Executive Director of GOProud Attacked in Anti-Gay Assault

Jimmy LaSalvia, the executive director of gay conservative group GOProud, was attacked while on his bicycle by a male teen standing with a group of others. The teen reportedly used an anti-gay slur and punched him as he approached, the Washington Blade reports:

1-Jimmy-LaSalvia “Just as I began to realize what was happening, I heard it. The words are still ringing in my ears as I write this today – ‘F____ faggot!’ LaSalvia said in his email. “It was clear to me in that moment that my sexual orientation had motivated this attack.”

LaSalvia said that after barely catching himself from falling to the ground, he reached into his backpack for his cell phone, with the thought of calling the police. That action prompted one of the teenagers accompanying the attacker to say, “Does he have a gun?” LaSalvia told the Blade.

The attacker and a few of the others with him “puffed up their chests and were clearly ready to continue the attack,” he said. But seconds later, the group fled the scene after he kept his hand inside his backpack, “allowing them to wonder if I was reaching for a gun.”

LaSalvia told the Blade that he planned to file a police report and had visited the headquarters office of the police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit but was unable to do so there and was directed to call another office.


  1. JT says

    Let’s hope this changes his mind about the need for protection for gays and lesbians under the law.

  2. Todd says

    Yup teens listening to religiously conservative bigots in his own party…karma. but yes, glad he’s ok. now maybe he’ll think about joining a more progressive party on social issues.

  3. Gay American says

    Hey Jimmy, why don’t you and Chrissy go skip over to Michele Bachmann’s – Im SURE she’ll be More then Happy to Help you.

  4. dms says

    I bet the slur came from a bigoted republican-raised kids.

    When you lie down with dogs…

  5. Sarina says

    Protection under the law will not avoid this. There are many countries where anti-gay violence happens and they have hate crime protections. The only way to avoid this is to learn how to protect ourselves, which means self-defense classes and being armed.

  6. luminum says

    How awful! I’m glad he’s alright. :(

    Though now I wonder if by making this public, he’s guilty of behaving in a “victimized gay” mentality that he and GOProud always blame the gay left for pushing.

  7. BGKev says

    I call shenanigans. The story is a little too neat, with the pro-gun angle worked in there.

  8. SteveC says

    No-one deserves to be attacked for being gay.

    However it’s also true that you reap what you sow.

    LaSalvia supports and promotes homophobes.

  9. TampaZeke says

    How interesting that when he first told the story there was absolutely NO mention of reaching into his backpack or anyone saying “Does he have a gun”, then Chrissy Barron Tweets about how he wouldn’t have been attacked had he had a gun and then PRESTO CHANGO LaSalvia suddenly remembers a different version of the story.

    These guy really do live in an entirely different universe.

  10. says

    when you’ve spent your life supporting anti-gay politicians and pretending not to hear the harm they inflict you can’t then be shocked when you receive the brutality of a violently anti-gay culture.

    this headline might as well read “Man turns on stovetop, touches it and burns fingers”

  11. MLH says

    He was just riding his bike home. How exactly did they know he was gay? Was he wearing a Towleroad t-shirt? This was more likely race related than sexual orientation. They just use the word “fag” for anyone they don’t like…the way NBA players do.

  12. Hollywood, CA says

    Sorry, the GUN portion of this made up story was juuuust enough to put it over in the BULL*^%$ category (Please see story of Gay Teen on Campus Who Was Forced To Hold A Hot Metal Object Against His Wrist To Brand Him But Really Faked It.

    Thug teens know better than to stand around to see if you have a gun, IDIOT! They don’t stand around because they probably have seen people shot up close. So, no, I don’t put credit to this story unless you have witnesses that aren’t Homo Hating GOProud lackeys.

    Bop Boop!

  13. HOMOPHOBIA says

    Jimmy LaSalvia is a sick and disturbed man. His compulsive lying should make anyone suspect of this story. That is unless you believe Anderson Cooper is an out gay men and not a closet case promoting shame. Then LaSalvia is your man!

