1. bryan says

    Chris shut your mouth, your bad for the gay community. Please just stop!!! We don’t need you as our voice. Please go and get a job doing something else.

  2. alguien says

    it’s fun to watch the a**wipe lose his cool. between this disastrous interview and lasalvia’s attack hoax, GOProud isn’t starting the week off with a bang, are they?

  3. Chris says

    Chris, you lost on this one. I was never a fan of GOProud before, but after you come across as a combative, arrogant jerk? I am officially unimpressed.

    There are a myriad of reasons why your organization has no power. I suggest you take a good look at the big picture.

  4. gr8guyca says

    What he should have said:

    “We will work to support those Republican candidates who best represent our overall values as well as the interests of gay rights and full equality for all gay Americans.”

    What he did say:

    “We will cravenly suck up to anyone who might vaguely have a chance for the Republican nomination despite any homophobic or anti-gay policies that they might advocate.”

    I am amazed that anyone so spineless could actually sit upright in a chair during this interview.

  5. says

    like the other members of GOProud, Barron has parents that do not support Gay Marriage.

    this is why they’re members of GOProud – it’s not about building bridges or representing LGBT people in conservative circles, it’s about saving their own asses by sucking up to the bullies they align themselves with by throwing “those other gays” under the bus.

    This is why people like him support Bachmann – his own parents don’t truly accept or support him so it’s a daily act of showing that he has no testicles in order to be “tolerated”


    “When my parter and sit down at night…we’re not talking about hate crimes, what we’re talking about is taxes and health care retirement security.”

    Why AREN’T you talking about hate crimes? Why AREN’T you talking about the fact that there exists a segment of society that considers you less than a person, underserving of BREATH, let alone ‘retirement security?’ Just own up to being a fiscally greedy Uncle Tom. I’d respect you more.

    Until the mindset that gays = evil/sinful/wrong/misguided/”fine, as long as they’re kept separate from me” is challenged, we ain’t gettin’ no ‘retirement security.’ The GOP is not going to challenge that mindset, and you’re just a dancing monkey that they don’t even WANT on their side, Mr. Barron. It’s pathetic when one considers the countless hours you’ve undoubtedly spent convincing yourself otherwise.

  7. says

    Why do these people on the “gay right” not realize that those of us on the “gay left” have the support, THE FULL SUPPORT, of our allies?

    Chris Barron can’t even get his own parents to support LGBT Equality, why does he think he can sway Bachmann?

    All of this “we’re having important dialogues” talk is NONSENSE when you address the reality that GOProud has a 100% FAIL RATE in changing any hearts and minds of their precious GOP allies?

  8. says

    Chris Barron will waste his entire life blaming liberals for the fact that his parents don’t love him or accept him.

    The man is a coward with no testicles. I’d tell him that he should be ashamed of himself, but it’s obvious that every single gay white boy in GOProud is as ashamed of themselves as their parents are to call them “Son.”

  9. Matt26 says

    Ali Velshi asked important questions, but the answers didn’t impress at all. It is difficult to understand GOProud, they are proud of what?

  10. brent says

    “We plan on working with whoever the Republican nominee is” to defeat Obama.

    That says it all lol. GoProud has been a pathetic joke from the start. The whole “at least their talking to us” smacks of so much self-loathing it’s not even funny. I guess there will always be Roy Cohn’s.

  11. Gay American says

    does Chris Barron have to worry that his GOP Mommy and daddy will right him OUT of the will? Is that why he’s GOP? Maybe in the interum – he could ask them for money to get that UGLY KROOKED nose fixed….it bugs me to even look at him

  12. corvidae says

    It’s really a shame that there isn’t an american party that caters for the progay and fiscally conservative people, or better still doesn’t use gay issues in an election. Even if these conservative gays are only choosing their politics over their sexuality, rather than trying to please someone or are self hating, that isn’t a choice they should have to make.

  13. NY2.0 says

    Chris Barron looks uglier every time he makes an appearance, the nose is getting even more crooked. I guess those Bush tax cut money can only do so much to hide his ever more obvious greedy soul.

  14. Michael in Toronto says

    How strange. I really can’t fathom the whole notion of gay Republican. Especially now that the Grand Old Party ain’t grand at all.

  15. STC says

    My question to Chris is-How can you have fiscal security (or even focus on fiscal matters) for LGBT folks when these candidates don’t believe that we have the same rights as heterosexuals? The fiscal issues become moot when we don’t have the same legal privileges that are bestowed on married couples.

  16. scollingsworth says

    I don’t understand why this organization exists, if they’re only concerned with fiscal issues. They’re not even concerned with whether or not these fiscal issues affect LGBT people differently, as in whether or not LGBT people can protetect their partners in terms of benefits, inheritance, etc. There are already plenty of GOP organizations who have as their primary focus what this group claims to have as theirs. Since they feel their sexuality is a “side-show” I fail to understand why they exist.

