when in fact we all need, like different races, to work and play together undifferentiated and equal. Or: the odd man gets to join his own exclusive club in support of his difference until, hopefully, his difference makes no difference. We grow by gradual increments.

  3. MT says

    I agree with Nat.

    I’d love to try something like rugby or hockey, but the teams always seems to be full of guys who are so expert. It’s intimidating. I’d love to learn if any of these teams teach people who’ve never tried. Does anyone know of any?

  4. says

    Hey Nat and MT – just ask!

    As a team member of Muddy York, I can assure you I knew NOTHING about the game two years ago when I joined, and had zero experience with any sort of team sport prior to that.

    Many teams have “B” sides, which are specifically for players who are new to the sport, and/or are interested in the social aspect of the game.

    Good luck!

  5. TomSkylark says

    I joined my (straight) college team in my senior year with NO experience and had a blast. I wasn’t ever amazing at it, but I had fun and met some great guys. Rugby takes some adjusting to, particularly if you’ve never played any other contact sports, but it’s really worth it–folks should give it a try.

    Do any folks know if there are gay rugby teams in Montreal? My partner and I are moving there this Fall and I’d like to join one, but I can’t seem to find any information.

  6. Gsp says

    OMG this is hillarious..and REALLY well done. Makes me want to join rugby now :) hahaha love it :)

  7. says

    Tomskylark: The other team in Canada is the Ottawa Wolves…although they’re not IN Montreal, they’re as close as you’ll get (an hour+ away) unless/until you can get around to forming one yourself in Montreal…bon chance!

  8. TampaZeke says

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Brilliant, effective and VERY well done!

  9. TommyOC says

    A great ad, fellas! Fantastic!

    It reminds me of the LOGO documentary (“Go Dragons! A Rugby Story” – on Netflix Instant Queue). That’s a really endearing piece and explains a bit about the sport and the competitiveness. No man plays a sport to lose, after all. But the best sportsmen want to share their passion… so while they’re gruff on the outside, hit up your local team and I’m sure you’ll be invited to the next practice!

  10. Jedi says

    While “The Gay Who Wasn’t Gay Enough” hits a few sweet spots, this perfectly pleasant film is lacking that rugby tackle that floors you.