White House to Host LGBT Pride Celebration

The White House is again hosting an LGBT Pride celebration this month, but there are few details yet, the Washington Blade reports:

Wh A White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the celebration would take place before the month is out, but added further information isn’t yet available.

“Later this month, the White House will hold a reception to observe LGBT Pride month,” the official said. “Further details will be provided at a later date.”

This will be the third annual observance of LGBT Pride the White House has hosted. The first year, national LGBT advocates attended, and the second year's guests were mostly comprised of youth leaders and state equality groups.


  1. Brian says

    When the White House recognizes us with a Pride celebration instead of pushing a constitutional amendment to ban our chances at equality, we should be glad for it and stop bitching. (That means you, Kevin and Patrick).

  2. Ryan says

    A mint julep on the White House lawn is NOT an adequate substitute for equal rights.

  3. Janice says

    Dear Mr. President: Please choose now to stand on the right side of history and support full marriage equality for all Americans. THEN throw us your party. Sincerely, Janice & Ellie.

  4. Jeff says

    Sounds like an emporer-has-no-clothes kind of party. Nice gesture, I guess, but seriously, how much “pride” can be celebrated while clinking glasses with a president who is still unsure if he believes in equal rights for non-heterosexual Americans.

  5. says

    Yeah, Brian? Well, why don’t you write your unrequited boyfriend and tell him to stop sending his paid with our taxes attorneys from his Department of “Justice” into court to continue to fight the ruling in the LCR case that DADT is unconstitutional [YES, they still are…and even his own denomination, the United Church of Christ has filed an amicus brief against him]. And stop fighting against the ACLU class action suit on behalf of discharged gays who were denied 100% of the separation pay they had coming to them. AND to finally OBEY the Circuit Court judge’s ORDER that Obama, Inc., let a legally married in California federal employee add her wife to her medical insurance. In that instance, Obama, Inc., is fighting against no less than Lambda Legal despite the fact the judge determined that it would NOT violate DOMA.

  6. Max says

    ‘Well, uh… uh… you don’t win the big uh… uh… prize. That is, uh… uh… marriage… uh, but you do get this uh… uh… this uh… lovely dinner as a consolation.’

    Followed by wild applause from the LGBT O-bots in attendance.

    ‘He’s so eloquent!’
    ‘Bush never gave us a dinner.’
    ‘He’s gonna win re-election by a landslide.’
    ‘Did you see what Michelle O was wearing?’