1. TampaZeke says

    Having THE pop Deva, THE pop Goddess of the world, fawn over you like a groupie has got to be the ultimate compliment.

    Cher had a few number one songs before Gaga was a twinkle in her mother’s eye.

    I hope she fully appreciates the adulation.

  2. TampaZeke says

    In fact, seeing as Gaga was born in 1986, it’s quite likely that Cher had her first number one hit when Gaga’s GRANDMOTHER was in diapers.

    I’m 44 years old and Cher had her first number one before I was born.

  3. SONNIE says

    I love Cher, and this just sounds like a Cher Song. I hope it becomes a big hit for her.

  4. nodnarb says

    Am I the only one annoyed that you have to read these twits from bottom to top? Twitter makes us all retarded.

    Also, you kids, stay off my interlawn.

  5. Tagg2 says

    @ Sonnie. Tampazeke wasn’t dogging Cher…he was saying he hoped Gaga appreciated the compliements and adulation!

  6. keithSF says

    I hope Cher dedicates the song to her SON Chaz. Chaz has become an incredible man, I’m really proud of the human being he has grown into.

  7. DRShorey says

    I just hope Cher sings it WITHOUT autotune. The whole electronic modification of voice is getting annoying!

  8. SONNIE says

    @TAGG2. Now I understand. Its just that I thought that Zeke was being cheeky about Cher’s age, sorry.

  9. Real says

    the over-auto tune is intentional because this is a promo released on youtube, not the actual song. you can tell it’s also purposely badly spliced together

  10. jess says

    does this mean gaga followed in xtina footsteps she did cher and now gaga has to do cher? buahaha jk jk calm down

  11. says

    I wonder: why DON’T people do duets anymore? It used to be “Artist X AND (or WITH) Artist Y”; now it’s “Artist X featuring Artist Y”. The former suggests an equal pairing; the latter suggests that it’s Artist X’s song and that Artist Y is just a guest, and that Artist Y is dispensable. What happened?

  12. Gregoire says

    Wow, this really is a perfect Cher song. Yes, disregard the autotune. Cher did autotune before it was cool anyway.

  13. Tagg says

    Kinda surprised Cher liked the songs lyrics…it’s romantic! Def not the usual Cher perspective.