1. luminum says

    Smart move. People will hate her if she doesn’t also love Gaga like them. Gaga is everything. If you don’t like Gaga, you’re anti-gay and not serious about the gay rights movement. She said so herself. So people better figure out which side they’re on before it’s too late.

  2. Pete n SFO says


    Bette Midler wishes she could hook on to Gaga’s celebrity.

    Gaga has had fun with Cher, Madonna, Beyonce & more. Why should she make time for a bitter, old, woman???

    It’s over, Bette. You are over.

  3. Gregoire says

    Gaga has purposefully drawn on connections to many gay icons, not just Bette obviously. To those who keep saying Gaga ‘stole’ all of these things without context, do you also believe the same of Madonna who, throughout her career, re-used images of other gay icons, from Marilyn to Marlene?

  4. Jeff says

    I’m a proud little monster and adore GaGa’s creativity and visions…but it’s one thing to draw on the works of those that have trailed the way, another to basically do an exact “cover” of someones elses bit and not credit them. I’m sure GaGa had no harmful intentions, but I can’t blame Bette for feeling protective of something she created. If anything, it makes me even more of a Bette fan that she reached back out to GaGa. Bette was one of the forerunners of the gay movement support. She got her start in the bathhouses. I think this is her way of saying…we gay icons and true creative artists have got to stick together and support one another. Way to go Miss M.

  5. will says

    Some of you Gaga fans are so nasty and crass. Bette Midler has a small part in gay history. She supported our community way back in the early 70’s where she got her start singing in gay bathhouses. NOW, the young guys are ready to throw her under the bus because they are infatuated with a new icon (one who shamelessly & humorously rips offs past artists for her new works).

    In 20 years Lady Gaga will be a has-been (I’d actually give it closer to 5 years) and a new crop of young gay men will be demouncing HER if Gaga messes woth the new icon of the day.

    Why call Bette a bitter old woman? The people who say that are clearly bitter and vindictive themselves. Bette immediately laughed it off and tweeted the above. If Harvey Milk were alive today and said an unkind remark about Gaga, some of you rope-a-dopes would throw HIM under the bus. Is it worth it to throw our history out in order to defend a mildly talented singer who is the current soup of the day?

  6. says

    Oh, get over it, Will. Bette Midler is a nasty person. She attacks people she’s threatened by. She’s over 60 and instigating a tweet war? Pathetic. Her initial tweet came off as desperate and lame. And calling her some kind of gay hero and comparing her to Milk is a laugh. Please go back to her expressed discomfort with her bathhouse past AND with same-sex marriage. Saying GaGa will be a has-been sounds a lot like the people who said the same of Madonna (and probably the same of Bette).

    But as for “old,” all this crap about people stealing is what’s old. Madonna and Bette have done lots with nostalgic references in their own work. NOBODY. IS. 100%. ORIGINAL. IN. POP. MUSIC.

  7. will says

    Matthew: Bette telling somebody to stop stealing her act is hardly “instigating a tweet war” (in fact, there was only one tweet and one follow-up)

    But let’s look. Within the course of a couple of sentences you refer to Bette as “threatened” (by Gaga); as “pathetic”; “desperate and lame”. Does this not appear to be over the top to you? Perhaps you are a drama queen who gets off on hyperbolic language.

  8. ger says

    Will, Matthew has never been a fan of Bette. He’s allowed Gaga to join Madonna as the objects of his adoration, but if anyone dares say anything that’s not fawning over one of those two he loses a little perspective.

  9. TomJ says

    GRACEFUL? Bette it many things, but graceful not! Lol.

    Really Bette, first you bash GaGa over a this thing, now you demand she drink with you.

    Get over yourself.

  10. A.J.Aguilera says

    Now that’s the Bette we all know & love! I was a bit surprised at Midler’s snappiness at Gaga’s attempt at flattery; imitation being such. After all, can only Nancy Sinatra wear go-go boots? Must RuPaul be the only drag queen with BIG hair? Is Elton John the only rock star permitted to wear be-dazzled eyeglasses? I’m more upset about the use of the term “Differently-abled” in the original piece on this story. What do you mean by “Differently-abled?”

  11. says

    I love Bette. She definitely did the right thing here. I am 33 and have loved Bette forever. But face the facts–90% of those <50 years of age have no idea who she is or what songs she’s recorded and made hits. On the other hand, GaGa is one of the biggest performers in the world right now and is bigger than Bette ever was. I am sure GaGa had no idea Bette even did a mermaid stint in her prior performances. And if she did, Bette should be grateful to GaGa for paying her homage.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “On the other hand, GaGa is one of the biggest performers in the world right now and is bigger than Bette ever was.”

    Bette Midler was a top box office draw at the movies for a while in the 1980s and early 90s. She was a comedic movie star. Does Lady Gaga have a screen presence? I guess we’ll find out.

    And as far as Madonna “borrowing” from Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich: atleast they were dead. The people she “borrowed” Voguing from were alive and well.

  13. pete N SFO says

    I’m delighted that someone referred to me as a twink, b/c I referred to Bette (rightfully) as a bitter, old woman.

    Hilarious, really. I’m 50; understand Bette’s ‘contributions’ completely, & am hardly a ‘little monster’.

    I have nothing against Bette, really, aside from her stupidity around marriage-equality. I DO have a thing about people trying to hop a FAME-express train when desperate to regain public attention.

    Big. BIG. Difference.

  14. Anthony-S says

    It’s nice when people get along. However, Bette’s original complaint has no merit. Dressing up as a mermaid onstage is not intellectual property any more that writing stories about mermaids. Midler, Gaga, Hans Christian Andersen and anyone else are all allowed to make artistic use of mermaids, which are an ancient concept in folk culture. No is “stealing”.

  15. testintgon says

    I like both of them. It is kinda lame that Gaga stole the mermaid thing (though maybe she herself wasn’t aware and it was somebody else’s doing). But it is lamer that Bette would attack Gaga directly over it. She should have let her fans do it themselves, or at least made a fake twitter to call her out.

  16. jack says

    gaga is a useless scene stealing c u next tuesday. useless wannabee madonna ….so unoriginal it hurts. oh and I’m a homo and a hot one at that, monsters

  17. SOMA Samael says

    This all sounds like so much blah, blah, blah…

    Is this about who is the best gay icon or who loves Gaga the most? I’m straight and quite frankly I’m sick of you bone smugglers griping all the time about gay marriage. Twenty years ago you could have cared less about it and now you just won’t shut-up.

    Funny though, cause less than 1% of the total population of gays get married when they have the chance.

    Remember – “The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life…” And that includes marriage.

    And please, respect my diversity. CUDDLES

  18. Ctown says

    Whoever said if you’re anti-Gaga you’re anti-gay was joking right? That had to be a joke, right? Because I’m so over her, but I’m so the opposite of anti-gay that I have no other explanation than to not take that person seriously. Every other statement she has ever made not regarding gay rights is dripping in pretension and utter self-satisfaction. I don’t really care about this whole thing, but it’s hard for me to come down on Gaga’s side because she makes me want to gag myself with a spoon anytime she opens her mouth to not sing.

  19. bobbie says

    I’m certain that Bette must have seen the fab Geraldine Page as Alexandra Del Lago in “Sweet Bird of Youth.”

    I wonder if Geraldine ever paged Bette with a similar accusation.

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