1. ohplease says

    Excellent. The more people who know what kind of lunatics are in charge of the state of Minnesota, the better. It’s nothing new that the christer crazies hate nothing more than being quoted fully, accurately and in context.

    By all means, shine a spotlight on yourselves. Can Miss Marcus file the next lawsuit? I think there may be one or two shut-ins who still don’t know he’s a screaming queen.

  2. Danny says

    the logic of his argument led impeccably to Bradlee’s conclusion that Muslims were doing what religious people SHOULD do to gay people. And he denies saying it?? He doesnt’ even understand his own words then.

    But then, neither did Ronald Reagan or Bushboy.

  3. tim says

    I live in minnetonka, MN and I can tell you this guy is a lunatic. Recently, a bill came up to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Dean was invited by the Republicans to give morning prayer. Instead of respecting the role he was asked to perform, he wore a track suit and his prayer ended up being a hateful rant against Obama and anyone not “christian”.

    And why do the media insist on using a picture of him from like 1985?

  4. Just_a_guy says

    Maybe msn should not only not settle, but get this gay-hater’s attorney santioned for a groundless suit??

    Seems pretty clear tp me that “rocker” Bradlee dean not only thinks I shouldn’t have the right to marry the love of my life, but that I shouldn’t really have the right to exist–at all.

    Rachel meadow said NOTHING false!! This loathsome lying “rocker” spews lie after lie– resting somehow on Jesus and religion.

    This is bizarre, malicious, and offensive. Oh, and I’m returning my last three purchases from target the moment I have a chance.

  5. CPT_Doom says

    Can you say “summary judgement” for the defendant? I knew you could.

    Seriously, she reported the words he said, the denial he published and made it clear she didn’t buy it. Hmmm a lesbian had an opinion that was different than a straight man’s – I know, sue!

    This is going to be thrown out of court faster than the time it takes for Newt Gingrich to settle on a replacement “wife.” For one thing, by leading a public ministry, Dean makes himself a public figure, and under US law, it is nearly impossible to defame a public figure. Can he even claim damage to his reputation? He’s a freakin’ professional homophobe.

  6. EnterTheGecko says

    While watching TLW last night; Lawrence O’Donnell said that one his guest would be filling in for Rachel for the remainder of the week. Now this story comes into play. Definitely not random IMO. First Keith; Uygur; and now Rachel who maybe be next.

  7. EnterTheGecko says


    I think you’re right; but I’m starting to notice a trend here ever since comcast or Clear Channel bought the majority of MSNBC’s stock. I get those two companies mixed up sometimes. Both tend to lean towards the right from what I have read; and been told.

  8. Ian says

    Clearly, the point of his screed is that those muslims that callfor the execution of gay people are correct, and christians, like them should follow suit. They can’t have anybody outdo them in hate you know. The discalmer is obviously said with a wink and a nudge.

  9. Randy says

    So now factually reporting what someone said, including what they said about what they said, is a problem?

    The case should be dismissed with prejudice, and fine assessed against the lawyer for abusing the courts.

  10. FunMe says

    His lawyer can’t even keep up with his profession, how is going to keep up with this lawsuit?

    “As of July 1, 2011, Klayman’s Pennsylvania law license was in “Administrative Suspension” status (usually indicative of a failure to pay bar fees and/or a failure to keep up with Continuing Legal Education requirements).”

  11. Mike says

    He has to start off with “but keep your hands off the children, America they are coming for your children”… Done. But later in the video you hear his anxiety fueled rant with maniacal laughter, and you realize he got in some trouble for being too hateful. I’m sorry that he needs me to be a child molestor to justify his hate, but I’ve never touched a child, people that do go to jail.

  12. BobC562 says

    Uhmmm, New York Times v. Sullivan, public figure plaintiff bears the burden of proof showing actual malice or reckless disregard for the truth. Lemmme tell ya, NBC’s lawyers are going to bury this twit on summary judgment. Maddow ran his full statement and disclaimer. Mr. Scarf around his Head is an idiot. And his lawyer is a fool.

  13. walter says

    is it just me or does this guy look a cousin to the lunatic in norway. remember we have probably more lunatic right wingers than there were in nazis germany and they are hate spewing as the nazis. one other point glenn beck compared the chilgren shot to hitler youth types isn’t that what the pope was?

  14. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I think his (pretend/manufactured) astonishment at all the ‘uppity MN gays!’ is hilarious. He acts it as if there is an unbelievably confusing, meandering path of why many glbt are opposing him, Emmer, and Target : well let me tell you, it’s not confusing AT ALL.

