1. Jesus says

    I’m sorry, but besides being painfully uncomfortable to watch, I find the premise of this movie pretty unoriginal and boring. As a gay person who has a straight, female best friend with whom I have often discussed surrogate pregnancy, we’ve agreed time and again that having sex with each other would not only probably stick a big, awkward thorn in the side of our relationship (plus, I can’t get a boner for a chick, sorry, I’M GAY), but we realized that I would have more fun just producing the goods, so to speak, on my own and allowing her to load up, on her own.

    Anyone with a brain would know sperm can live outside the body for several minutes without dying, and I’m good to go not 10 minutes after first “production”, so what gives? Another movie where we show a self-identifying gay person engaging in heterosexual encounters? This is an abomination!

    Also, someone should invent a sarcasm font.

  2. Rowan says

    At least he can get it up with a woman or even try to! So funny! Michele Bachmann and her hubby’s will LOVE this.

    ‘You see, being IS a choice’


    My idea of hell is these kind of stories. I’m really wary of gay guys who weirdly obsessed with women to the point of searching out faghags.

  3. Drew says

    Ok, I think of chicks when a guy ‘accidentally’ turns me on in public and I’m wearing board shorts. Even the THOUGHT of entering/spelling a va-jay-jay makes me nauseous.

  4. jason says

    There is so much hatred for people who aren’t 100 percent gay or 100 percent straight. To the poster named Jesus: Everyone isn’t you. People do live in the gray area. And I think it’s supposed to be uncomfortable. That’s why it’s a comedy. Duh

  5. Brian in Texas says

    @ Jason

    Agreed! These comments are ridiculous considering the large amount of gay men who experiment with women before defining themselves as gay. Ever heard of the Kinsey scale?

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