  17. Vic says

    It is important to note the contrast b/t this ridiculous group and Log Cabin. Log Cabin doesn’t think that it’s role is to pander to the GOP, but to try to make the GOP better. It sued the Bush administration to end DADT, and that suit played an important role in pushing repeal over the finish line. It was part of the coalition that got marriage equality passed, as they worked with Skelos to ensure that he would not make it a “party vote” and to encourage the 4 senators to vote yes.
    If we want to have success that is durable and that will survive the next election cycle, we need to support groups like LCR. They don’t always get it right, but neither does any other group. And they are light years from the GOProud clowns.

  18. Rowan says


    You know the log voted for many anti gay candidates who won in Novemeber? Like Patrick who was the sponsor is DADT is the reason the bill was signed?

    Not getting it right? Yeah, right.

  19. Lazlo says

    Chris Barron of GoProud is mistaken. The progressive gay orgs/groups do a lot of outreach. I believe one is called Soulforce, which travels the U.S. and speaks at conservative colleges. He is in denial. Ugh.

  20. scott says

    I don’t understand why they exist as an organization if they say their personal lives, (i.e. sexuality, partners, husbands, wives etc.) are side-shows and not important. I would say they highlight their sexuality MORE by stating that it isn’t a deciding factor in who they help to elect.

    The supposed “gay left” doesn’t berate everyone who doesn’t agree with them on marriage equality. What most gay organizations actually do is point out the truly bigoted politicians and public figures whose statements and views demonize gay people as a whole and take them to task.

    I don’t think every gay person is a loyal Dem OR GOP supporter- I think a lot of us are independents with varying issues that are just as important as our civil rights are.

    I don’t understand why he just doesn’t come out and support any of the more moderate candidates, like Johnson, Huntsmen, or Romney.

    I hope Bachmann spews some more of her ignorant bile in their lil meeting….

  21. Matthew says

    This is the organization that has like four people right? Why, again, does anyone listen to them? There is absolutely no point for this organization to exist. They don’t support gay rights and only focus on fiscal issues. There’s no reason for them to even bring their sexuality into it if that’s all they’re going for.

  22. Matthew says

    Oh and I love how he says they don’t care about hate crimes right after his cohort was a just VICTIM OF A HATE CRIME!!! What a complete moron!

  23. ronnykmarshall says

    Someone on You Tube and Joe My God wrote:

    Barron.. no matter how many times you vote republican and bash “gay liberals” daddy will still be dissapointed that you’re a fag.



  24. TonyJ says

    Again, GOProud is NOT a gay organization. The majority of its ten members are straight people, who seek to cover their bigotry using slimeballs like Barron.

    Why does rich, white-boy, self-hating Barron get any screentime? Yes, he’s entertaining—and an embarrassment to mankind…

  25. walter says

    barron didn’t answer one question. he was more evasive than bachmannn. what a very dull relationship he must be in if all he and his partner discuss at night are taxes and spending. his partner has to be as dull as he is. they seem only to worry about their pocketbook but the issues of civil rights. these are the type who volunteer to build the camps when the conservatives win and be shocked when the get locked up with everyone else.

  26. says

    This is a perfect example of the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats care more about people and less about big business and Republicans care more about big business than people.

    Very sad.

  27. matt says

    It’s sad that Barron doesn’t think gay marriage and civil rights doesn’t impact him and his partner fiscally. And he’s a fool if he thinks his group is going to get any support from Bachmann and folks like her. She’ll take his vote and throw his rights right under the bus. What a waste!

  28. Akira says

    Wow…his self-hate is infesting all over his face. He and his partner never talk about hate crime! I know it’s bad, but i soooo hope to hear someday soon he will be attacked by homophobes so that he and his partner know something about hate crime.

  29. DN says

    I love the indignant face he gets EVERY SINGLE TIME someone asks him a question.

    “How dumb are you to be asking me such a *stupid* question?”

    … Even though the entire world is asking that question right now. Oh well, I guess it’s hard staying classying with the libtards, right, Chris?

    What an ass. Go tweet another photo of your abs, you pompous jerk.

  30. says

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  31. says

    Ali starts the interview calling GOProud “a group that supports gay rights” but… is that actually part of their mission? I don’t mean that as a joke; it actually doesn’t sound like gay rights are part of their charter.

  32. DeeperStill says

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being he is. I would actually feel sorry for him, if I wasn’t so mad at him.

    Fool/Tool indeed.

    I fear for America’s future. Truly. Why are all these morons running the show…?

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