1. uffda says

    Jordan – What a stupid comment to post.

    Bear was merely most protective but Jake was going to make it because he’s just too darling to die.

  2. Ken says

    I love this show. To have Jake on was awesome (not quite as good as the Will Ferrell episode). It was especially great to see Jake get over his famous fear of heights. I wish I could have been with them, I would have melted that snow cave.

  3. Impi says

    For normal Jake fans, you got a shot of him topless crossing a freezing cold river. For the less normal Jake fans, you got to see him pee.

    Andy, if you can, pls could you post the video segment of Bear and Jake preparing the snow cave in which to spend the night? Jake notes that he enjoys digging holes so much that he might have been a gopher in a previous life.

    For those looking to make Brokeback Mountain jokes, Bear did you the honor about halfway through the episode. At one point, Jake is crouched, kneeling in the snow excavation with his back and rump toward Bear, Bear said that this reminded him of a scene from Brokeback Mountain. Jake tried to play off the joke, but I sort of feel sorry for him, knowing he’ll hear that type of humor until his last. Rather, Jake said that it reminded him of digging foxholes when he was preparing for Jarhead.

    The natural elements, while daunting and often cinematic, also interrupted the natural banter that the two quickly developed. Even though this show is canned, and certain elements which seem truly dangerous appear to be largely controlled, it came across as real. Unless Jake saved all his best acting for this 48-hour trip, he was a totally charming and game companion, as well as concern for the camera crew.

    The LA Times published, 7.11.2011, an interview with Bear about how he and Jake got together for the Man v. Wild show.

  4. Charles Lemos says

    I had to do this a few times down in Sequoia National Park with a buddy to ford a number of cold snow fed fast moving streams. We held our packs over our heads to keep our clothes dry.

    The rope crossing, however, was surreal. I’ve crossed rivers in Amazonia with rope pulley systems but on rafts and certainly not at that height.

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