  14. Grego says

    Someone took great pains not to contact police immediately, while the assailant was still at the scene. As an aside, I wonder how the thug in the street concluded the victim was gay? Many bikers wear fashion colors and lycra and spandex.

  15. MrRoboto says

    Sad if he was indeed attacked. But it’s a little funny how he turns this into an infomercial for conceal/carry, gun rights BS.

  16. says

    I’m not sure how this is a commercial for concealed carry. He didn’t have a gun, and the attackers fled. If he HAD had a gun, he would have killed at least one person. How would that have made the outcome better?

  17. AG says

    I bet the slur came from a bigoted republican-raised kids.

    And you’re wrong, the kid was clearly raised by a bigoted Democratic family. From the article:

    LaSalvia described his attacker as a black male appearing about 17 or 18 years old, about 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighing about 145 pounds.

  18. RyanInSacto says

    @Sarina: How would self-defense classes and being armed have helped in this situation? He was riding his bicycle and somebody knocked him off of it. He should’ve been riding around with a gun in his hand? I’m confused.

    “Protection under the law will not avoid this.” OK, let’s go ahead and rescind all laws! If they fail to preempt 100% of law-breaking, then what’s the point of laws? Screw ’em! They’re useless, right?!


  19. joe c says

    Why report it? Aren’t those GOPricks against bullying laws?

    And I’m sick enough of this group that I wouldn’t put it past them to stick this on one of those crazy lefty radical Dem Gays that have silly notions like they deserve equal rights like marriage.

  20. Creative1 says

    Is there any evidence that the assailants were members of the Republican right-wingers Mr. LeSilva works for?

    Michele Bachman might want to help with some Reparitive Thereapy for him…. Same goes for most of Republican candidates…

  21. Michael says

    Sorry Jimmy, I don’t believe you. Not even a little bit…no police repoort..Hummm, sounds a little conservaspicious..

  22. Swine says

    I don’t believe this bullcrap story for a sec. So what’s the point? He thinks he shoulda been carrying a gun so he could effectively threaten these kids for hassling him? Or maybe shooting them all down would be an even better option to him. What a freakin’ loon!

  23. Paul says

    I am shocked by this. Shocked that Republicans ride bikes. I thought they were all carted around in limos.

  24. misael says

    Why did he have to mention, that the 6 men were black, if they were white would he say 6 white men. This “story” sounds wierd.

  25. bryan says

    This is the idiot who reached out to the Bachmanns to help her with gay support. This man is lying and trying to fix the mess he is in. Don’t trust this man….

  26. scollingsworth says

    Can’t be a hate crime since the group doesn’t believe there is a need for hate crime legislation.

  27. BobN says

    If he doesn’t believe in hate crime laws, why in the world would he go try to report this crime to the gay & lesbian liaison office?

    Heck, even if he did believe in them, why would he? They deal with public relations, not crime.

  28. Codswallop says

    OK, so NOW does he care about hate crimes?!

    The standard attitude of Republicans about anything that doesn’t directly affect them is “Not MY problem!”

    “I have insurance so why should I care about people who don’t?” Etc.

    So now that Prince Saliva has actually experienced an anti-gay attack, has he changed his tune? I doubt it, but there’s always hope.

  29. Rallyxx says

    If this is indeed true, isnt it funny how karma actually reminded him of his place?

  30. Francis says

    Putting aside the political aspect of this situation, and some of the more skeptical aspects of the story, if this did happen, it’s obviously unfortunate and sad, and I’m not going to accuse him of lying about this, because I’ll try to put everything aside and take him at his word.

    The whole “carry a gun” thing, though, is ridiculously ignorant. These thugs have guns themselves in many cases. These are disaffected teens and young adults. They’re feral youth. They run in packs. They harass, beat and rob people they consider weak and easy targets. Brandish a gun, this pack of kids will probably attack you and take the gun, and shoot.

