Towleroad Guide to the Tube #928

SWIMMING WITH SHARKS: Dog finds a big new chew toy.

A CAUTIONARY TALE: Don't plank on the stove.

GOLLUM: A spot-on impression.

FOX & FRIENDS: Why are so many people "piling on" the News Corp hacking scandal?

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  1. LACineman says

    I realize that Fox is incapable of discerning apples from oranges if it suits their “message” and lumping unequal ideas together to confuse the issues (and thus the viewers) is standard practice, but to equate the hacking INTO banks, insurance companies or the pentagon with News Corp BEING THE HACKERS is simply ridiculous. So now I guess we’re supposed to feel sorry for News Corp for being the poor victims of all this media scrutiny. The victim strategy seems to be a blanket response to FOX for anyone who disagrees with them or threatens their ability to manipulate the masses.

  2. JJ says

    Aren’t we past bickering about who hacked whom, he-said, she-said? The whole hacking scandal is really society’s fault–our own fault–for not dealing with the hacking problem in the first place!

  3. ohplease says

    Obviously it’s society’s fault that News Corp hacked all those people!

    Just because they’re guilty of a massive, global-spanning series of crimes that hints of the breathtaking criminality that permeates every level of this thoroughly morally and ethically bankrupt corporation that was built on lying to the stupidest and craziest of Americans, why blame them?

    Seriously, let’s just get past holding News Corp responsible for their crimes. It’s all just they-hacked, we-were-hacked. If we didn’t make hacking so easy, OBVIOUSLY News Corp never would have done it!

    They are an international criminal cartel and you don’t stay on top of crime by sitting on your laurels! And if all the other criminals are hacking, why wouldn’t News Corp?

    Honestly, it’s all our own fault!

  4. nic says

    steve douchey is and always has been a butt-boy to news corp.
    here’s my ?, once one has lost all sense of credibility yet still muddles in the muck and mire, how can he still have any sense of self-respect?

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