1. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    First, let me say that I find Kellan Lutz totally hot, like in that oh-merciful-heavens-is-he-hot kind of way.

    But does anyone know what his real hair color is?

  2. jason says

    I am so sick of these torso shots. If it was a woman, they’d be showing us her ass and legs. How about showing us the man’s ass and legs too?

    The double standard in America is appalling.

  3. justme says

    “Too bad he is a chain smoker. Like licking an ashtray.”

    I demand to be allowed to lick Kellan Lutz until I’ve either proven or disproven your thesis.

    And I warn you — this may take a while.

  4. brandon says

    I’m sure that the day will come when hateful people keep their comments to themselves and stop finding fault in everyone.If you don’t like the photo, move on and don’t make a comment. Better yet, send your photo into towleroad and lets see how you feel when others leave hateful comments about the way you look.

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