1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I’ve been cynical for years about the dumbing down of television fare, but I give this show credit for offering up such art. Both dances were just brilliant.

    What is Marko’s story that it was so emotional for his mother to be there?

  2. OhpleaseMike says

    Oh that Lady Gaga. One has to give credit to SYTYCD for bringing so many styles of dance to the public’s awareness. There a have been some high emotional moments, especially when the dance revolves around the dancer and their mother, but last nights performance by Marko, was not one of them. So when the camera turned to the Gaga face, indeed with forementioned fly on hat, it was nothing less than a bewilderment. Gaga likes to be remembered and she certainly ramped up the attention with these histrionics, but in the end, it all felt a little like wrestling.

  3. The Greatest GaGa says

    I love that she was a guest judge! I mean, is she not the utmost authority on all things dance? Because you know, she herself is a such a dancer among dancers. She’s so well coordinated and never misses a step and is always in step with the rest of her troop. She’s so graceful and poised on the dancefloor. She is the greatest dancer, she’s our Martha Graham and Mikhail Baryshnikov all rolled up into one. She’s a much better dancer than Madonna, Janet, Paula, Beyonce or Britney combined. None of those old bitches can outdance her. All hail Queen GaGa! Queen of the Dance!! Oh Mother Monster is there really nothing you can’t do?!

  4. j c w says

    Not to pick-knits, but Gaga cried after the Marko and Allison Holker routine. I feel compelled to correct, because, well, Allison Holker is a genius and deserves recognition for her work on the show 😉

  5. Donny with a D says

    Gaga would be the first to say that she is foremost a musician; one who spent years working on her craft as well as toiling many MANY hours in dance classes—it’s the ones who sweated and worked the most who make the best judges. LOVE. HER.

  6. Drew says

    To add to the previous comments, I’ve seen flies hovering around a lot of ‘live’ broadcast shows lately (Bill Maher’s last episode and a recent Evening News with Diane Sawyer). It’s funny to watch folks expressions and how they pray the fly won’t land on them again, lol.

  7. Moo says

    Both truly fantastic performances.

    MATTSY, you’re comment is the one and only negative one here.

    Congratulations. You must be so much fun to be around.

  8. asdfas says

    It’s all just lowbrow pop culture kitsch. Only a few years ago gay men had taste and a sense of connoisseurship; it’s sad that our standards have fallen to the lowest common denominator.

  9. antisaint says

    Been a fan of this show for years. Unlike a LOOOT of reality TV this is one of the few shows where many of the contestants, particularly the top 10, will be able to go on and have great, steady careers as a result of being on this show, even if they don’t win. The dancers are genuinely cream-of-the-crop good most of the time.

    One of Lady Gaga’s first performances on US television was on this show, with the song “Just Dance.” One of the show’s contestants, Mark Kanemura also went on to become one of her backup dancers. He was on her tours, and you can see him behind Gaga in the video for “Judas.”

  10. AJ says

    I got choked up during that performance last night. Something about the raw emotion on display. I also thought she was a fantastic judge who didn’t fawn all over the choreographers like everyone else does. She called a few of them out and gave decent advice too.

  11. luminum says

    MOO, if you think MATTYS’s comment was the only negative comment, I think you need to study up on interpreting ironic hyperbole. Don’t be offended; Lady Gaga at least has the hyperbolic part down. She does it all the time.

    Rebecca Black is “a genius”? Amy Winehouse “changed the face of pop music forever”? (And no disrespect to Winehouse, she was great, but her whole thing was throwbacks to the jazz and blues of the past, not a reinvention of pop music. Gaga’s comment is hyperbole that misses the point. At least Adele was able to make an astute observation about what made Amy Winehouse musically significant.) And now this?

    Histronics is right. Keep pumping that PR machine, girl! If you just keep spouting positive fluff and pop culture platitudes that lacks substance, people will remember you forever!

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