1. alexInBoston says

    MEDIA WHORE NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS! Keep up the great work Rachel when they attempt to sue you then you know you are on the right path….

  2. ohplease says

    And this, kids, is what your tattoos are going to look like before you know it. How many more years before we’re surrounded by middle-aged men and women who look like walking smudged and faded comic books?

    You can do only so much to fight the fat and the bald, but you can do yourself a big favor later by putting down the tattoo needle now.

    Obviously, he’s showing the same good judgment with this new idiocy that he’s always shown.

  3. walter says

    he makes comments then wants to sue when somebody reports his comments. what a way to try and play the victim when your the criminal. why do all these right wing bigots go into defense mode when called to task for h their hate speech.

  4. tpow says

    Leviticus 19:28
    “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.”

    Tpow 16:22
    “Ye shall refrain from growing your hair past your waist and wearing baseball caps and Minnesota Twins t-shirts for it makest thou resemble one of those burnouts in the back of the class in high school who should have graduated three years previously. Sayeth the Lord God: “That is never a good look for a grown man for it makest thou look a hot mess.”

  5. chrissypoo says

    “But to what effect?”

    Probably in the hopes of financial bonus from guillable christians giving him money because that mean ol’ lesbian Rachel Maddow picked on him. There is big money in anti-gay ministrys. His lawyers were probably hoping that MSNBC would just pay them to go away.

  6. Tommy V says

    This is what is scary in our society in that people have such serious issues with people they don’t even know, and that media would actually take loons like this guy seriously. I’m sure the Twins appreciate this guy being their unintentional spokesperson too! Doofus ! (by the way – I think this guy is gay himself)

  7. Hollywood, CA says

    Just one more thing Michelle bachman will have to answer about that she will try and run and hide from… SUCKA! All these distractions will kill her run…

  8. Jim says

    This guy injures himself more and more every time he opens his mouth, proving all the negatives everyone says about him. He will do more than anyone else to derail Bachmann’s campaign – he’s her Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and any association with a loon like this will sink her. Since he had a terrible upbringing, he’s taken it upon himself to “improve” the lives of kids everywhere by insisting they live as he says. This suit will go nowhere, just further damage his and Bachmann’s reputation, as if they needed it.

  9. Scott Lumry says

    If those are the arguments that his attorney is going to use in a court of law, he had better prepare to pay the piper. A counter suit in the offing?

  10. Canalien says

    I’m not American nor a lawyer so I don’t know much about American Law but I’m wondering if Rachel [& other homosexuals grouping together for that matter] could counter sue Dean for misrepresentation of homosexuality, since he said ‘…on average they [homosexuals] molest 117 people before they’re found out.’ As a homosexual I find that to be misleading, preposterous & defamatory statement that he orally defecates as accurate information about homosexuals – I’d like to know if I [or others] in return could sue the “skins” of his bones!

  11. tweedle says

    At night, when Bradlee stands before his full-length mirror, tenderly fondling himself and softly stroking his long silky hair, he imagines himself being repeatedly penetrated anally by a huge penis attached to a huge man. He falls wanking to the floor, overcome with desire, pleasure, lust and intense shame.

  12. Jerry6 says

    I know James Dean, but never heard of Bradlee Dean. What does he do for a living?

    Any way, If he was offended by something Rachel said about him, he should not have said, or done, whatever she objected to. He was obviously in the wrong or she would not have said whatever it was he is complaining about.

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