1. jason says

    The Anoka-Hennepin school district in Minnesota needs to have the full force of the law brought down on it. If it has acted in a negligent manner regarding anti-gay bullying, it should be exposed. The principal should be sued and so should the teachers.

  2. justme says

    I just think of what it would have been like if seven kids killed themselves in my high school in two years. It would have been considered an apocalypse. And I thought I came from a mean, awful little town. These people are monsters.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    “take a ‘neutral’ stance”

    I’m sure that means either, pretend gay doesn’t exist, or discussing it in any manner that could imply indifference or neutrality!

    It’s a Public school, not a faith-based school.

    Phobes always equate sexuality w/ sex acts. Your kids understand the difference, why can’t you?

  4. AedanCRoberts says

    First of all- seven suicides in TWO YEARS, all of which by kids who were bullied or mocked for their gender-nonconformity and this moron District guy doesn’t see a correlation?! That IS the correlation.

    Also this blondevlady doesn’t seem to understand the conflict of messages formed by what sounds like a good anti-bullying policy and the neutrality rules on homosexuality. So you have to be neutral about homosexuality and not speak of it in any way that is perceived as positive or negative? The impossibility of that is obvious- but beyond that how does that gel with the anti-bullying rules? How does a teacher console those two opposite directives? In order to go after anti-gay bullying you need to come off as inherently pro-gay. That’s just an obvious side-effect. Which puts the teacher at risk of violating the neutrality agreement.

    This lady’s arguments are simply not adding up.

    And what about promoting the idea in schools that is is normal and completely okay to be gay makes the school suddenly leap into “teaching students to be gay”? Which has already been scientifically proven to be impossible. This woman was spouting religious right talking points left and right- false arguments meant to scare ignorant people into thinking that one thing inherently leads to the next.

    This district is trying to play the victim card here. “Oh woe is us- we are already doing sooooooo much and yet these evil, mean activist groups won’t stop until we are forcing the teachers to recruit our youth into the gay lifestyle! Never mind the disturbing suicide rate our policy is creating- we’re doing everything we can alreaaaaaaady!” It’s disgusting.

  5. Matt S says

    Wow, you know it wasn’t long ago that teachers couldn’t and wouldn’t say that gay was ok. Candy’s side wasn’t saying, “Hey, don’t make judgments” back then.

    Now, when they are finding themselves more and more in the minority, they suddenly want to muzzle all discussion of it.

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