1. jomicur says

    Divine intervention is real. Just last night Quetzalcoatl told me that Jim DeMint is a chucklehead.

  2. Pete n SFO says

    What delusional hubris…

    Why aren’t these people laughed out of every room? Instead, he’ll be heralded on chat-shows.


  3. uffda says

    So relieved that someone else still worships Quetzalcoatle. When he returns he’ll make short shrift of the likes of J. DeMint who is…who again?

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Oh Lord.

    Socialists and Communitarians to the Left, Divinely-inspired wing-nuts to the Right,
    and the Center is too-transfixed by American Idol and The Voice to get involved.

  5. Troy says

    I wish God would tell him that he needs to get a better dye job. Southern women know how to deal with their hair. Why don’t Southern men take a lesson?

  6. WJS says

    God spoke to me and told me that these rightwing, christian wingnuts should be ignored,shunned and then they’ll go away,

  7. walter says

    the scary part for some reason only the repuks hear god. does that mean al dems and independents are going to hell? at least there will be more fun than heaven.

  8. says

    Somebody needs to sit Demint, Palin, Bachman and their ilk down and explain to them that the voices they hear in their heads, whom they mistake as GOD talking to them, is really their own conscience. Nothing more, nothing less. IDIOTS!

  9. Codswallop says

    Why is it that those who are born again are always the people you wish hadn’t been born the first time?

  10. says

    For more on these dangerous people:

    Kingdom Coming: the rise of Christian Nationalism / by Michelle Goldberg.

    These people think they and their beliefs supersede the US state and its constitution.

  11. Danny says

    Poor Mr Deminted. He can”t even come up with original lines. yet ANOTHER republican who has been anointed to save the United States. What a total f**king loser.

  12. Tony says

    Why do so many of these nutjobs seem to come from home state?

    And while I’m here…one small plea to the major networks…please STOP booking our governor Miss Nicki on your news shows. She has a big enough head as it is.

  13. Paul R says

    The dye job isn’t the worst of it. It’s that he apparently takes a curling iron and places it on his head and lets it sit there about 10 minutes. Obviously his “beauty” regimen has singed his already tiny brain.

  14. EdA says

    At least, now this racist is willing to brag that he is delusional and embraces his delusions.

    George W. Bush also notoriously claimed to have been talking with his Heavenly Father, getting advice from him rather than his earthly father. From the results, either W rarely took any of that advice, or the reputation that the Heavenly Father he was talking with had for omniscience was vastly overrated.

    In 2008 Christianist preachers called on God to rain out Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. God’s response to that was to send Hurricane Gustav, which rained out the entire first day and much of the rest of the Republican National Convention.

    This year, there have been a remarkable number of tornadoes, floods, droughts, wildfires, etc. affecting the states most infested by Christianists and other Republicans. For some reason, these individuals seem not to get the point that maybe God doesn’t like them constantly taking His/Her/Its/Their name in vain.

  15. Mark says

    I would be thrilled if Obama came out and said “Jesus told me to fix health care with a universal single payer system. He also told me that insurance companies just rip people of their life savings.”

    I would also be thrilled if Obama came out and said “You know folks, last night God spoke to me. He said that gays and lesbians are His creatures too and that we should love ALL his creatures equally. Therefore, I am supporting gay marriage.”

    If only the democrats could be half as witted in using popular cliches to announce platform positions. Maybe those positions wouldn’t be so unpopular.

  16. Paul R says

    @Mark: if the Dems start using god as every excuse, they’d lose as many votes as they’d win. Not all of us believe in not willing control over our lives to a fiction created for social control and money collection.

  17. Mark says


    I don’t know what you’re smoking, but that last sentence doesn’t make much sense.

    Maybe we shouldn’t go as far as single payer health care system as the only option. But we do need to have this public option for those that want it (I think by the last survey it was more than 50% of the US). Those that do enjoy throwing their money down the thirsty drain of insurance companies would still have the freedom to do so.