1. Paul says

    If you look at the smile on that boys face,.and that little light that was extinguished it makes you realize just how dangerous and cruel Bachman is. She is utterly hell bent on destroying gay people to the point of actually trying to make them non existent. Her personal vendetta is clearly a personal one….hard to think why she has so much animosity to a community that wants nothing from her or nothing to do with her. Tragic story and why on earth would anyone think that simply not talking about a problem is the best way to deal with it ? What is this ? Victorian Britain ? Just turn your back on children in need ?

  2. Gay American says

    Bachmann should be in a Mental Hospital Under a Dr’s Care…she seriously has Issues…tho I guess being Married to a Flaming Mary could do that….LOL

  3. says

    Bachmann has an out lesbian half-sister — who she pretends doesn’t exist. And a husband — whosescreamigly obvious gayness she pretends doesn;t exist. He in turn does his part as a “Dr.” whose “counseling” is designed to torture gay people.

    On top of all that she suffers from crippling migranses (brought on by all that mendacity no doubt) that have put her in the hospital several times.

    She jas ZERO chance of winning the presidency. But our famously “Liberal Media” loves to highlight her antics.

  4. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I guess when you see gay people as aliens, from a completely different species than your own, or like a character written in a crazy liberal fiction novel, you don’t really care that your endless march against gay people, well, also affects gay teens. I really do think this is how Bachmann conceptualizes gays.

    I guess she and people like her have no idea that growing up in a climate in which adults teach their children that you should be feared for your gayness isn’t easy for a 15 year old. Who would think that a community of children like that, should possibly be protected in schools, instead of antagonized by the adult community leaders? That way, they can be misunderstood by the oldest generation, politically attacked by their parents generation, and picked on in school by their peers. Attacked from all angles of their local society – and yet no, the school should walk on eggshells in terms of acknowledging their existence. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me – what kind of school district would take this approach towards a minority group? One asking for trouble. The school has the obligation to protect it’s students and tell them to respect eachother despite their differences. But, I guess when we still have universities that kick students out for discovering they are gay (ehem, Bethel), it’s not so easy.

    Clearly, Michelle Bachmann just doesn’t understand homosexuality. I find it warped, that some people have a view of homosexuality that they just decided to make up for themselves. They view gay people as simply confused about their gender and attractions, and they think that they know better. No matter if millions of gay people across the country and world tell them differently ; no, she, the straight woman, clearly is an expert on us, and clearly knows what’s best for the gay community and everyone in it. I think it’s truly baffling to have someone tirelessly fighting against my community, when they just have a completely incorrect notion of what I am.

    Way to continue to embarrass Minnesota, Michele! With all of the talent we have here, it’s a crime that she and Pawlenty are the ones in the national political spotlight…

  5. Matt26 says

    I feel deeply sad and sorry for Tammy Aaberg, who lost his son Justin, who seems nice, kind young man.
    I feel totally disgusted about Michele Bachmann’s speech. So much hate, violent. I was able to listen 45 secs, then had to stop.

  6. Derek Wain says

    This hit piece on Bachmann by MJ is an out and out MJ fabrication. The anonymous MJ slander implies some sort of connection between Bachmann and bullying in her home school district. That is the reason that MJ is zero influence outside the Demented Left echo chamber: MJ does not do journalism but only propaganda.
    Juan Williams wrote: Whenever the press attacks Bachmann she “gets a flood of support and money. She becomes ‘Every Woman,’ a misunderstood Tea Party mother of five facing down an elitist, arrogant, Obama-leaning press corps.” The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
    7/19/11 A national poll from Public Policy Polling shows Bachmann: 21% of Republican primary voters vs. 20% for Mitt Romney.

  7. candideinnc says

    Stupidity will also probably be around forever, Ms. Bachmann. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to make our schools institutions that eradicate stupidity. There will always be failures, as you so well demonstrate. Some of that can be attributed to the institution. What was it? Liberty elementary–I mean, University?

  8. kodiak says

    Thanks to Tammy for speaking about her son Justin. Great pics of a fun kid who got beat down by a system put in place to allow that to happen. Tragic.

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    Derek, perhaps it has something to do with Bachmann serving on the school board before she became a state senator. I would hope an investigative reporter would research when these rules were made to see if it coincides with Bachmann’s tenure on the board.

  10. The Iron Orchard says

    Derek, anyone who quoates Juan Williams is obviously a foxnews watching douchenozzle. And how anyone who watches foxnews can turn around and accuse others of lacking in journalistic integrity, and propaganda is completly laughable!

  11. Dale says

    When she was talking about the “little barbarians” was that a dog whistle term to refer to “little gay people”? He husband refers to gay people as barbarians and we know Michelle must obey her husband.

  12. SFRowGuy says

    Well Michelle, if you studied law like many politicians, bullying in the adult world is called ‘Assault and Battery’. So today I’m going to be childish. You better watch out Michelle, or I’ll bully you. (And for you I guess that’s acceptable?)

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