    Michele Bachmann and her anti-gay allies have been trying to ban same-sex marriage in our state for years. Now, in a few months, we will vote as to if we want to write ‘straight relationships are superior to gay relationships socially and legally’ in our state constitution.

    Why is it so shocking and unbelievable that the gay community would not want an anti-gay governor running our state? Why is it so shocking that we would dislike one of MN’s largest companies supporting him financially? Why is it so shocking we would dislike groups that constantly speak about us as ‘sinners who must be saved’?

    Here’s the answer : it’s not shocking at all, it’s completely logical as our community has been under attack from multiple extremist, right-wing voices for years. And also, for the sake of the Midwest’s cultural future, I very much hope they do not win. Minnesota should have beat Iowa to legalizing gay marriage, not gone in the opposite direction, and for that, I am disappointed in our state.

  15. Oliver says

    THE POWER OF BACHMANN’S PRAYER – Bradlee Dean, the vitriolic, rap-metal drumming preacher linked to presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann, may have yet to see the Rapture, but he has seen his fortunes — and the fortunes of his ministry rise — since the congresswoman took an interest in him. Bachmann had famously prayed for Dean’s organization to grow ten-fold. So HuffPost Hill assigned investigative reporter Jason Cherkis to check it out. He reports back that in 2008, tax records show Dean earned a mere $27,433 as president and director of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Inc., a nonprofit tax exempt ministry based in Bachmann’s suburban Minnesota district. In 2009, Dean’s salary ballooned to $51,303 plus an additional $45,887 in a housing allowance. Dean refused to comment about the tax records. When asked on their tax records if they ever engaged in “direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to” any candidates running for public office, Dean and Co. checked “No.” – Huffington Post

  16. says

    Aren’t these the same people who are always pushing for Tort reform in hopes of getting rid of frivilous lawsuits? Doesn’t this qualify as frivilous?

    Oh I forget. It’s only frivilous when they are the ones being sued.

    Never mind.

  17. Acronym Jim says

    I do believe Bradley Dean is about to learn the meaning of the Streisand Effect. It could have been so much worse. Dan Savage could have santorumed his name.

  18. Verdon Coleman says

    From Dean’s website:

    Bradlee Dean is also drummer for the second-best unsigned band in the nation called JUNKYARD PROPHET, whose music videos have reached 111 million households four times over internationally and debuted on JCTV as 3rd in the United States.

    Wow. Second-best unsigned band in the nation. Now THAT’S saying something!

  19. chevytexas says

    Wow, thanks FUNME: his lawyer’s barely a lawyer. Does anyone know why this was filed in DC court? Or am I reading that incorrectly? Either it’s where the act occurred (NYC? where does she film? or is that WDC?) or the plaintiff’s home (MN). Sorry to be more confused than this guy.

  20. Gary says

    As a “Christian” shouldn’t he just “pray” for Maddow? Surely the wrath of god is more punishing than a mere lawsuit….or maybe his god can show her the light and she’ll repent? Oh wait…I forgot his god is imaginary.

  21. Canalien says

    I’m not American nor a lawyer so I don’t know much about American Law but I’m wondering if Rachel [& other homosexuals grouping together] could counter sue Dean for misrepresentation of homosexuality, since he said ‘…on average they [homosexuals] molest 117 people before they’re found out.’ As a homosexual I find that to be misleading, preposterous & defamatory statement that he orally defecates as accurate information about homosexuals – I’d like to know if I [or others] in return could sue the “skins” of his bones!

  22. SzWtt says

    This guy is filled with hate and is using religion as an excuse to vent. We are all what God made us, and if he hates gays and other people who don’t conform to his idealogy, then he is also hating God’s children. The bible doesn’t say ” Love thy neighbor, but only if they are white, heterosexual and christian’. This guy is scary. I wouldn’t want him lecturing in my kid’s school. They take prayer out of school but they let someone like this freak influence kids? I hope people see him for what he is. Maybe he isn’t threatened so much by gays, but maybe his own sexuality, hmmm.

  23. Steve says

    And Bill O’Reilly thinks that the constant referencing of Dr. Tiller as “Tiller the baby Killer” had nothing to do with inciting his murder. These people are not only vile and evil, but they are stupid as well. “I love the gays – but we Christians might get even MORE moral than we are and have to start killing them” What an idiot.

  24. polylsloguyjames says

    So, if he had said “My fellow Christians are not taking a stronger stand about the Negro lobby promoting integration in the schools; well, the Klan took the issue more seriously” No one would have ever guessed what he was saying? This is ludicrous.

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