1. Matt26 says

    A biblical principle? I don’t know how they read the Bible!!
    Fails to cite a specific passage. I wonder why?
    Now they are a hate crime victims according to BF.
    His speech is so full of hate and discrimination, it is odd he got all of it to 1.21 mins.

  2. Nick says

    Careful -the only thing spreading your gospel of hate is going to do is putting you at risk of having a church fall on your bigoted, ill-informed head

  3. Mike says

    Whatever! I’d write more, but need to get back to the gay agenda of planning world domination….

  4. jlynch says

    Why are we the bigots! WTF?
    Which specific bible verses cover changing one’s sexuality. Please share. Please.

  5. Pete n SFO says

    Do you ever feel as though we’re missing the forest, for the trees?

    This post, & the one below, both point out the hypocrisy & lunatic logic… but shouldn’t we be more focused on reaching the ppl that give these folks a platform?

    It feels good to berate their wackiness on the web, but shouldn’t we be spoon-feeding our questions to the mainstream media that seems incapable of calling them on their own bullshiz?

  6. Russell says

    It’s only to be expected, really. The SPLC, and we LGBT’s, refer to groups like AFA and NOM as hate groups, which they are. Being propaganda companies, they naturally turn it around and accuse us of the same things. They are a church-funded publicity industry. The BEST way to fight them, IMO, is to expose their funding sources. Not easy, but maybe more possible now that they are attacking legislators in NY.

  7. says

    Even if the bible did specifically say people can overcome same sex desire who the hell cares?? The bible is NOT the law and never should have any influence beyond church walls. Why is is that most Americans can’t get it through their heads that most people in the world aren’t xtian? The likes of Bryan Fischer would love to inflict their version of xtian sharia law on the U.S.

  8. robert in nyc says

    Polygamy, beating and killing one’s wife for adultery and children for insolence are also condoned in the old testament. What would he say about that I wonder? Why do they dismiss it but deliberately select only those references to denigrate, villify, dehumanize and justify discrimination towards us?

  9. Abel says

    Bryan Fischer is the looniest of a loony batch. Next to him, Maggie, Brian, Tony, Bam-Bam and Porno Pete seem almost sane.

  10. QJ201 says

    NOT “honoring” “religious” teachings is NOT bigotry. Call me when someone refuses to hire you, rent you a home or denies you services because of your faith.

  11. walter says

    why are these people always playing the victim card? they attack everybody’s rights but when someone questions them they become the victim. they should remember than this country allows for separation of church and state. the fundies should stop pushing their version of sharia law, where religion rules. these people believe that god will smite the unholy well just kook where all the floods droughts tornados wild fires are occurring. where does god believe the sinner reside?

  12. says

    Instead of bothering about these lunatics, send a donation to a glbt supporting politician who can represent us when the votes are called.

  13. GregV says

    I can almost guarantee that if he were to produce a Bible passage it would be 1 Corinthians 9-12. SOME versions of the Bible (using mistranslations from the Koine Greek in which Paul wrote that letter) refer to people who were “Men who have sex with men” washing away their sins.
    One problem is that such a phrase never seems to appear in the actual letters, and has only been added in recently by those who wanted those words to be there.
    Another problem is that really, people can read anything — absolutely ANYTHING — into some passage of the Binle or another.
    We have no business in a free society with a secular government letting people justifying anything from unprofessional conduct to atrocities like murdering their own children or killing their neighbors for having tulips and roses in the same garden because they read it in the Bible.

  14. Pegasianland says

    the bible also teaches that the bible should never be quoted as or taken as the word of God. To do so is a Dual Commandment Sin. (See Deuteronomy 4)

  15. Who wrote this mess? says

    Tulips and roses in the same garden? That really does sound awful. Maybe such a person could just be beaten instead of killed.

    BTW, I had to read the Bible in a literature course in college. It really is badly written. When Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad lived none of them left a single written word. They really were smart about that. To attribute such poor literature to a god really is an insult to the idea of deity.

  16. anon says

    Religion has a lot to do with making the irrelevant seemingly relevant and the unimportant seemingly important. It’s no longer an all-encompassing way of life.

  17. Creative1 says

    I am a stupidity bigot.

    I hate people who are just downright stupid.

    Watch the moviie, read the book, listen to her speaches…. She is just downright stupid

  18. Liam says

    Yeah, the Bachmanns are victims of religious bigotry … because they openly practice it, and are reaping the fallout from it.

  19. Attmay says

    Yes, I am a bigot. I am bigoted against hatemongering KKKristian scum. I belong to a hate group dedicated to your extermination. It’s called The Human Race.

  20. Urmensch says

    YOu can hate an ideology and not be a bigot.
    I don’t hate Christians as a group; mostly I empathise with them even if I think they are wrong.
    I do hate the despicable version of Christianity used by people like this.
    They just elevate their fascism to a religion and try make it immune from criticism.