1. TampaZeke says

    Very different answer than he was giving before the undercover investigation. He was saying that they did NOT engage in gay “reparative therapy”, EVER! Now he says that they only do it at the patient’s request.

    You can tell when the man is lying; his lipth move.

  2. TampaZeke says

    He’s just one bedazzled cape away from being Liberace…who wasn’t gay either!

  3. Gus says

    OK, now dig the hole deeper…Children are barbarians who must be disciplined. Spare the rod and spoil the child?

  4. johnny says

    Sorry, dude, you can’t un-ring that bell. Your LIE about the tape being doctored makes you look even worse.


  5. Danny says

    Treatment is at the client’s discretion??

    Wonder what the AMA would say about that. Or even the APA. Do you’r’e willing to apply treatments that are discredited–and even harmful–if the client wants them? What kind of maniac are you?

  6. Matt26 says

    Sure. The question: Why does speak now, not before, if the tape was doctored? (Yeah right!) Why sudden need? Something is going on behind the scene.
    Marcus Bachmann lost all of his creditbility long time ago.

  7. tobal says

    Like wife, like husband?
    Neither of them has any shame, so pointing out their hypocrisies serves no purpose at all. I just hope they die off soon.

  8. says

    The phrase “someone must have doctored” is entirely different from “someone doctored”. One is a fairy tale he wishes was true; the other would at least be an outright accusation, though still untrue.


    “Marcus, what happened to that cookie?” “I don’t know, mommy, someone must have eaten it!”

  9. Mike8787 says

    I find it particularly interesting that he is clearly aware of the taboo surrounding both his comments and ex-gay therapy — he’s doing all he can to make it “sound better” when, under his belief system, performing ex-gay therapy should be something he’s proud of.

    The question I have is, if he feels shame about doing it to the point that he lies/alters the description of what he’s doing, what does that say about his actual beliefs? Since he’s trying to downplay his involvement, obviously he has some feelings that what he’s doing is wrong.

  10. walter says

    here is a man with questionable credentials providing questionable treatment taking federal funds for this treatment from a program his wife finds questionable. he becomes the victim???? how come the bachmann play the victim so well? michelle hasn’t given a straight answer to this since it began. How many jobs has this clinic created versus how many people has it hurt?.

  11. John Patrick says

    Typical of right wing antigay bigots – “I was misquoted, I didn’t say that, I didn’t mean that, my comments were taken out of context.”

  12. says

    So he was refering to children when he made the remark about barbarians?

    Yeah, that’s so much better. WTF?

    I’m just glad he’s not my DADDY. In any sense of that word.

  13. justme says

    Is there nothing the Bachmanns won’t lie about? You can’t trust the straight one OR the gay one. Shame on Miss Marcus.

  14. Quint says

    I’m just looking forward to the reporter that succumbs to the urge… question question question pause pause long pause “Dr. Bachmann, just one last question… How long have you yourself had homosexual urges?”

  15. sparks says

    lol we could finally get a woman president but we’d still be stuck calling her spouse the first lady.

  16. Tim says

    Marcus: You ARE a DEEP CLOSET Case. I bet you and Michelle DO NOT have, you like MEN. Oh what tangled webs you have woven!!!

  17. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Are teen boys especially barbaric? Is that why he wouldn’t offer to be their foster father?

  18. Barry C. says

    A teachable moment! A straight male friend couldn’t wrap his head around how such a screamer could be homophobic. I patiently explained that the two are not mutually exclusive (see: Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, Larry Craig et al.)We still have a way to go.

  19. Andalusian Dog says

    “That’s not the way I would talk…or lisp like Snagglepuss…or suck on a cock…I wouldn’t DO it that way…Seriously.”

  20. walter says

    people should stop calling this man doctor. his diploma came from a discredited online university and from pat robertson. this man is more a trained shrink than my pit pull is. when is minnesota going to investigate his license and the government investigate medicare fraud. marcia bachmann would look good in an orange jump suit.

  21. TJ says

    If you want the context, listen to this clip. Marcus responds to an inquiry of the host. The barbarian portion doesn’t seem cut or doctored in any way. The rest is pretty interesting, too.

  22. RedOnTheGreg says

    “I’m not just the founder of the Ex-Gay Club For Men, I’m also a member.”

  23. ATL says

    I’m just wondering how long it will take before some media outlet finds the rentboy(s) Marcus paid for sex.

  24. littlebadwolf says

    is it my imagination or does marcus bachmann look endearing like chaz bono?

  25. just_a_guy says

    A person with Marcus Bachman’s views should not be let anywhere NEAR children. Worse yet, somehow this man(?) is being given a public megaphone to trumpet his irresponsible destructive views.

    It’s not ok.

    He claims to speak for responsible parents and educators. NO PARENT OR EDUCATOR IS RESPONSIBLE IF THEY LISTEN TO THIS SORT OF HATE-BASED DICTATE!!!

    It’s circular, just like Santorum’s (yuck, gross slime of a person) man-on-dog stuff: It appeals to those who already ignorantly agree with it by pandering to their fears and misconceptions.

    Those people don’t see the MONSTROSITY and EUGENIC-STYLE CONTROL that Bachman and his like advocate; they are blind to it, as THE ONLY GAY MAN THESE PEOPLE LISTEN TO IS APPARENTLY MARCUS BACHMAN. Gawrsh. C’MON, Republicans…get a CLUE.

    And it’s not harmless. This DESTROY-ANY-HINT-OF-GAY that just MAYBE is lurking in your kid is, no doubt, inflicting it’s loveless, brutal, soul-harming wounds on WAY TOO MANY KIDS and young adults still today.

    Marcus Bachman is a MONSTER. Someone, somewhere, with a conscience…get even the far-righties to GET THIS…please.