    That’s the #1 part of the story I’m skeptical about. 6 on 1, guy is on the ground dazed, they’re walking up to him to beat him, and LaSalvia reaches in his backpack and has the wherewithal to fake like he has a gun. It’s a little crazy.

  31. Francis says

    BTW, to those making this political, clearly, it isn’t. *If* this did happen, well, Republican or Democrat, gay or simply assumed as being gay, anti-gay hate crimes happen, they’re on the increase, and these teens and young adults aren’t politically minded at all. They don’t grow up in families who are politically minded by and large. They’re street trash/thugs/ghetto-ghetto wannabes raised by trashy parents, without parents, and/or by the streets.

    I don’t support gay people who are delusional enough to believe that Republicans have our best interests at heart. And their support of the entire Republican platform is nauseating. But their support of Republicans isn’t why attacks like this happen. Attacks like this happen because these are disaffected teens with emotional issues.

  32. says

    This was probably a Pro-Gay Assault…. since GOProud is ANYTHING but.

    And @AG – so you’re saying because the attacker was black that automatically makes him a Democrat? Tell that to Herman Cain and Michael Steele.

  33. walter says

    too bad chris barron said that hate crimes weren’t a priority for goproud. too bad you reap what you sow. maybe this will wake up these people to the real world.

  34. ian says

    I smell a fraud. If this is true, I expect him to identify with his attackers in 3 2 1…oh wait, they were African American supposedly so it was a crime. If they were white, I’m assuming he’d take them as fellow supporters of the republican agenda and express his admiration for them standing up for good ole conservative values. He’s trying to link gay bashing to the African American community and appeal to racists out there. The GOP is really just a white supremacist hate group (they hate gays too, and Jews, Muslims etc) and like many racists, he’d support that, even at the expense of his own interests.

  35. Polyboy says

    It’s like an episode of South Park: “A black guy did it. Which one? A black guy!”

    If he’d really been set up by a group of gangers, they’d have shot his ass if they thought he was going to draw on them.

    Hey, anything to stir up the base though, like that chick who drew that “O” on her face.

  36. Fahd says

    My first thought when I read the statement that one of the teens asked whether he had a gun was that it would prompt the teens to pull out their guns and shoot him first before he got to his. Maybe somebody pointed this out already, but it seems inevitable that if everyone is carrying a weapon, especially a concealed one, that it will come down to who’s the quicker draw.

    Now I am reminded of the cartoon character “Quick Draw McGraw”. Sorry not to take this more seriously, but who among us has not had to deal with this sort of bigotry.

    GoProud does anyting but.

  37. says

    I seem to remember that LaSalvia’s original tweet didn’t mention anti-gay slurs. That was added in a follow-up by Chris Barron. And Barron also brought up the gun business.

    I think you have to take this story the way you would take anything coming from any other anti-gay group — fiction.

  38. anon says

    If there are conflicting versions of events, hopefully the Blade can sort them out. They aren’t exactly Republican mouthpieces. The typical conservative line that anti-gay violence is mere propaganda is not supported by this story, so it’s probably true in part. Maybe he lied about running away to enhance his manly bravery, but I wasn’t there. The ball is in the Blade’s court.

  39. Akira says

    When this kind of thing going to happen to the other guy who look like he has a stroke…what’s his name? Chris Barron something…

  40. Mark says

    Strangely “The Gays” continue to pretend cities are safe havens of acceptance.

    DO NOT mistake the presence of diversity for acceptance and harmony.

  41. Perry says

    If Mz. LaSalvia had brandished one of her stilettos quickly, the would-be muggers would have run off much faster.

    Or, she could have hurled it, and impaled one of the young’ns.

    If she had good aim, that is.


  42. Chris says

    GOProud? I am yet to discover what you are proud of. Gay conservative? Even W and your property – obummer know this is an oxymoran.
    I hope you’ll reclaim your common sense soon…